Legends:Beyte Fyr

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Beyte Fyr
Creature (Dark Elf)
LG-card-Beyte Fyr.png
Availability Created Cards
Magicka Cost 11
Attribute Intelligence
Power 6 Health 6
Rarity Legendary Legendary
Summon: Deal 6 damage to a random enemy.

Beyte Fyr is a unique legendary Intelligence creature card. It cannot be obtained as part of your collection, but is summoned by Divayth Fyr.


When summoned:

"If they were smart they'd run. Lucky for us."
"They are like an annoying sand flea."

When attacking:

"The fires are strong!"


  • Enemies include creatures your opponent's control as well as your opponent's health.
  • Aside from card name and audio, Beyte is identical to her "sisters" Alfe Fyr, Delte Fyr, and Uupse Fyr.
  • Beyte and her "sisters" are female clones of Divayth Fyr whose names are alphabetical identifications, and first appeared in Morrowind.