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Indoril armor

Indoril is an ornate medium armor style with elaborate designs and gold leaf detailing. The armor is worn exclusively by the Ordinators, a military order of knights under the Tribunal Temple. The name Indoril stems from the fact that the majority of Ordinators come from House Indoril, though the knights from all houses may serve.

Indoril Armor is generally the best medium armor in the game, excepting a few Artifacts and some armor added by the two Expansions. The downside is that wearing either the helmet or cuirass will earn you the wrath of the Ordinators, who will attempt to kill you for the offense (wearing their sacred armor). It also lacks greaves, so you'll have to make do with Orcish for that.

No Indoril-style weapons exist.


Name ID Weight Health Value Armor Rating Enchant
Indoril Armor (Medium Armor)
Totals 90 4,500 21,600 102.1
Indoril Helmet Indoril Helmet* indoril helmet 4.5 450 3,000 45 22.5
Indoril Cuirass Indoril Cuirass* indoril cuirass 27.0 1,350 7,000 45 18
Indoril Pauldron Indoril Left Pauldron
Indoril Right Pauldron
indoril pauldron left
indoril pauldron right
9.0 450 2,400 45 1
Indoril Gauntlet Indoril Left Gauntlet
Indoril Right Gauntlet
indoril left gauntlet
indoril right gauntlet
4.5 225 1,400 45 6
Indoril Boots Indoril Boots indoril boots 18.0 450 2,000 45 2.6
MW-icon-armor-Indoril Shield.png Indoril Shield indoril shield 13.5 900 2,000 45 45
Indoril armor, male
Indoril armor, female

* Wearing either the Cuirass or the Helmet will cause Ordinators to mark you as a criminal and attack you if you talk to them. This includes those who talk to you if they are trying to arrest you. Once you have been thus marked, every Ordinator you see from then on will try to kill you.

Special Armor Items[edit]

Indoril Shield

Other Items[edit]

The following are also part of the Ordinator uniform:

Name ID Weight Value Enchant
Expensive Pants* expensive_pants_02 2.0 15 7.5
Indoril Belt indoril_belt 2.0 5 0.5

*Some Ordinators (the ones holding the keys to the house vaults and the ones that attack in the Saprius Entius quest) wear Common Pants.


  • The original story featured all five houses of the Dark Elves, including your ability to join House Indoril, but due to its scope this had to be cut.