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Hla Oad
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Alignment: Hlaalu
Region: Bitter Coast

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:


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Hla Oad
The Harbor with the Harpy

Hla Oad is a small fishing village at the southern end of the Bitter Coast region, southwest of Balmora on Vvardenfell. It offers few services, and is rumored to be a major stopover for smugglers.

Main Square[edit]

There's not much available in the way of services in this small port. A few desolate fisher huts and homes of paupers are centered around a square. Fatleg's Drop Off is the location of the local publican, Trasteve, who has a limited supply of weapons, armor, arrows, potions and various sundries for trade.

The Hideout[edit]

Accessed through a trapdoor from Fatleg's, the Camonna Tong maintains a large smugglers' hideout, right under Hla Oad. You might not be specifically welcome, but they do offer various training and thieves tools. A Khajiit slave carries a special load. Dalam Gavyn offers smith services. Llemisa Marys has a supply of lockpicks and probes for sale, and Perien Aurelie is a pawnbroker.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Transportation from Hla Oad to other locations in Vvardenfell is handled by Baleni Salavel, located at the local docks on her transport ship, the Harpy. An uneven path leads north through the swamps to Gnaar Mok. A better path leads east to the Odai River and on to Balmora.

Places of Interest Around Hla Oad[edit]

  • The daedric ruin of Ashurnibibi has Orcs clad in Orcish armor.
  • The Odai Plateau, the location of Rethan Manor, is within walking distance of the village.
  • The necromancer cave of Shal, just north past the ruin, has high quality alchemist apparatus.
  • The Dunmer stronghold Hlormaren offers bandits and access to a Propylon chamber.

Related Quests[edit]

House Hlaalu[edit]

Imperial Cult[edit]

Thieves Guild[edit]



  • The smuggler ship Grytewake is located due southwest.
  • Near Murudius Flaeus's house just above the water level there is a hidden chest.
  • Hla Oad is considered to be House Hlaalu territory, but the only member present is a single guard.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Baleni Salavel Female Dark Elf Shipmaster 4 49 106 0 30 Docks Transport
Dalam Gavyn Male Dark Elf Smith Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 116 92 100 30 Fatleg's Drop Off Blacksmith; Merchant
Fadile Balvel Female Dark Elf Commoner 10 93 100 0 30 [-6,-5] Although this character's name is officially "Fadile", all other references to her use "Fadila" (including her editor ID and her house name)
Falvis Tunel Male Dark Elf Drillmaster 9 94 112 0 30 Fatleg's Drop Off
Glonagoth Male Wood Elf Herder 3 48 84 0 30 [-6,-5]
Hrondar Highlander Male Nord Smuggler 13 130 80 0 30 Fadila Balvel's House
Llemisa Marys Female Dark Elf Thief Service Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 76 106 100 30 Fatleg's Drop Off Trainer; Merchant
Murudius Flaeus Male Imperial Pauper 2 45 82 0 30 Murudius Flaeus' House
Okur Female Argonian Commoner 2 46 102 0 30 Okur's House
Pallia Ceno Female Imperial Agent Imperial Cult Novice(Novice) 9 81 98 0 30 [-6,-5] Trainer
Perien Aurelie Male Breton Pawnbroker 7 66 140 100 30 Fatleg's Drop Off Merchant
Ra'Zhid Male Khajiit Smuggler 7 74 90 90 50 Fatleg's Drop Off
Rabinna Female Khajiit Slave 4 60 84 0 10 Fatleg's Drop Off
Relam Arinith Male Dark Elf Smuggler Camonna Tong Brute(Brute) 10 100 94 0 30 Fatleg's Drop Off
Relien Rirne Male Breton Commoner 1 40 100 0 30 [-6,-5]
Shurkul gro-Sharga Male Orc Pauper 1 47 60 0 30 Shurkul gro-Sharga's House
Trasteve Male Redguard Trader Service 9 104 86 100 30 Fatleg's Drop Off Merchant


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