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LeFemm Armor
Items Domina Armor and LeFemm Armor
Released July 1, 2002
Size 677 KB
Version 1.1
Patch None required
The Domina and Gold Armor introduced with the plugin

LeFemm Armor adds two new sets of armor to the game: Domina Armor and Gold Armor. Each are specifically designed for female characters and will display the female models whether they are worn by male or female characters.

The plugin additionally includes female models for four previously existing armors which used male models on female characters: the Imperial Steel Cuirass, the Imperial Chain Cuirass, the Netch Leather Cuirass and the Steel Cuirass. Unfortunately, these female versions of the old armors were not successfully implemented by the plugin and so will not appear in the base game without additional modification. The oversight was officially corrected by Bethesda in the Tribunal expansion. There are also various third party mods that correct the error.

Official Summary[edit]

"LeFemm Armor, specially tailored for the ladies, is available for sale at the Fighters Guild in Vivec, from Sirollus Saccus in Ebonheart, the Redoran Vaults, and female smiths in Ald-ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and Ald Velothi." —Official Summary
A bug causes one of the merchants, Sirollus Saccus, to wear the armor instead of offering it for sale


Domina Armor is sold by Manicky in Sadrith Mora, Dandera Selaro in Ald'ruhn, and Aryne Telnim in her shop in Tel Aruhn. The armor can also be stolen from containers near each of these vendors.

Gold Armor is sold by Lorbumol gro-Aglakh at the Vivec Guild of Fighters, or it can be stolen from the closet behind him. Gold Armor can also be found in the Lower Vault of the Redoran Vaults in Vivec. The armor in the vault is not owned but acquiring it will require bypassing a very difficult lock (90). This section of the Redoran vault is guarded at all times by wandering Ordinators and a clerk who remains stationary. Fortunately, its key can be found in a chest of drawers in one of the bedrooms of Dralor Manor located in Redoran Plaza.

Lastly, Gold Armor is also sold by Sirollus Saccus at the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison in Ebonheart. Unfortunately, a bug will cause him to wear the armor instead of offering it for sale, as it is stored on his person and has better stats than his usual attire. Steps for remedying this are outlined in the Bugs section below.

New Content[edit]


Domina Armor[edit]

Light Armor
Name Weight Health Value Armor Rating Enchant
MW-icon-armor-Domina Cuirass.png Domina Cuirass
10.0 360 90 15 12
MW-icon-armor-Domina Helmet.png Domina Helmet[1]
3.0 80 38 15 4
MW-icon-armor-Domina Pauldron.png Domina Left/Right Pauldron
3.0 80 30 15 4
MW-icon-armor-Domina Greaves.png Domina Greaves
6.5 110 55 15 4
MW-icon-armor-Domina Boots.png Domina Boots
7.0 120 25 15 6
MW-icon-armor-Domina Gauntlet.png Domina Left/Right Gauntlet
1.5 80 15 15 8
^1Can be worn by beast races.

Gold Armor[edit]

Medium Armor
Name Weight Health Value Armor Rating Enchant
MW-icon-armor-Gold Armor Cuirass.png Gold Armor Cuirass
26.0 1100 3500 60 14
Gold Armor Helmet Gold Armor Helmet
4.0 360 1500 60 9
MW-icon-armor-Gold Armor Pauldron.png Gold Armor Left/Right Pauldron
9.0 360 1200 60 5


The unused armor models. From left: Imperial Steel, Imperial Chain, Steel, and Netch Leather.
  • The Gold Armor adds to the stock of medium armors available, which is somewhat lacking in the base game. Only two complete sets of medium armor exist (Bonemold and Orcish), while the best-quality medium armor (Indoril) may cause Ordinators to attack the player on sight and therefore can be burdensome to wear. At 60 base armor rating, Gold Armor is twice as protective as Orcish and one-third more protective than Indoril. It has the highest base armor rating of any medium armor in Morrowind; its base armor rating of 60 makes it equivalent to Ebony. A third complete medium set is added by the Adamantium Armor plugin.
  • The LeFemm Armor plugin corrects the oversight of Sirollus Saccus not offering training.


  • As noted above, the plugin includes female models for armors that normally display male versions on female characters. However, they are not implemented properly and will not actually appear on female characters.
  • Sirollus Saccus wears a complete set of Gold Armor instead of selling it, as he carries the items in his inventory. This bug will make acquiring the armor without killing Sirollus somewhat difficult.
    • PC Only The Morrowind Code Patch addresses this issue. With the patch installed, merchants will no longer equip higher quality armor than what they are currently wearing.
    • On PC This bug is fixed in OpenMW, if you enable the patch in the OpenMW Launcher.
    • Without resorting to console commands, only two methods are possible to retrieve the armor without killing him. The first is to sell Sirollus an item of higher quality to equip instead (in this case, only Ebony or Daedric Armor will suffice; note that only a helm, a cuirass and two pauldrons are needed, however). The second is to use Disintegrate Armor spells until the armor breaks; it is then possible to cast a Calm spell to stop Sirollus from attacking, allowing you to pickpocket the items from his inventory. Note that, if you are a member of the Imperial Legion, attacking Sirollus will expel you from the guild. See Imperial Legion Expulsion for more information.
    • For players with access to the in-game console, Sirollus will drop the armor and re-equip his Imperial Cuirass if you open the console, click on his character, and enter the following commands:
equip "imperial cuirass_armor"
drop "gold1_armor_helm" 1
drop "gold1_armor_cuirass" 1
drop "gold1_armor_pauldron_L" 1
drop "gold1_armor_pauldron_R" 1