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This article is about the region. For the city, see Kairou (city).

Kairou: Region Summary
Province Hammerfell
Ruler An unknown Baroness
Capital Kairou City
Populace Redguard
Knightly Order None
Patron Deity Zenithar
Regional Temple Resolution of Zenithar
Vampire Bloodline Selenu
Distinct Locations 123
Distinct Dungeons 31

Kairou is a barony on the western coast of Hammerfell, in the Iliac Bay. It is bordered by Pothago and Myrkwasa to the north, the Alik'r Desert to the east, and Abibon-Gora to the south. Its capital is the city of Kairou.

Kairou is the scene of a special event called Chil'a. It is the blessing of the new year in the barony and it is both a sacred day and a festival. The archpriest and the baroness each consecrate the ashes of the old year in solemn ceremony, then street parades, balls, and tournaments conclude the event.

Political Views[edit]

Political Factions
(by influence)
Court of Kairou
People of Kairou
Allies None
Enemies None

Service Locations[edit]

Location Name Guild Locations Merchant Locations Temple Locations
Dark Brother-
Fighters Guild Mages Guild Thieves Guild Alche-
Armorers Banks Book-
Clothing Stores General Stores Gem Stores Libraries Pawn Shops Weapon Smiths Zenithar * Other
Agurea Gen ZZ
Akhakadisu DB MG Arm Boo Gen Zen ZZ
Akhilah Clo Gen ZZ
Appoguza Gen ZZ
Berbilania Clo Gen ZZ
Berbillia DB FG Gen Zen ZZ
Bubiton MG Gen Gem ZZ
Byry-Hassi Gen ZZ
Cudohaus Gen Arkay
Gysator Gen Akatosh
Javyryria Gen ZZ
Kairou DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Zen ZZ
Kalereg DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Zen ZZ
Khajoasa Alc Gen Paw Zen ZZ
Mesolah Gen ZZ
Mogiga Gen Zen ZZ
Papabi Gen ZZ
Papiiton FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Zen ZZ
Pheonotuwan Arm Gen ZZ
Pythuwan Gen Wea ZZ
Ramissi-Thar Gen ZZ
Sedettu-Thar MG TG Arm Boo Gen Julianos
Syrissibia Gen Zen ZZ
Tasibusa Gen Wea ZZ
Tsetejer DB Alc Gen Mara
Zenaaqza Clo Gen Kynareth
Zenascuja Gen ZZ

* Regional Temples are not listed

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