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Alignment: Redoran
Region: West Gash

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:


Silt Strider:

Khuul from the top
The Omenwedur at the docks

Khuul is a small fishing village in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell, on the island's northern coast. Aside from a single Redoran-style shell-house, which serves as a Tradehouse, the buildings are all rustic huts made of logs, rough planks and thatch.

The only other legitimate businesses near Khuul are two egg mines–the Panud Egg Mine, just outside the village, and the Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine, far to the southwest. There is also a silt strider port just south of the village, by the Panud Egg Mine.

Khuul has always been rumored to be a smuggling village, but the residents have never confirmed nor denied this. They are suspicious of strangers asking a lot of questions and don't like people poking around. There is one merchant in the village who spends most of his time at the tavern and two shipmasters who presumably share the single seagoing vessel moored at their dock.

In Thongar's Tradehouse, Thongar is the local general trader who does not rent beds, contrary to what many residents claim. Ondi offers training. There are two Egg Mines just south of Khuul, one of which has troubles with a witch.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Drethan can take you to Gnaar Mok and Dagon Fel on his ship, the Omenwedur. The Silt Strider on the south road can take you to Maar Gan, Ald'ruhn and Gnisis. A dirt trail leads southwest to Ald Velothi and Gnisis.

Places of Interest Around Khuul[edit]

Related Quests[edit]

Morag Tong[edit]


Imperial Cult[edit]


If you have the Bloodmoon expansion, the Khajiit S'virr can transport you to Fort Frostmoth in Solstheim.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Aldi Female Nord Commoner 1 50 60 0 30 Aldi's Shack
Brurid Male Nord Smuggler 13 130 80 0 30 Brurid's Shack
Endris Dilmyn Male Dark Elf Commoner 3 63 21 0 30 Endris Dilmyn's Shack
Helga Female Nord Commoner 3 62 64 0 30 Helga's Shack
Miron Garer Male Dark Elf Commoner 1 45 80 0 30 Miron Garer's Shack
Nelmyne Andules Female Dark Elf Commoner 1 40 80 0 30 Nelmyne Andules's Shack
Ondi Female Nord Knight Imperial Legion Knight Errant(Knight Errant) 9 111 78 90 30 Thongar's Tradehouse Trainer
Rivame Samandas Male Dark Elf Commoner 2 51 82 0 30 [-9,17]
Seldus Nerendus Male Dark Elf Caravaner 3 59 106 0 30 [-9,16] Transport
Shotherra Female Khajiit Assassin 14 104 136 0 30 Thongar's Tradehouse
Svadstar Male Dark Elf Commoner 2 51 82 0 30 [-9,17]
S'virr Male Khajiit Shipmaster 20 126 142 0 30 [-9,17] Transport; Bloodmoon-dependent
Talmeni Drethan Female Dark Elf Shipmaster 2 40 102 0 30 [-9,17] Transport
Thongar Male Nord Trader Service 15 140 104 100 30 Thongar's Tradehouse Merchant


Map Key
  • 1. Endris Dilmyn's Shack
  • 2. Aldi's Shack
  • 3. Rivame Samandas' Shack
  • 4. Nelmyne Andules's Shack
  • 5. Helga's Shack
  • 6. Brurid's Shack