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Thieves Guild
Opening Hours 24/7
The Thieves Guild guildhall of Daggerfall

The Thieves Guild is a joinable faction consisting of an official organized collection of burglars, prostitutes, and other thugs.

The Thieves Guild is just like any other guild — it's just that their particular industry is crime. In practically every borough, hamlet, and city-state in Tamriel, the professional criminals have banded together for mutual protection. Like other guilds, they offer special benefits to members, bribe officials, and punish non-members.

Even though freelancers exist, most professional criminals in Tamriel belong to the Thieves Guild. It is best for the collective whole, and the Guild exerts a certain ... pressure to join. The location of their headquarters in a town is always secret.

Thieves Guild Overview[edit]

To join the Thieves Guild, pick ten or more pockets successfully or break into a store without an Open spell, then wait for a letter. The Guild protects its members and frowns upon freelance thieves. Most quests for the Thieves Guild will involve stealing an item or helping a guild mate. However, none of these quests will involve any Dungeon Crawling.

Political Affiliations[edit]

Political Factions
(by influence)
The Thieves Guild
The Guildmaster
Lord Bertram Spode
Thyr Topfield
Master of Initiates
Shadow Trainers
Shadow Schemers
Shadow Appraisers
Shadow Spies


Your guild rank is determined by a combination of your reputation with the Thieves Guild and your two highest skills associated with the Guild:

Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill
0 Apprentice 0 22 4
1 Journeyman 10 23 5
2 Filcher 20 31 9
3 Crook 30 39 13
4 Robber 40 47 17
5 Bandit 50 55 21
6 Thief 60 63 25
7 Ringleader 70 71 29
8 Mastermind 80 79 33
9 Master Thief 90 87 37

Guild Skills[edit]

The following skills are used to determine guild rank:


Advancing in rank within the Thieves Guild affords the following advantages:

Benefits by Rank
each rank May bribe the judge. Chance is (Rank + 1) ÷ 20 when accused of theft crimes
By acceptance An undiscovered dungeon is revealed on your map
Rank 2 Access to Fence (sell magical items)
Rank 4 Access to Spymaster
Rank 6 An undiscovered dungeon is revealed on your map
Rank 8 An undiscovered dungeon is revealed on your map


Shadow Appraisers[edit]

First Appraiser of the Thieves Guild
Second Appraiser of the Thieves Guild

The Shadow Appraisers are the fences of the Thieves Guild. They will buy any magical items you need to get rid of.

Appraisers will buy magical items from any member who is at least a Filcher in the Guild. They offer higher base prices than other merchants. The final price for your items is affected by your reputation with the faction.

Shadow Schemers[edit]

First Schemer of the Thieves Guild
Second Schemer of the Thieves Guild

The Shadow Schemers are the individuals at Thieves Guild guildhalls who offer quests to guild members and dole out rewards for successfully completing them.

Shadow Spies (Spymasters)[edit]

First Spymaster of the Thieves Guild
Second Spymaster of the Thieves Guild

The Shadow Spies offer their services as the Thieves Guild's Spymasters to Guildmembers of the appropriate rank. These services are free.

Shadow Trainers[edit]

First Trainer of the Thieves Guild
Second Trainer of the Thieves Guild

Shadow Trainers are found in every Thieves Guild guildhall. They offer training services in any skill associated with the Guild. The cost of this service is dependent on your character level, 100 gold per level to be precise. As with all skill training, Shadow Trainers can only train a skill up to a maximum of 50%.

Because the cost of a training session depends entirely on your character level, your reputation with the Shadow Trainers will not affect the price of their services.

Shadow Trainers offer training in the following skills:


The following quests are offered by the Thieves Guild:

General Quests and Information
Quest Name Quest Text Description Rank Required
Quests for non-members
The Qualifying Examination Become a member of the Thieves Guild. The qualifying examination for the Thieves Guild. Not in Guild
Quests for members
A Hot Stone Listen, (player's first name), we got one of our family who's in trouble. ... Pick up a stolen gem from a guild member in a local town. In Guild
Antique Ivory * (Player's first name), a simple game. ... Steal some antique ivory from a residence in town. In Guild
Drugs Delivery * (Player's first name), I got a job for you if you're interested. A little package... Deliver a package containing drugs to a local in town. In Guild
Arms Supply Awright, (player's first name), this is a simple sort of assignment. ... Deliver a weapon to a guild member in a local town. In Guild
A Stolen Gem Listen, (player's first name), we got one of our family who's in trouble. ... Pick up a stolen gem from a guild member in a local town. Rank 1 or Higher
A Temple Visit Got a guild job for ya, if yer innerested. Name is (Shadow Schemer's name). Some guy wants... Steal a religious item from a regional temple. Rank 1 or Higher
Valuable Artwork Ho there (player's first name)! You remember me,... Steal a painting from a residence in a local town. Rank 1 or Higher
The Jewel Heist Here's somethin' right up your thing. Jewelry heist in the works. ... Steal some jewelry from a residence in a local town. Rank 1 or Higher
The Noble's Jewelry We have had our eye on you (player's first name). ... Steal some jewelry from a palace. Rank 1 or Higher
A Prized Item Keep your voice down. My name is ... er, just call me (Shadow Schemer's name). ... Steal a magic item from a residence in a local town. Rank 2 or Higher
Valuable Pages I have a job. Ordinary guild work. ... Steal a valuable book from a building in a local town. Rank 2
A Prized Herb (Shadow Schemer's name) is my name. This one is a little touchy, (player's first name). I have... Steal a special herb from a residence in a local town. Rank 2
The Rich Merchant You can call me (Shadow Schemer's name). I have wind of some... Shake down a rich merchant for a shipment of his belongings. Rank 2
A Treasured Potion (Player's name), my name is (Shadow Schemer's name). I have a line on a... Steal a special potion from an alchemist's store in a local town. Rank 2

Note: the Thieves Guild uses rank only and not level to determine which quests may be offered.

* Quest is only available with the CompUSA Special Edition Patch (see Patches and Official Utilities)

Guildhall Map Blocks[edit]

Guildhalls of the Thieves Guild appear as otherwise unremarkable buildings. They are automatically marked on your town map once you enter a town for the first time as a member of the Guild, though not every town has a Thieves Guild guildhall. They come in two architectural styles.

  • Guildhall style 1 always has two pigs in the paled front court. More importantly, the building opposite such a guildhall is always an indoor Witch Coven.


  • Given the method for joining the Thieves Guild, you cannot join them again after you leave, for whatever reason (be it vampirism or being kicked out). Bethesda has verified this. The issue was never fixed with any official patch.