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Daily Job Broker
Home City Markarth
Race Reachman Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonehands

Gwenyfe is a Reachman daily job broker who can be found in Markarth. She administers world boss quests.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

She greets you when you approach her with one of the following:

"The Ard's Stonehands seek brave, skilled warriors. Does that describe you, or should we keep looking? There's a reward in it from the Markarth vaults for those worthy."
"Want to prove yourself to Ard Caddach? Put your skills toward the good of the Reach. There's a reward in it from the Markarth vaults if you're interested."
"If you've got the spine for dealing with threats to the Reach, the Ard's Stonehands could use you. Might be able to pull something out of the Markarth vaults to reward you for it, too."
"The Stonehands serve the ard's interests in the Reach, and we only employ those who are worthy. Do you think you have what it takes? There's a fine reward in it from the Markarth vaults if you do."

You'll respond with one of the following:

Anything I can help with?
Can I do anything to help?

If you speak to her after accepting a quest, she'll say one of the following:

"Deal with this problem and you will be rewarded. The vaults of Markarth are full and we have gold to spare. The Stonehands pay their debts."
"Good luck out there. You must decide for yourself if you are the hunter or the hunted today."
"We gave you a job. Get to it."
"The Ard's Stonehands don't accept failure. Go on, get out there."

You can ask her some questions after accepting a quest.

Tell me about the Ard's Stonehands.
"We gave our loyalty to Caddach long before he became ard. We are his sword, his shield, and his counsel. There are many threats in the Reach. Too many for one person. So we deal with the ones the ard can't handle."
Like the Fighters Guild?
"That rabble? We killed more than a few who came here hoping to steal our land. We don't sell our skills for gold. We devote our lives to protecting the Reach and its people. Compare us to them again, and we'll have more than words."
Then why are you recruiting?
"A fair question. We exist to protect Caddach and our clan, not the entire city. With all the clans gathering in Markarth, all the infighting, we're stretched thin.
For once, maybe outsiders can help instead of harm. Let's hope I'm right."

If you're doing a Voidmother quest, you can ask her the following questions after you accept the quest:

What does Namira have to do with this?
"The reports indicate her influence at work here. She is the Lady of Decay, the spirit of death and rebirth.
Most Reachfolk do not fear her. But if her power were to be twisted and abused …."
You think that's what's happening?
"Possibly. All I know is that when Namira's power is tampered with, the results can be catastrophic. No one should ever trifle with death and rebirth."

If you're doing a Dwarven Dynastor quest, you can ask her about the construct:

Why do you want the Dwarven construct destroyed?
"I don't like surprises, especially when they come in the form of remnants of the Deep Folk. We've enough problems without needing to worry about a strange new metal beast roaming around.
Easier to just be done with them."
Have you ever tried to recover one?
"We have no use for Dwarf mischief. You can't trust anything those dobbers created. We get by with our own means, and our own way of life just fine.
Better to destroy it before it gets loose and hurts someone. The Stonehands want to avoid that."

When you return after completing the task, she'll say one of the following:

"You bring good news, I hope?"
"You're back and not dead, so I assume you bring good news."
"You've returned. What of your task?"
"The ard demands success. How did you fare?"

If you speak to her after turning in a quest, she'll say:

"We don't have any more work for you today. Come back soon."
"The ard can't see to every crisis himself, and the Reach is full of threats. We will have need of you soon, I'm sure."
"The Stonehands appreciate your help, outsider. We'll have more work for you soon."
"One threat down, but another will come. Be ready to answer the call."

Namira's Perversions[edit]

When you approach her: "They've gone too far. This will not stand."

Speaking to her:

"Yes. I have word from one of our spies that a rogue Reach clan corrupts our ancient practices for something unspeakable. I suspect they seek to use Namira's power for their evil deeds.
Never mind the danger. This is an insult to all of us!"
What exactly are they trying to accomplish?
"All you need to know is a clan's witch matron is attempting a ritual that could cause calamity across the Reach. And to insult us further, she's abducting innocent Reachfolk to sacrifice for it.
You should find her here. Please rescue those people."
I'll stop the ritual and rescue any captives I find.

You must return after completing the task.

I stopped the ritual and freed everyone I found.
"Thank you. It's rare to see trust in outsiders rewarded, but none can question your valor today.
Take this with our thanks. Straight from the Markarth vaults. You earned it."

Ruptures in the Reach[edit]

Approaching her: "They've gone too far. This will not stand."

Speaking to her:

"Possibly. A local clan seeks to perform a dangerous ritual. I suspect their witch matron seeks to harness Namira's power, but in doing so, ruptures the natural world. She's created pockets of unstable forces.
The ritual must be stopped!"
What do you mean, unstable forces?
"I've only ever seen it once before. The power of the ritual creates wounds in the air, as if the very world was split open at the seams.
This charm should counteract it. Use it to close any tears you encounter and end this ritual."
I'll stop this ritual and close any magical tears that I find.

You must return after completing the task.

I stopped the ritual and closed the tears it created.
"At last, we can put this shameful episode behind us. With any luck, no one will ever try to perform such a dangerous ritual again.
Here's your reward."

Notes of the Void[edit]

When you approach her:

"This cannot be allowed to continue."

Speaking to her:

"I hope so. The Reach has many small clans, and for the most part, we stay out of each other's business. But one local clan has made that impossible.
A defector says their witch matron is attempting a dangerous ritual. She must be stopped."
What kind of ritual?
"I suspect the crone seeks to abuse Namira's power. Whatever this ritual is, it must be stopped.
I also heard that she writes things down like a common Nord heretic. If this is true, gather whatever notes you find so that I may destroy them."
I'll stop the ritual and recover any of the witch matron's notes I can find.

After you've completed the task, you need to return.

"You've returned. What of your task?"
I stopped the ritual and collected the witch matron's notes.
"I'm relieved to hear the problem was dealt with. And I'll destroy these vile notes. Thank you, outsider. We will have other jobs for you in the future.
For now, take this with the appreciation of the Ard's Stonehands."

Discarded Treasure[edit]

When you approach her:

"If it's true, we can get scrap payments."

Speaking to her:

"If you want to follow up on a rumor, I could use you.
One of our scouts was investigating a cave network nearby. He swears he saw some odd Dwarven beast wandering around down there, dropping a bunch of scrap metal. Enough to be of interest."
Why are you interested in scrap metal?
"Most of that Dwarf junk is worthless, but some of it can be valuable if used right. If that thing's dumped some scrap, we might as well collect it before we destroy the rest.
The job's easy. Destroy the construct and bring back any scrap you find."
I'll destroy the construct and bring back the scrap metal.

When you return, you'll give her the scraps.

I destroyed the construct and collected this scrap.
"It was real? Part of me thought our scout was just seeing things in the shadows. Glad you got rid of it, anyway. Hopefully, we can find at least a few useful things in all this mess.
Here's your gold."

The Scholar's Request[edit]

Approaching her:

"These outsiders get crazier every day!"

Speaking to her:

"Possibly. An outsider scholar insists there's some Dwarven metal beast wandering around a nearby cave. Says it's creating new mechanical spiders.
He needs someone to enter the cave and test this strange rod he invented to stop them."
What does the rod do?
"He claims it disrupts those metal crawlers, making them docile. I'm sure he'd be happy as a goat in wet grass to find out it works. More importantly, if that construct exists, I want it destroyed. We have enough problems. We don't need another one."
I'll test the rod and destroy the construct.

After you've completed the task, you need to return.

I found the construct and destroyed it. Also, the scholar's rod works as intended.
"So that old reeker wasn't as crazy as he looked? First time that's worked out!
Suppose I can tell him his rod works. I won't tell him what happened to the construct, though. It would break the outsider's heart. Here's your reward."

Guides to the Deep[edit]

Approaching her:

"Not telling what they'll find out next."

Speaking to her:

"Just a rumor from one of our scouts. Apparently, he stumbled upon some new kind of Dwarf machine in a nearby cave system. Said he'd never seen anything like it. If the thing exists, it's supposedly laying out strange beacons in some kind of pattern."
What kind of pattern?
"I've no clue. Don't care, either. Those metal beasts are nothing but trouble. I want it taken care of.
We'll pay you to head down into that cave and check it out. If you find that thing, destroy it. Same goes for the beacons."
I'll destroy the machine and any beacons I find.

After you've completed the task, you need to return.

I found the construct and the beacons. I destroyed both.
"So the scout was right? I'll admit, I thought I was sending you on a fool's errand. Good work. The Stonehands will be sure to call on you again.
For now, take this reward. You earned it."