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A Shalk (Morrowind)
Type Beast (Arthropod)
Range Cyrodiil, Morrowind, Systres
Bad Man's Hallows, Deadlands
Appears in

Morrowind, ESO

Shalks are large, occasionally aggressive beetles[1] which attack by spitting fire.[2] They also bite attackers with their sharp mandibles, and can pack a bit more power into the maneuver by producing flames as they bite.[2] Despite the danger, they are herded by the Dunmer of Deshaan, as well as the Ashlanders, for their prized meat, resin, and carapaces.[3][4] They are native to mainland Morrowind near the base of Ash Mountain, as well as Vvardenfell. They tend to congregate near lava,[5] and are known to emerge from volcanic vents in the Systres Archipelago. Shalks can also be found in the firey hellscape of the Deadlands.[6] While uncommonly seen there, shalks are known to live deep underground in Cyrodiil.[7]


The most common variety of Shalk possess orange and red patterns, matching their often volcanic habitats.[6] The species of Shalk found on Vvardenfell in the Third Era, known as Fiery Shalks,[8] have black shells and are smaller.[9] The ash beetle is a more deadly variation of shalk that stalks the ashlands. They burrow beneath the ash and wait for prey to wander by. Sightings are extremely rare.[10] In appearance, they more closely resemble a grey assassin beetle than a typical shalk.[11]

There is a subspecies of shalk known as the Horned Behemoth-Shalk. They were the organic inspiration for Dwarven Dynastors.[12] Shroom Beetles, another type of beetle native to Morrowind, are sometimes known as Shroom Shalks.[13]

Shalk Fabricants are biomechanical shalks engineered by Sotha Sil. Skein Beetles, also known as Skein Shalks, are Daedric imitations that are native to the Spiral Skein.


Shalks possess flammable glands that can be used for arson.[14] Their meat is edible, and can be used in stews.[3] Shalk chitin can be ground up and used to make poultices that ease burn wounds.[15] [16] Bloated shalks can be milked to obtain a blue substance that is used in tattoo ink.[17]

Shalk resins are the tough, soluble substances extracted from shalk hides. Shalk resins are used as glues and stiffeners in manufacturing bonemold and chitin armors, they can also be hardened to create a number of household objects.[4][18][19][20] Shalk resin can also be used in alchemical formulas.[21][22] A salve of shalk resin and crushed bergamot seeds is proven to repel parasites, such as toe-borers, grassfleas, and fleshbloats.[23]


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