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This article is about the language of antiquity. For the modern language sometimes colloquially called "Cyrodilic", see Tamrielic.

Cyrodilic is the language from which Tamrielic descended.[1]:6 A variation of Old Cyrodilic was once spoken by the Ayleids.[2] In 1E 2813, Cyrodilic became the language of all legal documents, replacing High Elvish.[1]:6

Cyrodilic names localized from other languages[edit]

Ne Quin-al (Ta'agra)[3]
Pa'alatiin (Ta'agra)
Tiber Septim


  • From Old Cyrodilic, "withersynes" means "backwards".[5]
  • Pig-Cyrodilic is a variant of Cyrodilic sometimes spoken by non speakers.[6]


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