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MW-creature-Nix Hound.jpg
Nix-Hound (Morrowind)
Type Beast (Arthropod)
Range Morrowind, Solstheim
Appears in

Morrowind, Skyrim(CC), ESO, Legends

Nix-hounds (often shortened as nixes)[1] are bloodsucking insectoid pack-hunters akin to wolves that are native to Morrowind,[2][3] as well as having migrated to Solstheim by the Fourth Era as a result of the Red Year.[4]

In Tribunal mythology, nix-hounds were created by Vivec to hunt the Dreugh during a time-lost campaign against them.[UOL 1] However, they are more commonly considered distant relatives of nix-oxen and kwama.[5][1]


Nix-Hounds on Solstheim (Skyrim)

Nix-hounds sustain themselves by using their proboscis to drain their prey of bodily fluids, leaving behind a 'meat-husk' that other creatures such as alits will eat.[1] Though sometimes impatient alits will fight with nix-hounds over a fresh kill.[UOL 2] Common prey include baby guars, goats, kwama pupae and ash hoppers.[1] In rare cases, large nix-hounds may prey on other, weaker nix-hounds.[6]

When young nix-hounds emerge from their chrysalis, they can immediately drain up to four similar sized prey a day. They have been noted as being very opportunistic while searching for food, easily killing small animals and children even at this early development stage.[1] While primarily carnivorus, newborn nix-hounds have also been known to occasionally graze on plants such as marshmerrow.[7] Adult wild nix-hounds are aggressive pack-hunters, with many men and mer meeting their end from an unsuspected ambush. They are said to be as fast as wolves, but are too simple minded to flee a losing battle.[8]

Nix-hounds are known to shed.[9] The average nix-hound can spend hours a day self-cleaning, they use their nimble pedipalps to scrape and polish their facial chitin and antennae. However, they can struggle to reach their thorax and parts of their abdomen. This can lead to them suffering from pests such as ash mites, which can cause even a tame nix-hound to become extremely aggressive.[1] They are also subject to several other parasites and diseases, including Dampworm, Rabies, Rattles, Rockjoint, and Blight, the latter making them stronger and more dangerous to travelers.[10][2][11]

Coldspring Nix-Hound (ESO)


The Coldspring Nix-Hound is a breed of nix-hound with striking blue and purple coloration, bred by House Hlaalu to survive in environments outside their native Vvardenfell.[12] Rogue nix-hounds are a larger and much more dangerous breed of commonn nix-hound.[3]

Primitive nix-hounds were known to exist in the distant past. These creatures were darker in coloration than their more modern counterparts.[13] The Telvanni of Bal Sunnar once used time magic to summon primitive nix-hounds and nix-oxen from the past for use as guardians.[14]

Uses and Culture[edit]

Nix-Hound Meat (Morrowind)
A trainer with his tamed Nix-Hound (Skyrim)

While usually vicious predators, nix-hounds are well-known to be affectionate, attentive, and faithful pets that will follow their owners around.[4][1] Shamans in particular, were known for their ability to train the creatures.[UOL 3] "Nixie" is an affectionate name for pet nix-hounds.[15] Nix-hounds can be trained to scrounge for specific resources, such as sea shells and alchemical ingredients.[16][4] They are also commonly used as trackers, watch-hounds, and netch-deflators, particularly by the Dunmer of Bal Foyen.[17] Nix-hounds were used as war dogs in the House Dagoth chap'thil.[18]

According to legend, one of Ysgramor's pets of renown that were among his Five Hundred Companions was "Rackety-Nix the Nix-hound".[UOL 4]

Nix-hound meat is said to be sweet and tender, and it has modest magical properties.[3][19] Ashlanders commonly use nix-hound meat to make chili.[20] They also use nix-hound parts in a variety of their tribal customs.[6] Nix-hound eyes are considered quite valuable.[21] Alchemists are known to render nix-hound flesh to make drugs.[22]

Nix-hounds are a regular subject of Dunmeri cultural works. Examples include an appearance in "The Friendly Alit", as one of the many creatures frightened by the titular Alit.[23] In the 36 Lessons of Vivec, the Warrior-Poet describes Almalexia as being "clawed like a nix-hound".[24] Felt toys of sleeping nix-hounds are sometimes given to Dunmer children.[25]


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