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Dagon Fel
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Alignment: Imperial
Region: Sheogorad

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:


Looking down on Dagon Fel
The Vacant Tower
The Arrow with a Dwemer Tower

Dagon Fel is the northernmost settlement in Vvardenfell, on the island of Sheogorad. It is home to Nord fishermen, as well as a detachment of Imperial Legion guards. There is a tiny inn with warm beds and a few traders. The most interesting things in Dagon Fel are the three Dwemer towers outside the city. Strict laws prevent the trading of Dwemer artifacts taken illegally from the ruins. The southernmost is inhabited by a Necromancer and a few of his followers and the northern one is home to an Orc who maintains he fights best in his skivvies.

The End of the World[edit]

The Inn The End of the World offers a trader with a few supplies, sundries and beds. The Savant Sarnir the Clerk can mark many places in Vvardenfell on your map, if you explore all his topics. A few merchants frequent the Renters Rooms.

Greidil Half-Troll's House[edit]

As the name implies, Greidil Half-Troll dwells in this house. It contains nothing notable, although a table and a shelving unit inside have been overturned. Additionally, the shack incorporates two doors, but only one provides a means of access, however—within the interior of the house, three crates and a barrel block one of the doors; it is not possible to gain access to the house through here (unlike the other door, this door is labeled on the outside as "Shack Door"), and attempting to do so will provide the message: "This door refuses to open. It feels as though it has been barricaded on the inside. You'll have to find another way inside." Interestingly, you can leave the building via this door (which is labeled accordingly on the interior side), but this is likely an oversight.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Dirt roads leading east traverse the island, past several Dwemer Ruins. The Arrow at the docks can take you to Khuul, Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn and Tel Mora. The Stronghold Rotheran with its Propylon Chamber is southwest of the village.

Places of Interest Around Dagon Fel[edit]

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Imperial Legion[edit]


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Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Andre Maul Male Breton Savant 22 139 200 0 30 Andre Maul's Tower
Anja Swift-Sailer Female Nord Commoner 9 97 78 0 30 [7,22]
Fanar Fork-Beard Male Nord Acrobat 10 112 74 0 30 Fanar Fork-Beard's House
Fjorrod Male Nord Commoner 10 108 80 0 30 Fjorrod's House
Fryfnhild Female Nord Trader Service 7 80 100 100 30 The End of the World Merchant
Gilse Darethi Female Dark Elf Sorcerer 11 91 148 90 90 Sorkvild's Tower
Greidil Half-Troll Female Nord Warrior 15 175 82 0 30 Greidil Half-Troll's House
Haema Farseer Female Nord Shipmaster 4 59 86 0 30 [7,22] Transport
Heifnir Male Nord Trader Service 8 97 82 0 30 Heifnir: Trader Merchant
Hjoldir Male Nord Merchant 6 83 96 0 30 [7,22]
Hjotra the Peacock Female Nord Pawnbroker 7 76 100 100 30 End of the World Renter Rooms Merchant
Hlora Long-Leg Male Nord Warrior 11 146 76 90 90 Sorkvild's Tower
Hreirek the Lean Female Nord Thief Service Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 7 76 80 100 30 End of the World Renter Rooms Trainer; Merchant
Hurg Male Nord Commoner 8 96 76 0 30 Hurg's House
Itar the Gentle Male Nord Commoner 7 91 74 0 30 [7,22]
Khargol gro-Boguk Male Orc Barbarian 26 217 100 0 30 Vacant Tower Master Trainer
Mette Female Nord Commoner 9 97 78 0 30 [7,22]
Minedhel Male Wood Elf Thief 9 71 106 90 90 Sorkvild's Tower
Onmi Hard-Mouth Male Nord Commoner 8 96 76 0 30 Onmi Hard-mouth's [sic] House
Sarnir the Clerk Male Nord Savant 8 84 106 90 30 The End of the World
Sold Fine-Hair Male Nord Smuggler 10 110 74 90 30 The End of the World
Sorkvild the Raven Male Nord Battlemage 12 107 128 90 90 Sorkvild's Tower
Thalestris Female Nord Guard 13 157 86 100 30 Heifnir: Trader
Vongvild Male Nord Scout 5 85 68 90 30 The End of the World Trainer


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