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A Durzog (ESO)

Durzogs, sometimes called sludgepuppies[1], are carnivorous animals not dissimilar to giant reptilian dogs. They have scaly skin, six eyes, spines and large teeth designed for tearing. Some wild durzogs can spread Rotbone.[2] They are often domesticated by the various species of goblins for hunting, although their own intelligence can rival that of their handlers.[1][3] Goblins will occasionally use durzog hide in leather armor.[4] They are intelligent creatures and formidable foes, though they are not very durable in battle.[1] Durzogs have a reputation for being ornery and vicious.[5] With this in mind, goblins have been known to train war durzogs.[6] [7] Snow Durzogs are pale-skinned, feathered d durzog species that are know to dwell in cold climates, such as in Wrothgar.[8] Durzog ivory has a few practical uses[9], and durzog hide has seen use in fashion products.[10] Durzog meat is valued for its alchemical properties. Durzogs can make loyal pets if a handler establishes firm boundaries with them.[11]

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