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Before something strikes you, whether it be a spell, an arrow, or the business end of a claymore, your Dodging skill is automatically checked to see if the blow strikes home. Shield spells and good armor are excellent defenses, but the first and best defense is avoidance. And dodging is just that.

Dodging's governing attribute is Speed.

However, even in the latest official game version (1.07.213), the Dodging skill is bugged, and actually decreases the player's chance to hit by (skill / 4)%. (This bug is fixed in Daggerfall Unity.)


"Dodging is a skill checked before one is struck by an enemy's weapon or spell."


The following classes have Dodging as a skill:


The following factions have Dodging as a required skill:


Dodging training is offered by the following factions:


  • As of the latest patch (v1.07.213), this skill is bugged and will actually decrease your chance to hit by (skill / 4)%.
    • This bug is fixed in Daggerfall Unity, such that Dodging helps you evade attacks on the basis of (skill / 4)%.