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Nix-Hounds are medium-sized insectoid predators that are native to Morrowind but as of the 4th Era have also migrated to Solstheim[1], and have been known to be kept as pets in both the 2nd and 4th Era. Wild Nix-hounds are much more common than their tamed counterparts however and are equally much more aggressive, with many men and mer meeting their end due to an attack from one. Nix-hounds sustain themselves by draining prey of bodily fluids with a 'meat-husk' being left as waste that other creatures such as Alits will eat, common prey include baby guars, goats, kwama pupae and ash hoppers.[2]

Nix-hound young first emerge from chrysalides and can drain up to 4 similar sized prey a day using their proboscis, and have been noted as being very opportunistic whilst searching for food, easily killing small animals and children even whilst at this very early development stage. Adult Nix-Hounds have been known to commonly hunt in packs. They also can spend hours a day self-cleaning themselves with their pedipalps, but can still suffer from pests such as ash mites, which can cause a Nix-Hound to become extremely aggressive. The Blight can also be caught by Nix-Hounds and like other blighted creatures makes them much stronger and more dangerous to travellers.[3]


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