Morrowind:The End of the World

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The End of the World
Console Location Code(s)
Dagon Fel, The End of the World
Dagon Fel, End of the World Renter Rooms
Dagon Fel, [7,22]
The End of the World

The End of the World is a tradehouse in Dagon Fel.

It is divided into two sections joined by an overhead passageway. Ownership of the establishment isn't clear: in the main section, Sarnir the Clerk owns more items than anybody else but they are mostly goblets, bottles and plates. Fryfnhild owns several chests and actually offers their contents for sale. In the Renter Rooms section, Hjotra the Peacock is the only person that owns anything.

There are three merchants and two trainers but strangely, given the existence of a section devoted to the renting of rooms, there is nobody who will rent one to you. On the upper floor of the Renter Rooms section, there is a locked door that leads into a room with a bed which you can sleep in.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Fryfnhild Female Nord Trader Service 7 80 100 100 30 Merchant
Hjotra the Peacock Female Nord Pawnbroker 7 76 100 100 30 Renter Rooms Merchant
Hreirek the Lean Female Nord Thief Service Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 7 76 80 100 30 Renter Rooms Trainer; Merchant
Sarnir the Clerk Male Nord Savant 8 84 106 90 30
Sold Fine-Hair Male Nord Smuggler 10 110 74 90 30
Vongvild Male Nord Scout 5 85 68 90 30 Trainer