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Find an outlaw and get him to pay his smuggling fees.
Quest Giver: Crassius Curio in Vivec
Location(s): Vivec, Hla Oad
Prerequisite Quest: Shipment of Ebony
Next Quest: Kill Banden Indarys
Reward: Either 1000 or 500 gold
Disposition: +10 (Crassius Curio)
Reputation Gain: +5 (House Hlaalu)
ID: HH_NordSmugglers
Required Rank: Lawman
Velfred the Outlaw upon his ship, Grytewake

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Crassius Curio to learn your next assignment.
  2. Travel to Hla Oad and find Velfred the Outlaw.
  3. Either kill Velfred or convince him to pay House Hlaalu.
  4. Return to Crassius Curio.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Once you've reached the rank of Lawman in House Hlaalu and completed some of the quests for Odral Helvi, you can start receiving quests from good old Crassius Curio in his Manor in Vivec's Hlaalu Plaza. Curio will ask you to get the outlaw Velfred to pay some smuggling fees to House Hlaalu. Curio does not say where you can find the outlaw, but suggests that you try asking around Hla Oad.

Finding Velfred[edit]

Travel to Hla Oad, southwest of Balmora (the quickest way is by boat from Vivec). The people there will tell you that Velfred and his ship are at a secret dock to the southwest of town. Once you find the outlaw, either convince him to pay the fee (raise his disposition to around 75) or simply kill him.

Return to Vivec[edit]

Then return to Curio in Vivec to complete the quest and receive 500 gold if you killed the outlaw, or 1000 gold if you persuaded him. Curio's disposition increases by ten and you receive five points of Hlaalu faction reputation either way.


  • There are two skill books in the captain's room on his ship. Charwich-Koniinge, Volume 1 gives you Unarmored skill and Bone, Part Two gives you Medium Armor skill.
  • You might want to go below deck and taunt the Nords into fighting you. Then you can steal all of the ebony to make armor later (if you have the Tribunal expansion). You can easily haul away a total of 28 pieces between the Upper and Lower Decks and still get your 1000 drakes for persuading the outlaw.
  • If you want to make Velfred attack you, find some ash statues on the lower deck of his ship. Mentioning these will make Velfred attack you.
  • If you ask Crassius about the ash statues he will warn you that they are dangerous, and also say he was not aware Velfred was involved with that kind of thing.


  • Even if you convince Velfred to pay respect to House Hlaalu, rather than killing him, the journal still indicates you were thanked for killing him.
  • The game does not discern between different ash statues (aside from a handful that are the objects of specific quests and thus have unique item IDs). If the topic is active and you talk to Velfred about it, he will attack, whether you saw his statues or not. This dialog features a second bug: You can only talk about ash statues if you do not carry one.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Velfred the Outlaw (HH_NordSmugglers)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Crassius Curio has heard that an outlaw named Velfred has been smuggling goods. I must find Velfred and put an end to his smuggling operation.
50 I convinced Velfred the Outlaw to pay House Hlaalu the proper respect.
100 ☑Finishes quest Crassius Curio thanked me for killing Velfred.

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