Morrowind:Shalk Resin

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Shalk Resin
Shalk Resin
Value 50 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Fatigue Drain Fatigue
2nd Fortify Health Fortify Health
3rd Drain Personality Drain Personality
4th Fortify Speed Fortify Speed
# Samples 9
Creature Shalk % 100/40
Shalk Resin

"Shalk resins are the tough, soluble substances extracted from shalk hides. Shalk resins are used as glues and stiffeners in manufacturing bonemold and chitin armors."

Shalk resin is found by killing shalks. Every shalk is guaranteed to have at least one portion of resin, and there is a 40% chance of finding two.

This should not be confused with the ingredient called just resin, which is completely different.

The following vendors carry a restocking supply:

Loose samples can be found in the following locations: