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A Fabricant being constructed

Fabricants are the part organic, part inorganic constructs created by Sotha Sil and are designed to emulate the form and behavior of their Tamrielic counterparts. They are constructed from an amalgam of grown flesh and metallic grafts and are powered by a soul gem,[1][2] in factories known as Incarnatoriums. They are then stored in fabrication tanks from which they will eventually emerge. They usually dwell in the Clockwork City, and can resemble the creatures of the land, air, and sea. The majority of Fabricants were created to emulate predatory animals since the synthetic realm was inhospitable to most forms of organic plant life prior to introduction of the Mechanical Heart. Sometimes they might not resemble anything known to Nirn, such as the Verminous Fabricant and the Hulking Fabricant.

Fabricants are rumored to have existed since before the disappearance of the Dwemer[3] and survived past the demise of Sotha Sil.[4] To the Clockwork Apostles, they are also known as the Fabri'siraynosim ("the merged-ones")[5] and are rumored to be the first step towards the convergence of nature and engineering,[6] and the creation of the perfect lifeform.[7]

At an unknown time, fabricants that resemble birds were created. Their creation was likely sometime after the Vestige's journey in the Clockwork city in the 2E 582. During this journey, crow daedra accompanied Nocturnal's invasion of the Clockwork City. The crows surprised the people of the Brass Fortress, as the winged creatures seemed foreign to them. No living birds up to that point are believed to have set foot in Clockwork City.[8]

Abominations are similar to fabricants, but are a perversion of Sotha Sil's goal of creating a perfect lifeform. They were created by the Clockwork Apostle, Mecinar.

Similar to fabricants are the constructs Sotha Sil created known as factotums, but they differ in that they are completely synthetic and are usually more humanoid in appearance.

It is unknown if Clockwork Dreugh are fabricants, but they follow a similar naming pattern to other fabricants. They were constructs created by Sotha Sil before the disappearance of the Dwemer. It is said that Vivec asked Sotha Sil to come up with some plan to help stop the Dwemer's Automatons from slaughtering the Chimer during the Battle of Red Mountain.[9] Out of necessity, Sotha Sil created an army of Clockwork Dreugh that were inspired by Dwemeri war machines, to be used against the Dwemer. They were said to have risen up from the seas and took their counterparts to the water beneath to be swallowed by the sea. [3]


There are many different kinds of fabricants. Reptiles, aquatic animals, mammals and more are all fabricated within the Clockwork City. Fabricants are diverse, and while many resemble creatures commonly seen on Nirn, more still are completely alien.

Aquatic Creatures[edit]

Clockwork Fish

Copperclaw Crayfish,[10] Clockerfish[11], Clicking Travally,[12] Coppery Cucumbers,[13] and Operant Eels[14] can all be found in the oily waters of the Clockwork City. Barilzar's Grenadier is a fish named after former clockwork apostle Barilzar.[15]

Found in:

Beetle Fabricant[edit]

Beetle Fabricant

Beetle Fabricants are fabricants that resemble Thunderbugs. Their legs are metal limbs, and it uses strong lightning attacks. It is aggressive and will attack on sight. It is not to be confused with similar fabricants such as the shalk fabricant.

Found in:

Brass Mudcrab[edit]

Brass Mudcrab

Brass Mudcrabs are fabricants resembling Mudcrabs. They have a brass rust-resistant coating and can enter into water but are likely to sink.[16]

Found in:



Brassilisks are fabricants resembling snakes. They are created from interconnected metallic squares, with exposed copper wiring that allow for their snakelike movements. Some are created with wings to mimic the Sep Adder. They are a popular choice as pets among the denizens of the Clockwork City. They can be powered by either soul gems, animo cores, or steam power.

Found in:

Custom Fabricants[edit]

A Custom Fabricant

Custom Fabricants are of Mecinar's design. The Clockwork Apostles believe that introducing a foreign species to Sotha Sil's creation could result in all kinds of unforeseen errors and deviations.[8]

Found in:

Firepot Spider[edit]

Firepot Spider

Firepot Spiders are fabricants resembling spiders. They are usually hostile but can be programmed to be passive and repurposed to be used as a walking barbecue by chefs.[17] Firepot spiders are known to lunge at a person and then explode, losing its shell and becoming a dancing spider.

Found in:

Hulking Fabricant[edit]

Hulking Fabricants

Hulking Fabricants do not appear to be crafted to closely resemble any existing creature of Nirn. They have wide jaws, a crest of horns or growths on their heads, two organic forelimbs, a metal scorpion-like tail, and four metal legs. They were seen near the end of the Third Era attacking Mournhold.

Found in:

Kagouti Fabricant[edit]

Kagouti Fabricant

Kagouti Fabricants resemble their organic counterparts, except with mechanical legs, jaws, and metal-capped tusks.

Found in:

Nix-Hound Fabricant[edit]

Nix-Hound Fabricant

Nix-Hound Fabricants resemble Nix-Hounds. They have glassy eyes with brass abdomens, as well as spring-loaded hind legs. Their snouts have blade-like edges from which they can shoot energy.

Found in:

Nix-Ox Fabricant[edit]

Nix-Ox Fabricant

Nix-Ox Fabricants are programmed for obedience and designed for endurance. Similar to organic Nix-Oxen, they are used as mounts in the Brass Fortress and in the Radius.[18]

The Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant is a variety of this construct, noted for its darker coloration in contrast with the usual brassy look. Before Saints Llothis and Saint Olms had to be confined in the Asylum Sanctorium, they used to ride through the Brass Fortress on holy days on these mounts. However, these parades eventually came to an end with the deterioration of the saints' sanity, and the Lustrous Nix-Ox Fabricant was repurposed.[19]

Found in:

Scorpion Fabricant[edit]

Scorpion Fabricant

Scorpion Fabricants, sometimes called Clockwork Scorpions, are fabricants created to resemble scorpions. They are the most popular pet among the denizens of the Clockwork City and have the potential to grow massive in size.[20]

Found in:

Seht's Dovah-Fly[edit]

Seht's Dovah-Fly

Seht's Dovah-Flies are fabricants that were created to imitate dovah-flies (more commonly known as dragonflies). They are harmless, and are known to make loyal pets.[21] A variant known as the Scintillant Dovah-Fly is black with gold trimmings and is a common sight in the oil-slick ravines of the Clockwork City.[22] They are rumored to have been a collaboration between two ill-fated lovers. These mechanical dovah-flies were created to serve as a messenger, delivering communications between them. So impressed were their masters by this creation that they set their feud aside and allowed the apprentices to collaborate on future projects.[23]

Found in:

Shalk Fabricant[edit]

Shalk Fabricant

Shalk Fabricants have organic bodies while all three sets of legs are mechanical. They have been observed jumping short distances like Assassin Beetles and, much like their organic counterparts, they can manipulate fire.

Found in:



Skeevatons are fabricant creatures that, despite their name, resemble small rats rather than skeevers. They can be found all across the Clockwork City and inside the Brass Fortress. They were created for the intention of probing tiny, inaccessible area of the Clockwork City. To this end, they contain a sensory tool that sends out pulses of detection magic to survey objects of interest and search within specific parameters. At some point, skeevatons were over-produced, and the denizens of the Brass Fortress had a skeevaton infestation on their hands. The series of events that followed the infestation was a mess that ended in many fabricants becoming scrap. Wind-up Bears were created to destroy the Motorized Tigers that were produced to stop the Clockwork Hounds, which were fabricated to stop the Clockwork Cats that were created to stop the mass-produced skeevatons.

Found in:

Verminous Fabricant[edit]

Verminous Fabricant

Verminous Fabricants do not appear to be based on any extant creature of Nirn, instead resembling lean bipedal reptiles with long necks, long tails, and a horn on their noses. Their hind legs are made of metal. In addition to being found in the Clockwork City, they were seen attacking Mournhold near the end of the Third Era.[24]

Found in:

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