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Bleakrock Isle
Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in ESO
Bleakrock Isle circa 2E 582
A map of Bleakrock Isle

Bleakrock Isle is a small, barren island in the Sea of Ghosts northeast of Skyrim, just to the south of Solstheim. Sparsely populated by Nord farmers and fishermen, and far off any major trade routes, it has little strategic or economic importance.[1]


Bleakrock Isle
Landscape of Bleakrock Isle

Archaeological findings indicate that Auri-El was once worshipped on the island, possibly indicating the presence of Snow Elves.[2]

In the Merethic Era, the island was ruled over by the Dragon Cult. The local Dragon Priest was named Haldriin, and was entombed in Skyshroud Barrow. At some point, a wealthy family moved to the island and set up a mining operation at Hozzin's Folly. However, the mine was simply a cover for Daedra worship, and after a disastrous ritual the site was left abandoned. The main settlement on the island was Bleakrock Village, a farming community with a small dock.[3]

During the Alliance War, the Ebonheart Pact established a small garrison on the island to keep watch for enemy ships.[3] Bandits began appearing on Bleakrock around this time, and many citizens begun to carry around alabaster whistles to sound when they required aid.[4]

In 2E 582, the Daggerfall Covenant targeted the island as the first step to a large-scale invasion of the Pact's territory. A group of bandits were hired to cause havoc and reawaken the Daedric magic within Hozzin's Folly and a necromancer was sent to Skyshroud Barrow to raise the dead. The local garrison learned of the Covenant's activities on the island but were too late to request backup. The village was razed by pyromancers and the few survivors were evacuated to mainland Morrowind.[3]

Notable Places[edit]

  • Bleakrock Village
  • Companions Point
  • Hozzin's Folly - Mine in west-central Bleakrock Isle. It was first started by a family from Stonefalls, who were rumored to be daedra worshipers.
  • Orkey's Hollow - Cave in the north of Bleakrock Isle. The locals of the island have a custom of daring each other to spend a night inside the cave.
  • Skyshroud Barrow
  • Last Rest - Nordic burial tomb south of Bleakrock Village


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