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Skill: Unarmored
Governing Attribute:
Hit By Opponent: +1.0

The Unarmored skill lets one avoid or reduce injury during combat while not wearing any armor by evading, deflecting, or absorbing blows. Those versed in this skill are better defended while wearing no armor (see Bugs).

Character Creation[edit]

The following races receive bonuses to their Unarmored skill:

The following classes have Unarmored as a Major skill:

The following classes have Unarmored as a Minor skill:


The following factions include Unarmored as one of their favored skills:


Main article: Unarmored Trainers

The Master Trainer of Unarmored is Khargol gro-Boguk at the Vacant Tower in Dagon Fel. The only other notable trainer is Caius Cosades at his house in Balmora (up to 70).


  • When mastered, unarmored gives an armor rating of 65. This is significantly less than what equal skill in light, medium or heavy armor can give while wearing a good set of armor. You don't need to worry about encumbrance or armor condition, but since armor can be worn with clothes (except for gloves and shoes), you will have less equipment available for enchanting. All in all, this is not the greatest skill for a power gamer, but remains useful as backup or for someone who likes to stay partially naked.
  • Consider raising your Unarmored Skill above 100 with some constant effect enchantments of Fortify Skill, to reach a much higher AR. This is because the armor rating for Unarmored is Unarmored skill level2 × 0.0065 for each body part, and thus fortifying Unarmored to 200 (100 point spell from the basic max of 100) results in an armor rating of 260, comparable to Daedric.
  • It may be advantageous to train your Unarmored skill if you are playing as a Beast race (especially Argonians, as they are the only race that receives a bonus to the Unarmored skill), since they are restricted from wearing a full faced helmet or boots.


  • Also worth noting is that the unarmored skill has no effect unless you are wearing at least one piece of armor. If you are completely unarmored, the game treats your armor rating as zero, not the value that is shown in the inventory window. Bound Gloves for example would work to counter the bug.