Morrowind:Main Quest

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Quest Chart[edit]

Caius Cosades' Quests
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Trial Quests
Visit the three Great Houses and have them pronounce you as their Hortator to fulfill the Fourth Trial. The exact order you do the Houses in is not important. To satisfy the Fifth Trial, travel to the four Ashlander Camps and have them recognize you as the Nerevarine. It is recommended to do the Urshilaku first, then the other three in any order.
Note - The Fourth and Fifth Trials can be done in any order. However, it's recommended that you complete the Fourth Trial first, as when you are recognized as the Nerevarine, people related to the Temple (e.g. Ordinators) may attack you on sight. Also, if your level is higher than 20 and you have at least 50 reputation, then you will not have to complete the Fourth and Fifth trials at all.
End Game Quests
Optional Quests

Quest Flowchart[edit]

Report to Caius Cosades
Antabolis Informant
Sleepers Awake
Gra-Muzgob Informant
Vivec Informants
Zainsubani Informant
Meet Sul-Matuul
Sixth House Base
Corprus Cure
Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies
The Path of the Incarnate
Hortator and Nerevarine
Yagrum Bagarn and Wraithguard
The Citadels of the Sixth House


Denotes a required path. You must complete this before starting the subsequent quest.
Denotes an optional path or quest.

In-game Introduction[edit]

"Each Event is preceded by Prophecy.
But without the
Hero, there is no Event."
Zurin Arctus, the Underking

In the waning years of the
Third Era of Tamriel, a
prisoner born on a certain day
to uncertain parents was sent
under guard, without
explanation, to Morrowind,
ignorant of the role he was to
play in that nation’s history...

When earth is sundered, and skies choked black,

And sleepers serve the seven curses,
To the hearth there comes a stranger,
Journeyed far ‘neath moon and star.

Though stark-born to sire uncertain,
His aspect marks his certain fate.
Wicked stalk him, righteous curse him.
Prophets speak, but all deny.

Many trials make manifest
The stranger’s fate, the curses’ bane
Many touchstones try the stranger

Many fall,
but one remains.
"They have taken you from the Imperial City's prison, first by carriage and now by boat, to the east, to Morrowind. Fear not, for I am watchful. You have been chosen."
Azura, Daedric Prince
"Wake up, we're here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up."
Jiub, Prisoner