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The Skaal are a group of Nords living in a village in northeastern Solstheim. They view the island's bears and wolves as sacred, and have many legends involving them. Some of them, led by Hrothmund the Red, left Skaal Village in the early third century of the Third Era and founded Thirsk (though some local Nords believe the history of the hall dates back to the late Second Era). At some point in the Main Quest Korst Wind-Eye names you a true Skaal, but you're never quite in the faction, so for all intents and purposes it's non-joinable.

Skaal Members[edit]

Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Alvring Whitebeard Male Nord Warrior 43 352 128 0 30 Skaal Village
Bronrod the Roarer Male Nord Healer Service 35 184 134 0 30 Skaal Village, Bronrod the Roarer's House
Engar Ice-Mane Male Nord Warrior 50 394 198 0 30 Skaal Village
Erna the Quiet Female Nord Commoner 6 79 72 0 30 Felsaad Coast Region [-21,24]
Grerid Axe-Wife Female Nord Warrior 45 364 130 0 30 Lake Fjalding
Hagrad the Stone Male Nord Barbarian 40 295 122 0 30 Skaal Village
Horski Tallowhand Female Nord Warrior 38 322 120 0 30 Skaal Village
Ingmar Male Nord Warrior 10 200 74 0 30 Isinfier Plains, [-20,20]
Korst Wind-Eye Male Nord Shaman 60 277 200 0 30 Skaal Village, Shaman's Hut
Lassnr Male Nord Barbarian 6 40 82 50 30 Skaal Village, Lassnr's House
Rigmor Halfhand Male Nord Savant 40 242 200 0 30 Skaal Village, Rigmor's Hut
Risi Ice-Mane Female Nord Farmer 35 294 114 0 30 Skaal Village, Ice-Mane's Hut
Rolf Long-Tooth Male Nord Warrior 42 346 126 0 30 Isinfier Plains, [-22,23]
Sattir the Bold Male Nord Warrior 45 364 130 0 30 Isinfier Plains, [-22,23]
Snedbrir the Smith Male Nord Smith 50 394 138 90 30 Skaal Village, Snedbrir the Smith
Tharsten Heart-Fang Male Nord Barbarian 65 650 162 0 30 Skaal Village, The Greathall
Tymvaul Male Nord Necromancer 30 300 500 0 30 Rimhull

Skaal NPCs[edit]

Skaal Honor Guard[edit]

Skaal Honor Guard (skaal_guard, skaal_guard_A1, skaal_guard_A2
skaal_guard_A3, skaal_guard_A4)
Home Town Skaal Village
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 50 Class Guard
Other Information
Health 394 Magicka 168
Alarm 100 Fight 30
A Skaal Honor Guard

Skaal Hunter[edit]

Skaal Hunter (skaal_hunter, skaal_hunter2)
Location Tombs of Skaalara
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 50 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 394 Magicka 138
Alarm 0 Fight 90
A Skaal Hunter in the Tombs of Skaalara

Skaal Tracker[edit]

Skaal Tracker (skaal_tracker, skaal_tracker2, skaal_tracker3)
Location Lake Fjalding, Isinfier Plains
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 45 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 364 Magicka 130
Alarm 0 Fight 90
A Skaal Tracker attacking