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Opening Hours 09:00 - 19:00
Buys Armor, Weapons (including magical armor and weapons)
Sells Armor, Weapons
Repairs Armor, Weapons

Armorers are stores which specialize in buying and selling armor and weapons. Armorers will also buy enchanted armor and weapons, though they never sell such gear. To select an item for purchase, you must click on one of the store's shelves with the cursor.

Armorers can also repair non-enchanted armor and weapons. Repair times can last one or more days, depending on how worn the item is and how many items are in the Armorer's repair queue already.

Store Locations[edit]

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Region City Quality Name
Abibon-Gora Penazar Best Bargain Shielding
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Average Lord Theodyrick's Armory
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Average Vintage Mail
Alik'r Desert Bubyrydata Worst Alabyrick's Shielding
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom Average Lord Andistyr's Armory
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Poor The Essential Aegis
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Best The Lord's Armorer
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Average Tristane's Quality Blacksmith
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Average Vintage Smithy
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Average Bargain Armorer
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Average Bargain Shields
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Poor The Emperor's Armory
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Average Vintage Metalsmith
Alik'r Desert Mesopada Poor Lady Andyn's Metalsmith
Alik'r Desert Mettula Average Theodastyr's Finest Armorer
Alik'r Desert Mettula Average The Odd Blacksmith
Alik'r Desert Mettula Best Theodynak's General Mail
Alik'r Desert Mettula Average The Superior Smith
Alik'r Desert Mogandaton Average Doctor Mordyn's Mail [1]
Alik'r Desert Mogandaton Average Doctor Mordyn's Mail [2]
Alik'r Desert Mogandaton Average First Class Metalsmith
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn Best Agrywyr's Finest Shielding
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn Average The Lord's Smithy
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Best Bargain Shielding
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Poor Rhogila's Best Mail
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Poor The Champion Armory
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Average Bedyval's Quality Armory
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Poor Edwistair's Finest Smith [1]
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Poor Edwistair's Finest Smith [2]
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Average The Emperor's Armory
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Poor The Champion Smithy
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Best Bedyn's General Smithy
Anticlere Anticlere City Average Lady Theodynak’s Shields
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Best Doctor Andastyr's Armory
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Best Lord Agrastyr's Shielding
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Poor The Emperor's Armory
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Average Edworyan's Quality Blacksmith
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Average Theodyrick's Finest Blacksmith
Antiphyllos Tulaogubia Best Bargain Smithy
Antiphyllos Tulaogubia Poor Gondyctor's Blacksmith
Betony Whitefort Best The Lord's Shields
Daggerfall Aldinghope Garden Average The Superior Armory
Daggerfall Aldingwall Best Lord Edwynak's Armory
Daggerfall Aldingwick Hill Worst The Essential Blacksmith
Daggerfall Arkford Worst Bargain Smithy
Daggerfall Arkmoth Poor Doctor Uthane's Smithy
Daggerfall Arkwark Average The King's Aegis
Daggerfall Baelmoth Average The Emperor's Armor
Daggerfall Baelmoth Average The King's Smith
Daggerfall Blackgate Worst The King's Aegis
Daggerfall Blackmore Average Lord Andastyr's Shields
Daggerfall Blackwold Average Uthoryan's General Armorer
Daggerfall Broadpath Minster Average Gondyn's Finest Shields
Daggerfall Broadpath Minster Average Edwore's General Armor
Daggerfall Burgwall Average The Adventurer's Smith
Daggerfall Cathton Worst The Emperor's Shielding
Daggerfall Charing Average Charing Shielding
Daggerfall Charing Average The Emperor's Mail
Daggerfall Charing Average Theodard's Finest Smithy
Daggerfall Charton Best Alabynak's Finest Armorer
Daggerfall Charton Average Charton Smithy
Daggerfall Charton Average Charton Smith
Daggerfall Charway Rock Worst The Odd Shields
Daggerfall Chesterwark Poor Lord Peryrick's Armory
Daggerfall Chesterwark Best The Odd Armory
Daggerfall Cromhope Poor Bargain Aegis
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Average Bargain Smith
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Average Bargain Armory
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Average The Essential Metalsmith
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Poor Daggerfall Mail
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Average Daggerfall Metalworks
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Best Theodyn's General Smithy
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Best Vintage Smith
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Average Lord Tristyrick's Metalworks
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Average Lady Edwistair's Shielding
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Average Bedane's Quality Armor
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Poor Theodastyr's Quality Shielding
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Average The Adventurer's Blacksmith
Daggerfall Deering Borough Poor Bedard's Quality Blacksmith
Daggerfall Eastbridge Worst Lord Mordastyr's Armor
Daggerfall Eastfort Average The Champion Metalworks
Daggerfall Eastwick Poor Tristard's Quality Smithy
Daggerfall Galloford Poor Galloford Aegis
Daggerfall Galloworth Heath Average The Adventurer's Smithy
Daggerfall Graypath Average Peryval's General Mail
Daggerfall Graytown Average Doctor Andyval's Armory
Daggerfall Grimfort Average The Essential Blacksmith
Daggerfall Grimfort Average Bargain Aegis
Daggerfall Grimfort Average Doctor Rodistair's Mail
Daggerfall Grimfort Average Alaboryan's General Aegis
Daggerfall Grimfort Average The Adventurer's Mail
Daggerfall Grimfort Average Grimfort's Best Smith
Daggerfall Grimfort Average Bargain Blacksmith
Daggerfall Grimfort Poor Vintage Smithy
Daggerfall Grimhope Average The Emperor's Smith
Daggerfall Grimworth Hall Average The Superior Blacksmith
Daggerfall Grimwych Poor Grimwych Smith
Daggerfall Holcastle Average Vintage Shielding
Daggerfall Holham Average The King's Metalsmith
Daggerfall Holmarket Commons Best Doctor Perore's Armory
Daggerfall Holmarket Commons Average Uthistair's Quality Shielding
Daggerfall Holwych Poor Doctor Edwyctor's Smithy
Daggerfall Hortale Average Lord Agryctor's Mail
Daggerfall Ipshead Poor Lord Theodane's Armorer
Daggerfall Ipshead Average The Emperor's Blacksmith
Daggerfall Ipshead Poor Gondoryan's Finest Armory
Daggerfall Ipshead Average Bargain Mail
Daggerfall Ipsmont Average First Class Armory
Daggerfall Ipsshire Average The Essential Metalsmith
Daggerfall Kirkbury Average Agrard's Finest Armory
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Average The Odd Mail
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Poor The Superior Shielding
Daggerfall Kirkwell Worst Doctor Rodyrick's Armory
Daggerfall Knightstown Average The Superior Armorer
Daggerfall Knightstown Average The Adventurer's Metalworks
Daggerfall Knightstown Average Edwane's Quality Mail
Daggerfall Lambrone Average The King's Armory
Daggerfall Lamton Poor Bargain Shielding
Daggerfall Longing Worst Longing Mail
Daggerfall Longtown Average Longtown Blacksmith
Daggerfall Longtry Field Average Lord Tristyrick's Smithy
Daggerfall Longtry Field Average Dunistyr's General Blacksmith
Daggerfall Longwall Poor Vintage Smithy
Daggerfall Longwold Court Average The Emperor's Aegis
Daggerfall Mercastle Worst Gondistyr's General Smith
Daggerfall Mercastle Poor The Adventurer's Shields
Daggerfall Mercester Best The Odd Metalsmith
Daggerfall Mercester Average First Class Shielding
Daggerfall Mercester Average The Odd Mail
Daggerfall Mergate Best Peristair's Shields
Daggerfall Midbury Average Edworyan's Armor
Daggerfall Midbury Average The Champion Aegis
Daggerfall Midbury Average The Emperor's Metalsmith
Daggerfall Midfort Derry Average Vintage Shields
Daggerfall Midmore Poor Midmore's Best Metalsmith
Daggerfall Newcester Average Lady Dunyctor's Metalworks
Daggerfall Newtower Average The Adventurer's Metalworks
Daggerfall Oxville Best The King's Smithy
Daggerfall Oxway Average Oxway Smithy
Daggerfall Oxway Best The King's Mail
Daggerfall Penbeth Average Andyn's General Mail
Daggerfall Penbrugh Average Lady Peroryan's Armor
Daggerfall Penbrugh Average Agrywyr's Finest Mail
Daggerfall Penfort Derry Average The Essential Shielding
Daggerfall Penfort Derry Best Uthistair's Finest Smithy
Daggerfall Pentale Commons Worst Edwyrick's Shields
Daggerfall Reybury Worst Lord Peristyr's Aegis
Daggerfall Reytale Poor The Emperor's Armory
Daggerfall Reywich Average Bargain Blacksmith
Daggerfall Ripmarket Average Lady Alabore's Armorer
Daggerfall Ripmarket Poor The Superior Armor
Daggerfall Ripmarket Average The Emperor's Mail
Daggerfall Ripmore Best Uthyval's Quality Metalsmith
Daggerfall Ripmore Average Ripmore's Best Shielding
Daggerfall Ripmore Best Tristane's Quality Smithy
Daggerfall Ripmore Poor Gondistair's Shields
Daggerfall Ripmore Average Lady Uthyn's Mail
Daggerfall Ripmore Average Bedynak's Quality Mail
Daggerfall Singbrugh Commons Average Bedastyr's Quality Mail
Daggerfall Singcroft Average The Superior Armor
Daggerfall Singcroft Average The Essential Metalworks
Daggerfall Singcroft Average First Class Mail
Daggerfall Singmoth Average Tristyval's Armor
Daggerfall Singmoth Poor Lady Rodynak's Metalsmith
Daggerfall Singmoth Average The Emperor's Metalworks
Daggerfall Singmoth Average The King's Mail
Daggerfall Stokbridge Poor Bedard's Smith
Daggerfall Stokworth Average Stokworth Shielding
Daggerfall Stokworth Average The Champion Smith
Daggerfall Stokworth Average Bedyctor's Metalsmith
Daggerfall Stokworth Average Dunistyr's Finest Armory
Daggerfall Stokwych Field Best Doctor Gondard's Smith
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Average First Class Blacksmith
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Poor First Class Aegis
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Average First Class Shielding
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Average Tunbeth Hamlet Metalworks
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Average The Odd Metalworks
Daggerfall Tunley Average Tristywyr's Shielding
Daggerfall Tunton Average Bedastyr's Finest Shields
Daggerfall Tunton Poor The Superior Shielding
Daggerfall Uplech Average Lord Dunyval's Blacksmith
Daggerfall Upvale Borough Average Lady Trististair's Smithy
Daggerfall Upwich Average Lady Dunyctor's Metalworks
Daggerfall Vancroft Wood Worst First Class Armor
Daggerfall Vanmarket Average First Class Armor
Daggerfall Vanvale Best Vanvale Mail
Daggerfall Westhead Moor Average The Adventurer's Mail
Daggerfall Whitecroft Average The Adventurer's Mail
Daggerfall Whitewood Borough Average The King's Metalsmith
Daggerfall Whitewych Average Doctor Edwyval's Armor
Daggerfall Wildertown Best Wildertown's Best Metalsmith
Daggerfall Wildertown Best Tristynak's Quality Armor
Daggerfall Wildertown Average The Adventurer's Blacksmith
Daggerfall Wildertown Average Theodistyr's General Metalworks
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Poor First Class Smith
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Poor Gondynak's Quality Smithy
Glenpoint Oxtown Best Peryval's Finest Armory
Isle of Balfiera Blackhead Average Lady Tristyval's Smith
Isle of Balfiera Gallomarket Worst First Class Armory
Isle of Balfiera Upvale Poor The Lord's Shielding
Kozanset Bubehda Poor Bubehda Metalworks
Kozanset Kozanset Average Bargain Shields
Kozanset Kozanset Average Lady Edwywyr's Aegis
Kozanset Kozanset Best Gulpam's Quality Aegis
Kozanset Kozanset Average The Baroness's Armorer
Kozanset Kozanset Average The Baroness's Armory
Kozanset Kozanset Average The Essential Armor
Kozanset Sede-Korom Poor Gondywyr's Blacksmith
Menevia Aldingbury Best Vintage Armor
Menevia Aldingbury Best Lady Andyn's Shielding
Menevia Baelbrone Best The Countess's Smith
Menevia Menevia City Best Theodistyr's Arms
Orsinium Ripwold Poor Essential Shields
Santaki Santaki City Average Superior Armorer
Santaki Santaki City Average Agrore's Finest
Santaki Santaki City Best The Count's Armor
Sentinel Khajoharet Poor Goshem's Finest Smithy
Shalgora Aldwich Average The Essential Smith
Shalgora Baellech Poor Bargain Blacksmith
Shalgora Baellech Average Rodane's Finest Mail
Shalgora Baellech Average Baellech's Best Shielding
Shalgora Baelton Rock Average Uthynak's Finest Shields
Shalgora Baelwark Average The Odd Armory
Shalgora Charidge Best Lady Mordyn's Blacksmith
Shalgora Charidge Average The Emperor's Metalsmith
Shalgora Charidge Average The Adventurer's Aegis
Shalgora Chestertown Worst Chestertown's Best Metalsmith
Shalgora Chestertown Average The Essential Armory
Shalgora Chestertown Average Bargain Armory
Shalgora Deermore Average Vintage Armor
Shalgora Deermore Best The Superior Metalworks
Shalgora Eastmore Average Lady Peristyr's Metalsmith
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Average Bedistair's Quality Metalsmith
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Average First Class Mail
Shalgora Holwall Poor Doctor Rodywyr's Armor
Shalgora Holwall Average Bargain Aegis
Shalgora Holwall Best Lord Uthistyr's Metalsmith
Shalgora Holwall Best Bargain Armorer
Shalgora Holwall Best Rodane's Smith
Shalgora Ipsford Average The Odd Metalsmith
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Average The Emperor's Aegis
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Average Bargain Metalsmith
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Average Kirkbrugh's Best Mail
Shalgora Kirking Poor The Odd Armor
Shalgora Kirkmore Average Theodyn's General Smithy
Shalgora Reyham End Average Edwyval's Metalworks
Shalgora Shalgora City Average The Essential Armory
Shalgora Shalgora City Poor The Champion Mail
Shalgora Shalgora City Best Shalgora's Best Mail
Shalgora Shalgora City Average Andynak's Finest Armor
Shalgora Westwell Poor The Count's Armory
Shalgora Westwell Average Doctor Bedyctor's Armor
Shalgora Westwell Average Vintage Armory
Tulune Aldborne Average The Odd Metalsmith
Tulune Arkcart Best Gondywyr's Finest Blacksmith
Tulune Arkcart Average The Superior Smithy
Tulune Arkcart Average Lady Peryval's Smithy
Tulune Arkcart Average Arkcart's Best Smith
Tulune Oxwych Average Rodyval's Metalsmith
Tulune Ripwark Average Dunane's Quality Blacksmith
Tulune Singcart Poor Dunywyr's Quality Smithy
Tulune Tulune City Average Lady Peroryan's Armor
Tulune Tulune City Average Bedoryan' General Metalworks
Tulune Tulune City Poor Rodyrick's Finest Metalsmith
Tulune Waridge Average Gondowyr's Finest Blacksmith
Tulune Wilderwold Average Gondistair's Quality Smith
Wayrest Eastwold Average Cromwick Hamlet
Wayrest Eastwold Poor First Class Metalsmith
Wayrest Eastwold Average The Adventurer's Blacksmith
Wayrest Eastwold Average Uthyn's Quality Shielding
Wayrest Eastwark Best The Essential Armorer
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Poor First Class Smithy
Wayrest Galloing Garden Average Bargain Armory
Wayrest Galloing Garden Average Lord Andyval's Armor
Wayrest Galloing Garden Poor Lord Perastyr's Armorer
Wayrest Galloing Garden Average The Champion Armory
Wayrest Galloing Garden Average Theodistair's General Mail
Wayrest Holhead Court Average First Class Shielding
Wayrest Holhead Court Best The Emperor's Metalworks
Wayrest Kirkmarket Best Kirkmarket's Best Shields
Wayrest Knightsbrugh Poor Peryick's Smith
Wayrest Knightsbrugh Average Vintage Blacksmith
Wayrest Knightsbrugh Poor The Essential Metalworks
Wayrest Longley Borough Average Rodistyr's Finest Mail
Wayrest Merbrone Poor Lady Alabane's Shields
Wayrest Merhope Hall Poor Merhope Hall Blacksmith
Wayrest Merhope Hall Average Merhope Hall Metalworks
Wayrest Merhope Hall Average Vintage Smithy
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Best The Champion Shields
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Average Edward's General Smithy
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Poor The Adventurer's's Metalworks
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Average The Champion Armor
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Average The King's Aegis
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Average The King's Metalworks
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Poor The Odd Metalworks
Wayrest Merwark Hollow Average The Superior Shielding
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Poor First Class Smithy
Wayrest Penwell Derry Average Agrynak's Quality Blacksmith
Wayrest Penwell Derry Average The Essential Smithy
Wayrest Penwood Poor The Adventurer's Metalsmith
Wayrest Tamgate Average Andyrick's Quality Armor
Wayrest Tunmont Average Lord Ewdyctor's Aegis
Wayrest Tunmont Best Tunmont Metalworks
Wayrest Warmore Best Doctor Perore's Smith
Wayrest Warmore Average The Adventurer's Armory
Wayrest Warmore Average The Superior Armorer
Wayrest Warmore Average The Superior Metalworks
Wayrest Wayrest City Average First Class Armor
Wayrest Wayrest City Average Gondynak's Shields
Wayrest Wayrest City Average Vintage Aegis
Wayrest Westhall Heath Average Lord Rodastyr's Blacksmith
Wayrest Westhall Heath Best The Superior Aegis
Wayrest Westhall Heath Average Edwistair's Quality Smithy

Armorer Map Blocks[edit]

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