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Skooma (potion_skooma_01)
Type Drink
Weight Weight 1.0 Value Value 500
Moon sugar, a skooma pipe and skooma

Skooma is an illegal narcotic substance made from refined moon sugar. Criminals use it as a kind of currency. They say it makes you fast and strong, but clumsy and stupid. Of course, I want nothing to do with it.

Skooma is a beverage commonly found in bandit and smuggler loot, as well as in Imperial locations, where it is confiscated as a contraband item. It is extremely addictive and banned by the Empire in the province of Morrowind. For general information about skooma, see the lore article.


Skooma is valuable and often smuggled, but due to its illegal nature, most shopkeepers in Morrowind will not do business with you if you are in possession of skooma or its unrefined form, moon sugar.

Buy: There are only three merchants on Vvardenfell that will sell you skooma: Creeper in Ghorak Manor in Caldera, Ashumanu Eraishah in the Suran Tradehouse in Suran, and Andilu Drothan in the Lower Waistworks of Vivec's Foreign Quarter.

Sell: There are a handful of merchants who will purchase skooma from you.


Skooma can be either smoked using skooma pipes or drunk straight from the bottle. Skooma pipes also serve as an alchemical apparatus. Skooma bottles are valued at 500 gold each; moon sugar samples are worth 50 gold.

In-game, skooma behaves like any other potion. It is not addictive in any way to the player character, and has no permanent ill effects.


Drinking skooma in large quantities results in short bursts of unparalleled speed, useful when retreating from a fight or meeting a quest deadline.

Skooma, in lore, is also known to have long-term effects, including a decrease of literacy and vocabulary. The book Confessions of a Skooma-Eater gives more information on the social effects of the drug, as seen when Ahnassi asks you to aid her addicted ex-lover.


While skooma is fairly abundant in Morrowind, it is actually quite hard to find, as there are only three people who will sell it to you. Here are some locations where skooma may be found:

  • Dren Plantation: The Dren Plantation, run by the Camonna Tong kingpin Orvas Dren, contains both skooma and moon sugar. If you walk down to the docks of the plantation, you will discover that the crates there contain moderate amounts of skooma and moon sugar. Be wary when taking them, as both the slave on the pier and the guard on the cliff may see you and report your crime.
  • Addamasartus: If you travel into the lower caverns of Addamasartus, you will discover that the crates there contain a few vials of skooma and some handfuls of moon sugar.
  • The Census and Excise Warehouse: The Warehouse, located in Seyda Neen, contains small amounts of skooma and moon sugar.
  • Tel Fyr: In Divayth Fyr's private Quarters, you will find a Pipe and a collection of skooma Vials.
  • Gro-Bagrat Plantation: This plantation, owned and run by Orcs, is a short way north from the Silt Strider port in Vivec. The manor's basement seems to be a base for the production of skooma, as there are two hostile NPCs, many vials of skooma, a surprising amount of moon sugar and various Pipes and Apparatus. The skooma bottles are visually identical to Empty Vials, also located nearby.
  • Ebonheart, Chun-Ook: The ship docked in Ebonheart (related to a potter's quest in Vivec) contains one vial of skooma and a pipe in the upper level. Be wary when taking them as the two guards in the vicinity may see you.
  • Desele's House of Earthly Delights: Two bottles are on the shelf behind the bar, another is on the bar itself, and a fourth can be found on a table.
  • Suran Tradehouse: Four bottles on the tables on the top floor.

Skooma is most frequently encountered as loot in smuggler caves, ships, and shipwrecks.