Morrowind:Moonmoth Legion Fort

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Moonmoth Legion Fort
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Alignment: Imperial
Region: West Gash

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

  • Moonmoth Legion fort
Moonmoth Legion Fort

Located southeast of Balmora, Moonmoth Legion Fort is the center for Imperial control in the region. The Fort offers an Imperial Cult Altar, apothecary, an enchanter, a smith and a trader. In the Prison Towers, Solea Nuccusius guards the jail and the Evidence chest for the region.

Notable Figures[edit]

Radd Hard-Heart is the Knight Protector and commander of the Fort. He acts as the source of most quests relating to the legion, but Larrius Varro, who seems to be an agent of the government, is having trouble with some bad people and will reward you for creating a bloodbath.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Moonmoth Legion Fort is quite close to Balmora, so you can use fast-travel options from there. The Silt Strider can take you to Ald'ruhn, Seyda Neen, Suran and Vivec. The Foyada Mamaea leads you east to Ghostgate and beyond.

Places of Interest Around Moonmoth Legion Fort[edit]

  • The Dwemer ruins of Arkngthand are located on the hill directly east of the fort.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • Meet Sul-Matuul: Travel to the northern coast to find out more about the Nerevarine Prophecies and how it relates to you.

House Hlaalu[edit]

Imperial Legion[edit]

Morag Tong[edit]




Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Amarie Charien Female Breton Healer Service Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 9 61 118 100 30 Interior Spell Merchant; Merchant
Crulius Pontanian Male Imperial Enchanter Service Imperial Cult Acolyte(Acolyte) 14 94 170 100 30 Interior Enchanter; Merchant
Erla Female Redguard Smith Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 9 121 72 100 30 Interior Blacksmith; Merchant
Larrius Varro Male Imperial Warrior Imperial Legion Champion(Champion) 19 285 22 100 30 Interior Trainer
Naspis Apinia Male Imperial Trader Service Imperial Cult Acolyte(Acolyte) 11 106 112 100 30 Interior Merchant
Peragon Male Wood Elf Apothecary Service Imperial Cult Initiate(Initiate) 9 63 144 100 30 Interior Merchant
Radd Hard-Heart Male Nord Master-at-Arms Imperial Legion Knight Protector(Knight Protector) 15 178 82 100 30 Interior Trainer
Solea Nuccusius Female Imperial Battlemage Service Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 10 88 140 100 30 Prison Towers Spell Merchant
Somutis Vunnis Male Imperial Priest Service Imperial Cult Adept(Adept) 13 90 114 100 30 Interior Spellmaker; Spell Merchant; Merchant
Urfing Male Nord Trader Service Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 9 104 86 100 30 Interior Merchant


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Map Key
  • 1. Moonmoth Legion Fort
  • 2. Moonmoth Prison