Daggerfall:The Daedra's Heart

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Retrieve the heart of a daedra living in a local dungeon.
Location(s): Any beldam of a witch coven
Reward: 1 malachite
Reputation Gain: Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: q0c4xy04
Required Reputation: 40-49 reputation
Difficulty: Hard
Rip out the heart of a daedra

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the beldam of a witch coven.
  2. Head to the specified dungeon.
  3. Dispose of any daedra you encounter.
  4. Retrieve the heart from the daedra's body.
  5. Return to the beldam within the time limit and collect your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Take the heart from the blazing fire daedra...
...the frigid frost daedra...
...the shapeshifting, spellcasting daedra seducer...
...or the vicious daedroth

Heart Desires[edit]

The Beldam says:

"(Witch coven) must once again call on thy kindness and might. We require a heart of a daedra for our spellcraft but the heart must be recently plucked and by thou. Wilt thou find and murder a daedra for your dear aunts?"


The Beldam goes on:

"The Goddess smiles on us, (player's name), for there is a dungeon near that has a daedric infestation. Any daedra heart will do but that of a Lord, for theirs is putrid with worms. Go thou to (dungeon), (player's name), slay for us a daedra and bring it before the sun sets (time limit) days."


The Beldam answers:

"No? Oh, sorrowful night."

Procuring the Heart[edit]

Head to the dungeon which was mentioned. Once you enter it, you will be attacked by fire daedra, frost daedra, daedra seducers, and daedroths from time to time, in addition to the random dungeon monsters who are already present. Kill any of the daedra and collect the heart from its body. When you pick up the heart, the following message pops up:

You pluck a perfect heart from the still-quivering corpse.

Once you have the heart, the attacks from the daedra will stop. Return to the beldam and give her the daedra's heart to collect your reward.


Your reward, a malachite

When you give the Daedra's heart to the beldam, she will say:

"Look, see how it still steams and beats in (player's name)'s bloody hand! Into the brackish soup it goes, before it loses heat. Ah, (player's name), take thee this (malachite) for thy trouble. Thou art good to us poor witches."

Reputation Gain/Loss[edit]

A successfully completed quest results in a reputation gain according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Witch Coven +5

A failed quest (time limit expired) results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Witch Coven -2


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • 5x One Fire Daedra every eighteen in-game minutes (25% chance) until you have a daedra's heart
  • 6x One Frost Daedra every twenty in-game minutes (30% chance) until you have a daedra's heart
  • 7x One Daedra Seducer every fifteen in-game minutes (10% chance) until you have a daedra's heart
  • 5x One Daedroth every twelve in-game minutes (20% chance) until you have a daedra's heart

DF-creature-Fire Daedra.gif DF-creature-Frost Daedra.gif DF-creature-Daedra Seducer.gif DF-creature-Daedroth.gif


  • The daedra will not stop appearing after you have taken the heart. In certain circumstances, this can cause the game to not recognize the heart you took as a valid quest item; only the heart from the daedra that appeared most recently will be recognized by the quest giver.
    • This bug is fixed by DFQFIX; the daedra stop appearing once you take a heart, thus preventing the issue.

Additional Dialogue[edit]

If you ask an NPC about the witch, you may hear:

  • "(Witch's name) is a (witch's description) and one of (witch coven)."
  • "She's one of the witches who makes her home in (region)."

If you ask an NPC about the dungeon, you may be told:

  • "I heard that (dungeon) is a vampire lair."
  • "The night folk live in (dungeon). They never come out in the day."
  • "(Dungeon)? Isn't that an orc stronghold?"
  • "Undead wander the halls of (dungeon). I'd stay away from it."

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "þThe daedra of ___mondung_ must be up to something. What a congregation!

ÿ%god has cursed us. Why else would the daedra have fallen on ___mondung_? If you fail the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "þPraise %god, the daedra have left ___mondung_. I couldn't sleep for nights!

ÿThe daedra left ___mondung_ as mysteriously as they arrived. Good riddance I say. If you successfully complete the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "þWhen the stars darken like last night, it is to mark the death of a daedra.

ÿDid you hear music in the woods last night? The witches must be celebrating. If you successfully complete the quest, the quest giver may later greet you with:

  • "þFriend to the ==questgiver_, how goes it with thee and thy _reward_?

If you failed the quest, the quest giver will greet you with:

  • "þWe had hoped for a heart for our stew, %pcf. If thou wert too busy, thou should have told us. Plans were made that had to be destroyed. Thou art our friend, but still ... sad are we.

Quest Log[edit]

The Daedra's Heart (q0c4xy04)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): (Witch's name) of (witch coven) has sent me to (dungeon) to take the heart of a daedra from any seducer, daedroth, fire, or frost daedra I come across. The heart must be back in (outdoor coven/town) in (time limit) days or less.