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Dren Plantation
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# of Zones 1
Guards, Slaves, Hlaalu and Camonna Tong Retainers
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Dren Plantation
Ascadian Isles, [2,-7]
The Dren Plantation

Dren Plantation is a large netch farm in the Ascadian Isles.

It is owned and run by the Duke's brother Orvas Dren, who is head of the Camonna Tong. It is inhabited by guards, both Dark Elf and Nord; an Imperial netch herder; and slaves, who are all either Khajiit or Argonian. Dren has quite the smuggling operation going, as evidenced by the many crates with moon sugar near the docks and elsewhere on the grounds.

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House Hlaalu[edit]

Morag Tong[edit]

Thieves Guild[edit]


  • Almost every character on Dren's plantation is well-armed; many carry Ebony weaponry. Several characters are armed with noteworthy Daedric weapons:
  • The key to the locked and trapped doors in the basement of Dren's Manor is sitting on a desk on an upper level of the Manor, to the left of 100 gold pieces. The desk itself, although not unlocked by the key, contains 724 gold and a skull.
  • There are two bags containing 100 gold pieces each on the same level as the desk.
  • Upstairs behind Orvas Dren is a bookcase with daedric greaves, an ebony cuirass and an Indoril helmet.
  • In the room where you find the Brothers Ienith there are a number of treasures. The locked (95) chest at the foot of the bed contains 8,245 gold. The closet contains several expensive pieces of clothing and jewelry, a set of netch leather armor and 2,584 gold. The small chest on the shelf by the door, which is locked (75) and trapped, contains a number of gems, some gold, two grand soul gems and Dren's Note, which has incriminating information which can be used to blackmail Dren.
  • In a locked storage container in the Tower Shack, you can find the Ring of Surroundings.
  • In the guardhouse, on the table behind Gathal Llethri is a Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestle and a Master's Retort.
  • There is quite a lot of moon sugar and skooma to be found in various places here, including in all the crates down by the southern dock, where the slave Gah Julan hangs out.
  • If you decide to free any slaves, you will have to deal with the many guards - in particular the five on the ground in the plantation. The two archers on the guardhouse roof may remain non-hostile.
  • Avus Belvilo in the Storage Shack here is the highest trainer of Armorer in the game without either the official LeFemm Armor plugin or the Morrowind Patch Project.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Aebondeius Jucanis Male Imperial Warrior House Hlaalu Oathman(Oathman) 8 110 92 90 40 [2,-7]
Ahzini Female Khajiit Slave 2 46 82 0 10 [2,-7]
Arabhi Female Khajiit Slave 4 60 84 0 10 Doves' Shack
Arver Rethul Male Dark Elf Drillmaster Service Thieves Guild Captain(Captain) 15 135 122 90 50 [2,-7] On the guardhouse roof. Trainer
Avus Belvilo Male Dark Elf Agent House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 11 98 102 90 30 Storage Shack Trainer
Bolayn Rethan Male Dark Elf Battlemage House Hlaalu House Brother(House Brother) 16 116 166 90 50 Rethan's Shack
Frinnius Posuceius Male Imperial Herder House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 12 118 98 90 30 [2,-7] Slave Key
Gah Julan Male Argonian Slave 12 114 98 0 10 [2,-8]
Galos Farethi Male Dark Elf Warrior House Hlaalu House Cousin(House Cousin) 28 262 124 90 30 Dren's Villa Daedric Katana
Gathal Llethri Male Dark Elf Knight House Hlaalu House Father(House Father) 24 204 130 90 50 Guardhouse Daedric Claymore
Guldrise Dralor Female Dark Elf Savant Service Thieves Guild Bandit(Bandit) 16 109 156 90 50 Verethi and Dralor Bookseller, Trainer
Hides-His-Foot Male Argonian Slave 7 100 90 0 10 [2,-7]
Hlevala Madalvel Female Dark Elf Warrior House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 14 156 100 90 50 Hlevala's Shack Slave Key
Hrargal the Crow Male Nord Warrior House Hlaalu Oathman(Oathman) 9 129 72 90 40 [2,-7]
Ivrosa Verethi Female Dark Elf Master-at-Arms Thieves Guild Bandit(Bandit) 18 189 108 90 50 Verethi and Dralor Trainer
Llaro Llethri Male Dark Elf Knight House Hlaalu House Father(House Father) 24 204 130 90 50 Tower Shack Daedric Dai-katana
Manos Othreleth Male Dark Elf Warrior House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 22 226 114 90 40 [2,-7]
Mash gro-Burol Male Orc Warrior House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 8 118 72 90 50 Shipping House
Mathesa Helvi Female Dark Elf Scout Camonna Tong Bully(Bully) 13 153 108 90 50 Helvi's Shack
Mavus Ules Male Dark Elf Warrior House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 10 151 24 100 40 [2,-7]
Neetinei Male Argonian Slave 3 53 84 0 10 [2,-7]
Orvas Dren Male Dark Elf Warrior Camonna Tong Kingpin(Kingpin) 18 250 108 90 30 Dren's Villa
Ranes Ienith Male Dark Elf Assassin 15 114 140 90 100 Dren's Villa Appears when you attack Navil Ienith
Suvryn Doves Male Dark Elf Scout Thieves Guild Bandit(Bandit) 14 143 108 90 50 Doves' Shack Trainer
Ushamph gro-Shamub Male Orc Warrior House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 7 109 70 90 50 Shipping House
Vaval Orethi Male Dark Elf Archer House Hlaalu House Brother(House Brother) 19 183 108 90 50 [2,-7] On the guardhouse roof
Virene Mene Female Breton Warrior House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 12 135 118 90 50 Guardhouse


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