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The beldam of an outdoor Witch Coven

Witch covens in Daggerfall remain a mystery to many players. This article shows some carefully gathered information about them and explains their function and purpose.


Witches in the Iliac Bay have gathered in groups to perform their actions from ancient times. What these actions are in detail probably only a witch knows, but the fact is covens possess an exhaustive knowledge of ancient lore. Witches are therefore able to summon the various Daedra Princes, thus giving one the opportunity to find one of the lost artifacts of ancient power. It's also rumored that witch covens have a vast knowledge of herbalism and curing diseases, and even the Mages Guild is said to rely on their services from time to time. On the other hand, the guild and the various temples in the bay paint a rather dark and wicked picture of the activities performed by these covens. Whether these rumors are true or not, most people believe in them, thus covens are often confronted with distrust and suspicion. In any case the witches represent a power that must be acknowledged and getting on good terms with them may result in advantages probably not found anywhere else.

How to Find Covens[edit]

Covens are located in the wilderness of the Iliac Bay. They often consist of a big mound the size of a house, two guards at the entrance, with more witches and the leader of a coven, the beldam, inside. An example for such a coven is the Glenmoril Witches in Ilessan Hills.

To find a coven, a map with the location might be handy, though unnecessary if you know where to look. All you need to do is to know which square they are in (e.g., 2 squares north of CITY and 2 squares east of TEMPLE will put you there). These directions give you the closest starting location already visible on the map. Traveling nearby and exploring will make the coven appear on your map. When finding these covens, continually check your fast-travel map. Pay attention to exactly when the red line moves as you travel. Think of the location of each town, temple, cemetery, etc. as a "square". Moving in a direction (say north) you can travel within a "square" until you reach the northernmost border, at which time the red line will move one "square" north. When you hit the "I'm At" button, it will tell you whether you are in the square containing the coven or not. When you get near the coven (you probably won't see it beforehand since, compared to the overall area of a square, a coven is rather small) you'll get a message saying, for example, "Entering Coven on the Bluff" and a black dot will mark the coven on your map. From now on, you can just click this dot on the fast-travel map and it will take you right there.

Dungeon Witch[edit]

A lone witch standing in a room can be found in a dungeon when embarking on an artifact quest from the knight order one is a member of.

In-house "Warlock"[edit]

Due to a bug in the BLOCKS.BSA file, the Glenmoril Witches faction ID has been assigned to a man who can occasionally be found in a random house. Because of this bug, interacting with him provides the witch interaction menu. For this reason, people will usually think they found an "in-house coven" and the man is a warlock. This bug is fairly common, as wrong faction ID assignments are frequent in the whole BLOCKS.BSA file (for example, many commoners have incorrect faction IDs, sometimes of a country (Wayrest, the Septim Empire), sometimes of some unique NPCs such as Br'itsa, Thaik or Lord Kain). As the Glenmoril Witches would be the only witches to have such "in-house covens", it is quite obvious this comes from the same wrong faction ID assignment bug.

Witch Covens and their Locations[edit]

There are fourteen Witch Covens in the Iliac Bay. All of their major gathering places can be found in the wilderness.

The Beldama[edit]

The Beldama Coven on a winter day

The Beldama Coven

  • LocationDaenia, North Central, south of Greenham Manor, north and slightly east of the Old Masterhouse Shack
  • Description – This coven is inside a mound, with two spear-wielding female guards outside it. Inside is the beldam surrounded by a Circle of Dancers; same layout as the Coven of the Dust and the Glenmoril Coven.

The Daggerfall Witches[edit]

The Daggerfall Coven

The Daggerfall Coven
  • LocationShalgora, South and slightly west of Woodham Manor.
  • Description – Within a Ruined Tower, it consists of the beldam accompanied by a single Dancer.
  • Notes – This coven is not actually in Daggerfall, but the neighboring county of Shalgora shortly beyond the border.

The Daughters of Wroth[edit]

The Wroth Coven

The Wroth Coven
  • LocationWrothgarian Mountains, southeast edge, due east of Deerville
  • Description – A circle of spear wielding women in a field of rubble. The beldam stands in the center of the circle.

The Dust Witches[edit]

The Coven of the Dust

The Coven of the Dust

  • LocationAntiphyllos, directly northeast of 'Perpetual Sunrise of Mara'
  • Description – Same layout as the Beldama Coven and the Glenmoril Coven.
  • Notes – This coven can be fairly easily discovered by using dungeon maps. Antiphyllos houses only 9 dungeons, coven included, so there is a high chance that the second dungeon map you get or find will already reveal the coven's location.

The Glenmoril Witches[edit]

The Glenmoril Coven

The Glenmoril Coven
  • LocationIlessan Hills, 1 cell west and 4 cells north of 'Old Chrystausa's Place'.
  • Description – Same layout as the Beldama Coven and the Coven of the Dust.
  • Notes – Although the game displays it as being the Glenmorial Coven, this is a mistake which has been fixed by the Hackfall unofficial patch.

The Mountain Witches[edit]

The Coven of the Peaks

Coven of the Peaks on a winter day
  • LocationDragontail Mountains, most southeastern part, 2 cells north and 3 cells west of the Baircte Farmstead
  • Description – Three women swaying their magical staff in a semi-circle of giant rocks. In the center of the group is the beldam.

The Sisters of Kykos[edit]

The Kykos Coven

The Kykos Coven

  • LocationDak'fron, southwest Central, About 8 cells straight north from Old Faelpga's Hovel. If you discover The Ruins Of Lerd Manor along the way, your on the right track. The coven is about 3 cells north of that.
  • Description – There are two large grey statues in a marsh like landscape. North of them stand two spear wielding women. Near the statues are two staff swaying women and two kneeling women. The beldam stands between the two statues.
  • Notes – You can also obtain the location of the Kykos Coven by taking a Nobles Quest to deliver a holy relic. No matter in which region of the Iliac Bay you are, you'll get the location of the Kykos Coven.

The Sisters of The Bluff[edit]

The Coven on The Bluff

Coven on The Bluff on a winter morning
  • LocationDaggerfall, 2 cells directly south of 'Burning Martyr of Kynareth' on the west coast of Daggerfall.
  • Description – This coven consists simply of the beldam standing beside an altar - no followers.

The Skeffington Witches[edit]

The Skeffington Coven

The Skeffington Coven
  • LocationPhrygias, south central region near the border, 1 cell due west of Old Barbyn's Farm.
  • Description – Inside a circle of stones; the beldam stands next to four dancers.

The Tamarilyn Witches[edit]

The Tamarilyn Coven

The Tamarylin Coven
  • LocationMenevia, 1 cell north and 3 cells west of 'Hawkton Court'
  • Description – A circle of seven dancing girls on a clearing, and in the center of the circle is the beldam

The Tide Witches[edit]

Coven of the Tide

The Coven of the Tide

  • LocationMyrkwasa, Central, 1 cell directly southeast of Rhanotujer, or 1 cell northeast of Thofyl Manor.
  • Description – A circle of four spear wielding women on a clearing of palms, and in the center of the circle is the beldam.

The Witches of Alcaire[edit]

The Alcaire Coven on a winter morning

The Alcaire Coven

  • LocationAlcaire, 1 cell south and 2 cells east of Ashsmith Plantation.
  • Description – The beldam stands alone within a circle of shrubs on a clearing.

The Witches of Devilrock[edit]

The Devilrock Coven

The Devilrock Coven on a winter morning
  • LocationDragontail Mountains, north seacoast, 1 cell north and about 11 cells east of 'The Unfortunate Goblin Tavern'.
  • Description – An outer circle of nine spear-wielding women guard outside; inside is a second circle of four kneeling women surrounding the beldam.

The Witches of the Marsh[edit]

Coven in the Marsh

The Coven in the Marsh

  • LocationAlik'r Desert, Travel 1 cell north and 2 cells west of 'Gentle Star of Stendarr' and you will discover 'The Web of Trogdred' dungeon, and the coven is 2 cells west of that.
  • Description – The beldam stands without company within an ample marsh.

In-house covens[edit]

As stated above, these are not real covens but are available due to a bug. They consist in a house inhabited by a man who has incorrectly been assigned the Glenmoril Witches faction id. Therefore he can summon Hircine and he offers the standard coven quests, upon completion of which you earn reputation with the Glenmoril Coven.


Town of Arkdale

  • Location – Anticlere, Town of Arkdale, the building in the southwest corner (see Longing)
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise


Location of the first Coven of Daggerfall City

Daggerfall City #1

  • Location – Daggerfall City, in the southeast corner just south of the pawn shop
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise
Location of the second Coven of Daggerfall City

Daggerfall City #2

  • Location – Daggerfall City, just opposite the Thieves Guild
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise
Location of the Coven at the City of Oxway

City of Oxway

  • Location – City of Oxway, near the Mages Guild
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise
Location of the Coven at the Town of Eastwick

Town of Eastwick

  • Location – Town of Eastwick, just south of the Fighters Guild
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise

Town of Vanham Wood

  • Location – Town of Vanham Wood, just south of the Fighters Guild (see Eastwick)
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise
Location of the Coven at the Town of Longing

Town of Longing

  • Location – Town of Longing, the building in the southwest corner
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise
Location of the Coven at The Mouse and Jug Tavern

Mouse and Jug Tavern

  • Location – The Mouse and Jug Tavern, in a normal residence.
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise
Location of the Coven at Gothway Garden

Coven at Gothway Garden

  • Location – Daggerfall, Gothway Garden, in a normal residence.
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise


Town of Pheonadla

  • Location – Town of Pheonadla, the building in the southwest corner (see Longing)
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise

Town of Rhanascuja

  • Location – Town of Rhanascuja, the building in the southwest corner (see Longing)
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise

Orsinium Area[edit]

Location of the Coven at the Town of Midpath Hill

Town of Midpath Hill

  • Location – Town of Midpath Hill, there is a circle of houses and the coven is in the house at one o'clock
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise


Location of the Coven at the City of Easttale

City of Easttale

  • Location – City of Easttale, a little southeast of the Mages Guild
  • Notes – He is only present from 06:00 to 18:00; entry door is locked otherwise


City of Graybrone Court

  • Location - City of Graybrone Court, ine a "House for Sale" located directly south of two Armories next to each other on the far west and north side near the city wall. Sticks out since it is brown with wood paneling and the other houses nearby are white.
  • Notes - He is only present from 09:00 to 21:00; entry door is locked otherwise

Coven Coordinates[edit]

Even when one knows the approximate location of a coven it is still very hard to find it. Since the Iliac Bay has an enormous dimension, a small place like a coven can be considered as one grain of sand in a dune. To make it even easier to find a specific coven in this vast landscape without using a cheat, following table shows the exact coordinates of the Covens on the world map. In Daggerfall Unity you can use the "tdbg" console command to see your current coordinates.

Coven Region x-Coordinate y-Coordinate z-Coordinate
The Beldama Coven Daenia 14204881 12537605 -400
The Daggerfall Coven Shalgora 9977593 10014720 -400
The Wroth Coven Wrothgarian Mountains 12631807 28758015 -1440
The Coven of the Dust Antiphyllos 2342962 14667524 -200
The Glenmoril Coven Ilessan Hills 13713425 10243856 -400
The Coven of the Peaks Dragontail Mountains 540412 31707133 -2440
The Kykos Coven Dak'fron 507971 16599705 -360
The Coven on The Bluff Daggerfall 10108673 3198971 -400
The Skeffington Coven Phrygias 16203723 17420140 -640
The Tamarilyn Coven Menevia 9486128 25775884 -1660
The Coven of the Tide Myrkwasa 2506497 9523193 -400
The Alcaire Coven Alcaire 12959486 23089156 -560
The Devilrock Coven Dragontail Mountains 7127106 20401999 -1040
The Coven in the Marsh Alik'r Desert 2440958 12144640 -160

Summoning Daedra[edit]

Summoning daedra in a witch coven is slightly different than summoning in a Temple or a Mages Guild. Covens will only summon a random daedra, no matter what the summoning day is — useful if you just missed a summoning day for a daedra and don't want to wait for a whole year.

The Glenmoril Witches in Ilessan Hills summon Hircine - as does any coven in cities and the witch appearing during the artifact quest. Going to any of these covens on the numerous so-called "summoning days" will prove the only daedra the Glenmoril Coven will summon is Hircine, no matter whose day it is.

However, there is a slight possibility for Sheogorath to replace the daedra to summon, even with the Glenmoril Witches.

Unlike at guilds, a failed summoning will result in waves of daedric foes coming after you.

Cost of Summoning Daedra and Success[edit]

See Daedra Summoning

Coven Location Cheat[edit]

If you are running patch 2.12 or later and have cheats enabled (by adding cheatmode 1 to Z.CFG), press CTRL-F1 while not on the map screen. When you then go into the map screen, all the fast travel locations will be visible. Witches' Covens will show up as black dots—select "Dungeons" to make them easier to see. Not all provinces have covens. You can hit CTRL-F1 again to restore the map to only the destinations you have come across "naturally".


General Quests and Information
Quest Name Quest Text Description Reputation Required
The Libel We would use thee to find a perfidious document circulated by our enemies... Retrieve a document for one of the witch covens. Any
Public Relation The (witch coven) actually could use thy assistance in a most absurd and yet serious matter... Escort a child back home to preserve the Coven's reputation. Any
A Special Mixture (Witch Coven) have been contacted by the Mages Guild and asked about a special potion, a very sacred formula much desired in (region)... Deliver a special potion to a local Mages Guild. Any
Problems with Vampires We have a potential problem I fear. A vampire ancient hateful of witches hath moved into an abandoned castle in our territory... Slay a Vampire Ancient for a witch coven. Any
The Imprisoned Witch Our sister has been in imprisoned. We need someone like thee to rescue her... Free and rescue an imprisoned witch. Any
A Rare Tome Yes, as a matter of fact, thou could help us.... We are an isolated coven, viewed with fear and hostility... Obtain a rare tome for a witch coven. Any
A Treacherous Gift Thou wouldst help (witch coven)? Many come to us for aid, and then turn from us... Deliver a treacherous gift to a character in a local town. Between 1 and 9 reputation
A Great Errand If thou wisheth the help of the (witch coven), first thou must help us. Will thou bring us the three ingredients we need to complete our brew... Collect some ingredients from three local dungeons. 10 reputation or more
An Expensive Purchase Thou art friend to (witch coven), this we know. But to help thee, a spell must be woven... Buy a magic item for a witch coven from a character in a local town. 20 reputation or more
The Daedra's Heart We require a heart of a daedra for our spellcraft but the heart must be recently plucked and by thou... Retrieve the heart of a daedra living in a local dungeon. Between 40 and 49 reputation