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Twin Lamps
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House Telvanni -3

The Twin Lamps is not really a "faction" in its own right, but rather a group of individuals united by a common ideal: that slavery is morally wrong and ought to be abolished. While this group is small, they have agents all across Vvardenfell, and some of these individuals are quite powerful and well connected. Abolitionists are not very popular among the xenophobic and tradition-bound Dunmer people. After all, the Dunmer have kept slaves for centuries and generally view the abolition movement as a product of the hated Imperial occupation. There is, nonetheless, a precedent for anti-slavery campaigns among the Dunmer that predates the Imperial invasion. An ancient Dunmer faction of "good thieves" known as the Bal Molagmer also opposed slavery in the past. Rumor has it that someone within the Imperial Thieves Guild may have ambitions to revive this ancient organization.

The leader of the Twin Lamps is, in fact, herself a Dunmer named Ilmeni Dren. She is a high ranking member of House Hlaalu, and is also the daughter of Vedam Dren, the current duke of Vvardenfell. Her uncle, Orvas Dren, is the head of the Camonna Tong, and runs Dren Plantation, which employs the largest number of slaves in Vvardenfell. Ilmeni, despite her station, chooses to live in a commoner's apartment in Vivec's St. Delyn Canton. While Vedam does not entirely approve of his daughter's activities, he does nothing to interfere. He also disapproves of his brother's slavery, murder, and extortion racket under the Camonna Tong, to which he likewise turns a blind eye (though apparently not blind enough for his brother's taste, as a certain note would seem to indicate).

A well-known (though "unofficial") member of the Twin Lamps is Jobasha, who runs Jobasha's Rare Books in Vivec's Foreign Quarter. He will reward you with some Skill Books after you have freed enough slaves. Another prominent member of the Twin Lamps is Im-Kilaya, who heads the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart.

Helping slaves escape from their masters is risky business, and the Twin Lamps is, of necessity, a very secretive organization. To join the faction you must first prove yourself a friend to the abolitionist cause by freeing a number of slaves. After you have freed a sufficient number of them, the conversation topic "Twin Lamps" will appear when you select the topic "go free" again after freeing a slave. A slave with a high enough disposition towards you will let you in on the secret password of the Twin Lamps (freeing a slave does wonders to improve their disposition, as you might expect, though it is not necessary to free a slave in order to obtain the password from them). The conversation topic "Twin Lamps" may appear after you have freed nine slaves, but you will only usually be able to receive the password after you have freed at least twenty-one slaves, although Jobasha will tell it to you if you have freed at least fifteen slaves and his disposition towards you is at least 70. Once you know the password of the Twin Lamps you may give it to Ilmeni, who will send you on two quests for the faction: The Twin Lamps and Free Hides-His-Foot. Although these quests are officially House Hlaalu quests, anyone who knows the password of the Twin Lamps can start them by giving it to Ilmeni.

Twin Lamps Ranks[edit]

Rank Required Attributes Required Skills
0. Twin Lamps

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House Hlaalu[edit]

House Telvanni[edit]

House Redoran[edit]

Twin Lamps Members[edit]

Name Gender Race Class Location Notes
An-Deesei Female Argonian Monk Ebonheart, Argonian Mission
Geel-Lah Male Argonian Monk Ebonheart, Argonian Mission
Im-Kilaya Male Argonian Mage Ebonheart, Argonian Mission
Onasha Female Argonian Agent Ebonheart, Argonian Mission Trainer
Ukawei Male Argonian Healer Ebonheart, Argonian Mission

Unofficial Members[edit]

These NPCs are not technically in the Twin Lamps faction, but are involved with them in one way or another.

Name Gender Race Class Location
Galyn Arvel Female Dark Elf Rogue Ald Velothi
Sterdecan Male Redguard Farmer Sterdecan's Farmhouse
Jobasha Male Khajiit Bookseller Vivec, Foreign Quarter, Jobasha's Rare Books
Ilmeni Dren Female Dark Elf Noble Vivec, St. Delyn, Canal South-One