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Opening Hours 24/7
A typical tavern found in Daggerfall

A tavern is a place where you can buy food and drinks, or rent a room. Although you don't need to drink or eat, doing so will restore a small amount of health in addition to increasing the game's immersion. The price to rent a room is usually between 4 and 8 gold pieces per 24 hours, but with a high Mercantile skill, you can haggle it down to under 4 gold. If you join a knightly order you will receive free lodgings at any tavern in your order's region, a perk which extends to every region once you attain a high enough rank.

You can store (drop) your equipment anywhere in a tavern as long as you have rented a room there. Your equipment will not vanish even when you leave the town (equipment dropped anywhere in a settlement normally vanishes as soon as you leave it). There are usually many taverns in a town or city, and it is very rare for a town to not have at least one. There are also isolated Regional Taverns which can be found in almost all regions of the Iliac Bay. Taverns are favored meeting places for quest-related NPCs.


Inside a tavern
Drink/Food Cost (gold) Health restored
Ale 1 2
Beer 1 2
Mead 2 4
Wine 3 6
Bread 1 2
Broth 1 2
Cheese 2 4
Fowl 3 6
Gruel 2 4
Pie 2 4
Stew 3 6

Tavern Map Blocks[edit]