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Betony: Region Summary
Province High Rock
Ruler Gothryd
Capital Daggerfall City
Populace Breton
Knightly Order None
Patron Deity Mara
Regional Temple Benevolence of Mara
Vampire Bloodline Vraseth
Distinct Locations 12
Distinct Dungeons 8

The Protectorate of Betony is a small island in the Iliac Bay, off the coast of Daggerfall. It is a prosperous fishing island and strategically placed; however, it is also vulnerable to pirates. It is best known for triggering the War of Betony in 3E 403, in which Daggerfall and Sentinel fought to control Betony. Prior to the war the island had been loosely controlled by Sentinel. With Daggerfall's victory in the war, Betony became part of Daggerfall. For more information, see the complete article. The dominant vampire bloodline in the region is Vraseth, and the regional deity is Mara. Its political capital is Daggerfall City.

Political Views[edit]

Service Locations[edit]

Location Name Guild Locations Merchant Locations Temple Locations
Dark Brother-
Fighters Guild Armorers General Stores Mara * Other
Kirkbeth Hamlet Gen ZZ
Kirkhead Rock Gen ZZ
Hawkhouse Hall Gen ZZ
Whitefort DB FG Arm Gen Stendarr

* Regional Temples are not listed

Prominent Buildings and Towns[edit]

Name Location Type Image
The Crimson Scorpion Lodge Town
Kirkhead Rock Town
Whitefort Town
The Green Woodchuck Lodge Town
The White Goat Inn Town
Kirkbeth Hamlet Town
The Howling Griffin Hostel Town
Altar of I'ric Temple DF-place-Altar of I'ric.png
Kieran Theatre Temple DF-place-Kieran Theatre.png
Gentle Martyr of Mara Temple DF-place-Gentle Martyr of Mara.png
Inner Omen of Mara Temple DF-place-Inner Omen of Mara.png
Singing Light of Mara Temple DF-place-Gentle Martyr of Mara.png
The Moorfield Farmstead House DF-place-The Moorfield Farmstead.png
The Wickcroft Cabin House DF-place-The Wickcroft Cabin.png
Mastersley Orchard House DF-place-Mastersley Orchard.png
The Hawkwing Farmstead House DF-place-The Hawkwing Farmstead.png
Hawkhouse Hall House


Name Type Dungeon Modules Image
Tristore Laboratory Laboratory 12 DF-place-Tristore Laboratory.png
The Stronghold of Hearthhouse Desecrated Temple 10 DF-place-The Stronghold of Hearthhouse.png
The Cabal of Gwynona Coven 11 DF-place-The Cabal of Gwynona.png
Yeomcroft's Hold Coven 8 DF-place-Yeomcroft's Hold.png
The Yeomhouse Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5 DF-place-The Yeomhouse Crypts.png
Yeomton Tower Crypt 13 DF-place-Yeomton Tower.png
Ruins of The Hold of Wickcroft Vampire Haunt 13 DF-place-Ruins of The Hold of Wickcroft.png
The Wicksly Graveyard Cemetery 5 DF-place-The Wicksly Graveyard.png


  • The demo for Daggerfall takes place in a Betony modified to contain additional content, including the added city of Betony City.