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A rabbit

Rabbits are small, non-hostile animals which are sometimes hunted by foxes and other predators. Their only defenses are their small profile and their speed.

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A rat

Rats are rodents common to all of Tamriel. They can be found both in city sewers and the wilderness, and are known to carry a variety of diseases. Rats are often kept by goblins for food. Pack rats can be trained to carry or drag items. Skeevers are much larger variants found commonly in Skyrim.

  • Variations: Giant Rat, Azra Rat, Assault Rat, Umbric Rat, Telvanni Sewer Rat, Game Rat, Cave Rat, Sewer Rat


A witch in the form of a large raven

Ravens are black carrion-eating birds. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.[1] Some witches can take the form of an enormous raven.[2] Ravens feature in a few Tamrielic fables, where they are depicted as being clever.[3]

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A Snowray

A creature that lives within the snowy provincial borders between Skyrim, Hammerfell, and High Rock. They resemble aquatic rays, but fly through the air instead. When attacking or defending themselves they will use the barbs at the end of their tails, with which they lunge at their target, akin to a spear thrust.

There are three known varieties; Cavern Stingers, Shadowrays, and Snowrays. Cavern Stingers, which has gray-blue skin and dark spots, are the weakest. The Shadowray variant have a brown coloration and gloomy physical appearance. However, the Shadowray also has the ability to blind their opponents, which is unique among the Ray subtypes. The strongest of the known varieties is the Snowray, the most vibrant variant with bright green skin adorned with orange spots. A substance known as Snowray Powder can be harvested from their bodies, which is considered a valuable alchemical ingredient.

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The Reaper

The Reaper of the Soul Guard is the shadowy figure of an executioner with burning red eyes.[4] It can be summoned in the Soul Cairn once three Reaper gem fragments are placed on an altar within its lair.[4] Those fortunate enough to survive an encounter with the Reaper may find that it has a Daedra's heart in its chest.[4] As such, the Reaper may be a creature of Daedric origin as opposed to a mere specter.[4]

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Reef Viper[edit]

A reef viper

Reef Vipers, also known as Sea Adders, both terms which seem to be used interchangeably,[5] are large, toothy, hostile, serpent-like ambush predators. They are an invasive species brought over by the Maormer and can be found from the beaches to the mountains of Summerset. The Maormer breed them to be obedient as well as bigger, smarter, and nastier than their wild counterpart.[6] Lesser Sea Adders seem to refer to Reef Vipers of smaller sizes. Their anatomy is similar to that of the sep adder.

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Beetles from Valenwood that are similar to dew bugs. They're considered a delicacy by the Bosmer, but release a foul odor when they die.[7]

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A reindeer mount

Reindeer are a type of deer found in snowy climates. Due to their large size, they are sometimes used as mounts. Reindeer are traditionally associated with the festival of Saturalia.

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A riekling

Rieklings are a race of blue-skinned ice Goblins, related to the other Goblin-ken. The most common Rieklings are small in stature and found on Solstheim, but larger Rieklings were once present on mainland Skyrim in the Second Era. They are aggressive, and can be dangerous in groups. Despite being considered little more than beasts by the local Nords, Rieklings are naturally cunning. Rieklings speak the goblin language, and can be conversed with by expert linguists. Some speak Cyrodilic, although they rarely say anything intelligible. Apart from this, they seemingly have little culture of their own. They scavenge what few relics they can find from the other races, and form strange attachments to these treasures.

Rieklings are known to use spears, lances, blades, shields and axes in combat. They often tame Tusked Bristlebacks, a native type of boar, for use as warmounts. They also have the ability to create simple traps to guard their lairs. Rieklings can be found wandering the wilds of Solstheim, in their lairs, or waiting in ambush for an unlucky traveler. They have a tribal society, often led by a chief. Members of the tribe are known as "tribe-kin". Rieklings can construct basic structures, such as tents, fences, bridges and lookout towers. They partake in ritualistic "Godspeak" ceremonies. One such ceremony involves the use of Scathecraw, or "redgrass", a plant native to Vvardenfell which spread to southern Solstheim after the Red Year. Rieklings are fond of "dizzydrink", alcoholic beverages that they scavenge.

The origins of Rieklings are a mystery to the people of Tamriel. The local Nords believe them to be descendants of the snow elves, related to the other elven races, but this claim is not supported by scholars. The Imperials consider them to be nothing more than "ice goblins". The Rieklings of Solstheim consider it to be the entire world "within great water", meaning that if any exist in other places, the Solstheim Riekling are not aware of them. They commonly dwell in ice caves or remote locations, but they have been known to inhabit Dwemer and Nordic ruins as well.The Rieklings have some notable history, such as in the mainland in 2E 582, the Ice-Biter Tribe of rieklings attacked the town of Cragwallow in Eastmarch and were wiped out in retaliation. In 2E 582, The Coldsnap Tribe inhabited the Dwemer Vault of Mhuvak, making the retrieval of the legendary Wrathstone problematic. They used some Dwarven gear as a result of their discovery of an abandoned Dwarven site (even using it to armor a troll), with some believing that their hoarding of scrap would result in them achieving more advanced civilization, but they were slaughtered by members of the Wrathstone expedition.

In Solstheim, the Skaal are attacked by them frequently. Karstaag the frost giant once employed Rieklings to guard his fortress, Castle Karstaag. When he was taken by werewolves to participate in Hircine's Great Hunt in 3E 427, a Riekling named Dulk took control of the castle in his master's absence. Dulk attempted to enlist the help of several grahls, but the creatures turned on the Rieklings and killed many of them. The grahls were killed by the Nerevarine and a Riekling named Krish. In 4E 201, a tribe of Rieklings attacked the mead hall at Thirsk and drove out the Nords.

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A riekr

Riekr are a race of magically gifted white-skinned ice Goblins from the province of Wrothgar, and are related to other Goblin-ken. The Riekr are social creatures, and each goblin is expected to be able to pull their own weight within their tribe, and those who can't are not treated kindly.

Tribes have been observed to eat boar meat, vomit it back into bowls, then trade the bowls with fellow tribesmen and eat each other's vomit. They are also observed to bathe in filth and sometimes eat their young, with some suggesting that these behaviors maintain their social structure. The Riekr have a unique initiation system for those who show magical capabilities where they are exiled and have to buy their way back. The mage must then wait a certain period before they are allowed to buy their way back into the tribe with a food offering such as a freshly slain deer, bear, or echatere. Once the mage buys their way back into the tribe, they quickly rise in status to become a revered member of the tribe, gaining influence with the chief.

Riekr chiefs own objects that indicate their position of power in the tribe. The Riekr known as King-Chief Edu stole and used an ancient scepter created by the Orgak Orc clan, as a symbol of his power. Another Riekr chief who was notably a spellcaster had a totem as his symbol of power. With enough training, Riekr are capable of speaking Tamrielic. Some Riekr are tamed and raised to be servants, doing tasks such as setting tables.

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River Droop[edit]

A torpid bottom-dweller the size of a large dog. It possesses venomous spines that induce sleep plagued by nightmares. River droops are lazy. They are easy to catch, difficult to handle, and inedible. Arrows fashioned from their dense ribs or spine can dull a foe's senses.[8]

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Rootworms are creatures living in the Black Marsh that are commonly referred to as the "Underground Express", because of their ability to swallow travelers whole and carry them with the current. The digestive systems of rootworms are apparently quite slow, and travelers "could live in a rootworm's belly for months."

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Ruby Hopper[edit]

Ruby Hopper

The Ruby Hopper is a rare species of Frog found in Murkmire. They are bright red in color and enjoy sunning themselves, however they are also very quick and are easily startled.[9] Argonian vossa-satl makers use these frogs for their pleasing croaking sounds.[10]

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