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This page lists all NPCs and creatures that are set to follow you at some point during the game. All followers will accompany you to Solstheim if you need their help there, and they will use commercial forms of transport (silt striders, boats, gondolas, and guild guides) if they are close to you when you activate it. They will not follow you if you cast Recall, Divine, or Almisivi Intervention or use a propylon chamber.

NPC Quest
Assaba-Bentus Rescue Jocien Ancois
Botrir Widowmaker
Ciralinde Slave for sale in Tel Aruhn
Corky Rent and Taxes
Dandsa Rescue Dandsa
Davina Slave for sale in Tel Aruhn
Delyna Mandas The Mad Lord of Milk
Deval Beleth Escort to Koal Cave
Din The Man Who Spoke to Slaughterfish
Drerel Indaren Divided by Nix Hounds
Edras Oril The Scholars and the Mating Kagouti
Falura Llervu Zainab Nerevarine
Fjorgeir After Stronghold (Hlaalu)
Fonus Rathryon Lead the Pilgrim to Koal Cave
Frelene Acques Stronghold (Redoran)
Hannat Zainsubani Hannat Zainsubani
Hides-His-Foot Free Hides-His-Foot
Hlormar Wine-Sot Recovering Cloudcleaver
Huleeya Vivec Informants
Itermerel Escort Itermerel
Jadier Mannick Slave for sale in Tel Aruhn
J'Saddha The Twin Lamps
Larienna Macrina Battle at Nchurdamz
Madura Seran Rescue Madura Seran
Malexa Kidnapped by Cultists
Manilian Scerius Slave for sale in Tel Aruhn
Mathis Dalobar Find Mathis Dalobar
Menelras Slave for sale in Tel Aruhn
Nartise Arobar Miner Arobar's Support
Nevrasa Dralor To the Fields of Kummu
Paur Maston An Escort to Molag Mar
Pemenie Pemenie and the Boots of Blinding Speed
Rabinna Rabinna's Inner Beauty
Ragash gra-Shuzgub Rescue Ragash gra-Shuzgub
Reeh-Jah The Runaway Slave
Rollie the Guar A Man and His Guar
S'Bakha Slave for sale in Tel Aruhn
Saprius Entius Saprius Entius
Satyana Search for Her Father's Amulet
Shock Centurion After Dahrk Mezalf
Sinnammu Mirpal Ahemmusa Nerevarine
Sondaale of Shimmerene Sondaale
Tarvyn Faren Escort Tarvyn Faren
Tenyeminwe Escort Tenyeminwe
Teres Arothan The Dissapla Mine
Teris Raledran A Man and His Guar
Tul Tul's Escape
Ulyne Henim The Necromancer of Vas
Varvur Sarethi Rescue Varvur Sarethi
Vedelea Othril Telvanni at Odirniran
Viatrix Petilia Viatrix, The Annoying Pilgrim