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Orsone on his perch

Orsone is Gerrick's pet parrot, found on a perch next to his owner in Gerrick's Goods. He rhymes nonsense about Iszara and interrupts your conversation with the shopkeeper. If you choose the correct responses to his dialogue, the parrot will reveal the location of buried treasure. As expected, the directions are rhymed and a bit cryptic.


  • The "head" referred to in the riddle is the fallen head of the Thassad statue west of town. If you walk about 21 paces in the direction it's facing and dig with a shovel, you will find a pouch with 300 gold.


  • The topic for the response "I've had enough of this!" is called "Steam-driven carriages", which is part of Lakene's dialogue.



"Whee whoooo"
"I'm a pretty bird!"


"And what's your name?"
"Whee whoooo"


"And what's your name?"
"And what's your name?"


"Hello, again."


(Overall structure of topics)

If you pick an incorrect response:

"Sir, I really can't explain." (if response 2)

Assuming you pick the correct responses:

(Topic introduction)
"I know your sister's name."
(Response 1)
"And rumors of her game."
(Shared response 1)
"I only rhyme"
(Shared response 2)
"'Bout half the time"
(Response 2)
"Unless you do the same!"
"Whee whoooo"
(Repeats dialogue)
(Repeats responses)
(Says riddle)

Shared response 1:

"My time is short"
"Start making some sense"
"Make yourself clear"

Shared response 2; correct answer rhymes with previous response:

"I'm taking offense."
"I'm confused here, I fear"
"Come, be a sport"


(Only said if you respond correctly to the rhyme)

"Pretty sister had her schemes,
"needed gold this time, it seems,
"twenty-one paces,
"as the head faces,
"buried there the gold still gleams!"


Topic introduction:

"I'm searching for a young lady."

Response 1:

"Tell me what you know!"
"Her dealings, I fear, were shady--" (correct)
"You know about Iszara, pretty bird?"

Response 2:

"Talk straight, damn you!"
"Give us a break there, matey" (correct)
"Of birds, you're most sublime"


Topic introduction:

"I fought some worthless thugs not long ago."

Response 1:

"Pray, then, parrot, tell me what you know." (correct)
"Pretty bird, what have you heard."
"What did you say?"

Response 2:

"Your thuggish feathers have begun to show." (correct)
"I have killed smaller things."
"Look, what if I just pay you?"

Stros M'Kai[edit]

Topic introduction:

"How long have you lived on the isle?"

Response 1:

"So you know she lives here, then?"
"Pray, then, parrot, won't you please explain?"
"Iszara's been gone for a while." (correct)

Response 2:

"Let's get back to Iszara."
"I've had enough of this!"
"These riddles aren't really my style." (correct)


"Bye bye, then."
"Bye bye, then."

Unused Dialogue[edit]

More lines to interrupt Gerrick's dialogue, although the exact positions are unknown:

">>Squawk<<! Sistersay! >>Squawk<<! Prettybird shoo shoo!"
"Pretty Iszara shoo>>squawk<<shoo!"
">>Squawk<< sistersister featherblister!"

Cyrus also has this line, which may have been used for another greeting or goodbye:

"Whee whoooo"