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Opening Hours 09:00 - 21:00
Buys Books (including the Oghma Infinium)
Sells Books

A bookstore is a store where you can buy and sell books. To select an item for buying, you must click on one of the store's shelves with the cursor.

Store Locations[edit]

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Region City Quality Name
Abibon-Gora Abibon-gora Best Andyn's Bookshop
Abibon-Gora Tsetono Best Alabyn's Quality Books
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Poor Lady Uthynak's Bookstall
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Best The Odd Bookshop
Alik'r Desert Anteliiga Average First Class Book Center
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom Poor The Emperor's Bookshop
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Average Agrard's Quality Book Center
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Good The Lord's Books
Alik'r Desert Isfunnusa Good The Champion Book Dealer
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Average Alabyctor's Incunabula
Alik'r Desert Mettula Average The Adventurer's Bookshop
Alik'r Desert Mettula Best Mettula's Best Bookstore
Alik'r Desert Mettula Best The Lord's Bookstore
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn Good Lady Andastyr's Book Dealer
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Poor Lady Rodistyr's Incunabula
Alik'r Desert Rhogila Average Vintage Bookstore
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Poor The Essential Bookstore
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Best Tsetissiara's Best Bookstall
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Poor Vintage Bookstore
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Good The Lady's Bookshop
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Poor Agrywyr's General Book Dealer
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Average The Adventurer's Books
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Good The Essential Books
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Poor Antyphyllos [sic]|'s Best Bookseller
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Average The Emperor's Bookstore
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos Poor The Essential Bookcenter
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Average The Essential Bookshop
Antiphyllos Jalallaara Best Peroryan's General Bookshop
Daggerfall Aldingwall Best Perywyr's Incunabula
Daggerfall Aldingwall Best Lord Theodoryan's Bookstore
Daggerfall Aldingwall Average Andane's Bookstall
Daggerfall Aldingwall Poor The Emperor's Bookstall
Daggerfall Arkhope Average Lord Edwyn's Incunabula
Daggerfall Baelwick Worst Lady Edwistair's Book Center
Daggerfall Blackfort Worst Lady Tristywyr's Books
Daggerfall Burgtry Commons Average The Essential Incunabula
Daggerfall Burgwall Average Bargain Bookstall
Daggerfall Burgwall Poor Vintage Books
Daggerfall Burgwall Good Vintage Bookseller
Daggerfall Cathleigh Average The Emperor's Bookseller
Daggerfall Charenborne Poor The Adventurer's Bookstore
Daggerfall Charentown Worst Vintage Bookstall
Daggerfall Charentown Average Gondyrick's Bookseller
Daggerfall Charing Average First Class Bookseller
Daggerfall Charing Average Bargain Bookseller
Daggerfall Charway Rock Worst The Emperor's Bookstall
Daggerfall Chesterwark Poor The Adventurer's Incunabula
Daggerfall Chesterwark Poor Lady Dunyctor's Bookstall
Daggerfall Cromfort Good Doctor Agryval's Bookstore
Daggerfall Cromfort Average First Class Bookseller
Daggerfall Cromwell Good Lady Dunywyr's Incunabula
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Average Gondyctor's General Bookstore
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Poor Lady Gondard's Bookstall
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Good Vintage Bookseller
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Average The King's Books
Daggerfall Crossborne Good Lady Bedyval's Bookstall
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Poor The Adventurer's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Average The King's Books
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Good Bargain Bookstore
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Good The Superior Bookstall
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Best The King's Books
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Average Doctor Gondastyr's Bookseller
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Good The King's Bookstall
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Average The Adventurer's Books
Daggerfall Gothgate Average Edwynak's General Books
Daggerfall Gothwick Poor The Emperor's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Gothwick Good Lady Agrane's Bookstore
Daggerfall Grimfort Good The Adventurer's Books
Daggerfall Grimfort Average Doctor Uthynak's Incunabula
Daggerfall Grimfort Poor Rodyn's Books
Daggerfall Horidge Worst The Emperor's Book Center
Daggerfall Horwell Poor Doctor Edwore's Incunabula
Daggerfall Ipshead Poor The Emperor's Books
Daggerfall Ipshead Best Ipshead's Best Book Center
Daggerfall Ipshead Poor The Essential Book Center
Daggerfall Ipsworth Field Poor The Odd Bookstall
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Average The King's Bookshop
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Poor Kirkcart Wood Book Center
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Poor The King's Book Center
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Good Gondoryan's Finest Bookstore
Daggerfall Kirkley Average Gondore's Quality Book Center
Daggerfall Kirkley Average The Superior Book Dealer
Daggerfall Knightsham Average The King's Bookseller
Daggerfall Knightsham Average Lady Edworyan's Incunabula
Daggerfall Knightstown Poor The Emperor's Books
Daggerfall Knightstown Good The King's Incunabula
Daggerfall Knightstown Good The King's Bookstall
Daggerfall Knightstown Average Rodywyr's Incunabula
Daggerfall Longgate Best Doctor Dunyval's Books
Daggerfall Longmoth Best Bargain Books
Daggerfall Longmoth Good The Adventurer's Bookstall
Daggerfall Longtown Poor The Champion Book Dealer
Daggerfall Longtown Poor Longtown Book Center
Daggerfall Longtown Average The Champion Bookshop
Daggerfall Longtry Field Best The King's Bookseller
Daggerfall Longtry Field Good The Champion Incunabula
Daggerfall Longtry Field Good Uthyn's General Bookseller
Daggerfall Longwark Average The Adventurer's Bookseller
Daggerfall Longwark Worst Lady Gondyctor's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Mercester Average Mercester's Best Book Center
Daggerfall Mercester Good Gondyval's Bookseller
Daggerfall Mercester Good The Adventurer's Bookstall
Daggerfall Mercester Average Vintage Book Dealer
Daggerfall Mertower Average Bargain Bookstore
Daggerfall Midbeth Good Midbeth's Best Bookstall
Daggerfall Midbury Average Gondistyr's Finest Incunabula
Daggerfall Midbury Average The Odd Books
Daggerfall Midbury Good Lady Edwywyr's Book Center
Daggerfall Midbury Average The Adventurer's Bookshop
Daggerfall Midbury Best Lady Theodyctor's Bookshop
Daggerfall Midmarket Rock Good First Class Incunabula
Daggerfall Midwick Worst The Emperor's Bookseller
Daggerfall Newcester Best The Superior Bookseller
Daggerfall Newcester Good The Champion Books
Daggerfall Newcester Average The Odd Books
Daggerfall Newtower Poor Rodore's Books
Daggerfall Newtower Worst Edwyn's Quality Books
Daggerfall Oxwick Average The Essential Book Center
Daggerfall Oxwick Poor Lady Rodistair's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Oxwick Worst The Emperor's Incunabula
Daggerfall Oxwick Best Uthyval's Finest Bookstore
Daggerfall Penbrugh Best The Emperor's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Pentale Commons Poor The Champion Books
Daggerfall Pentale Commons Good Pentale Commons's Best Incunabula
Daggerfall Pentale Commons Good The Essential Bookshop
Daggerfall Pentale Commons Worst Lady Bedyctor's Books
Daggerfall Reyford Best Tristyctor's Finest Bookshop
Daggerfall Reyford Best Reyford's Best Incunabula
Daggerfall Reyford Best Reyford's Best Bookshop
Daggerfall Ripmarket Best Vintage Book Dealer
Daggerfall Ripmarket Poor Doctor Mordistair's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Ripmarket Average The Superior Bookstore
Daggerfall Ripmarket Average Theodistyr's General Book Dealer
Daggerfall Ripmore Best The Superior Bookstall
Daggerfall Ripmore Average Gondore's Incunabula
Daggerfall Ripwych Good The King's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Singcroft Poor First Class Bookshop
Daggerfall Singmoth Poor The King's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Singmoth Average Vintage Book Dealer
Daggerfall Singmoth Average The Superior Bookshop
Daggerfall Singmoth Poor The Adventurer's Bookstore
Daggerfall Singwark Worst Singwark's Best Bookseller
Daggerfall Stokworth Poor Tristastyr's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Stokworth Average Stokworth Books
Daggerfall Stokworth Average Bargain Book Dealer
Daggerfall Stokworth Poor Bargain Bookseller
Daggerfall Stokworth Good The Emperor's Incunabula
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Average Lord Gondistyr's Incunabula
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Good Doctor Tristywyr's Incunabula
Daggerfall Tunton Average The King's Bookshop
Daggerfall Tuntower Worst Lord Rodastyr's Bookstore
Daggerfall Uptower Moor Poor Uptower Moor Incunabula
Daggerfall Vancroft Wood Worst The King's Bookstore
Daggerfall Vancroft Wood Best Vintage Incunabula
Daggerfall Vanmarket Poor Alabyctor's Garments
Daggerfall Vanmarket Poor Andore's Finest Apparel
Daggerfall Westhead Moor Poor Lady Mordyrick's Book Dealer
Daggerfall Westhead Moor Average The Odd Book Dealer
Daggerfall Westhead Moor Good Bargain Book Center
Daggerfall Whiteborne Poor First Class Book Center
Daggerfall Whiteborne Average The King's Incunabula
Daggerfall Wilderford Good The Champion Book Center
Daggerfall Wilderford Average Bedistyr's Quality Bookshop
Daggerfall Wildertown Poor Agristair's General Bookshop
Daggerfall Wildertown Good The Odd Book Dealer
Daggerfall Wildertry Good The Essential Book Center
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Average The Emperor's Bookstall
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Good The Superior Book Dealer
Kozanset Kozanset Poor Gondyctor's Quality Book Dealer
Kozanset Kozanset Best Lord Gondard's Books
Kozanset Kozanset Best Rodore's Finest Bookshop
Kozanset Kozanset Average The Champion Bookseller
Menevia Aldingbury Best Edwynak's Bookstall
Menevia Aldingbury Best Uthistair's Quality Lyceum
Menevia Baelbrone Best The Essential Bookseller
Menevia Menevia City Best Bargain Bookstore
Santaki Santaki City Best The Odd Book
Sentinel Akhahanu Average Lady Perynak's Bookshop
Sentinel Khajoharet Average Doctor Tristyval's Bookstall
Sentinel Khajoharet Best Alabane's Finest Books
Shalgora Baellech Average Bargain Bookshop
Shalgora Baellech Poor The Essential Bookstall
Shalgora Baellech Best The Superior Bookstore
Shalgora Charidge Best First Class Bookseller
Shalgora Charidge Average Alabyn's Book Center
Shalgora Charidge Average Alabore's Quality Incunabula
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Good Vintage Bookshop
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Average Lord Dunastyr's Bookseller
Shalgora Gothton Average Bargain Book Center
Shalgora Horwood Borough Best Doctor Tristastyr's Book Center
Shalgora Horwood Borough Good Peryctor's Finest Book Dealer
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Good Vintage Bookstall
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Good Edwistyr's Incunabula
Shalgora Shalgora City Poor The Emperor's Book Center
Shalgora Shalgora City Good Vintage Book Center
Shalgora Shalgora City Good Lord Uthistair's Incunabula
Shalgora Shalgora City Good The Count's Book Center
Shalgora Shalgora City Average The Odd Book Center
Shalgora Shalgora City Best Perastyr's Quality Bookseller
Shalgora Shalgora City Best Lord Theodyn's Bookstall
Shalgora Tammarket Worst Alabistyr's General Book Dealer
Shalgora Westwell Good Westwell Book Center
Shalgora Westwell Poor First Class Bookseller
Shalgora Westwell Average The Emperor's Book Center
Tulune Aldville Worst Doctor Agryrick's Bookshop
Tulune Arkcart Average Vintage Bookseller
Tulune Knightspath Poor Lord Bedistair's Bookseller
Tulune Knightspath Worst Bedore's General Bookshop
Tulune Tulune City Good Dunistair's Finest Books
Tulune Tulune City Good Bargain Books
Tulune Tulune City Poor Doctor Agristair's Book Dealer
Tulune Westwall Best The Superior Incunabula
Tulune Westwall Average The Emperor's Book Dealer
Tulune Wilderwold Good Doctor Theodane's Bookseller
Tulune Wilderwold Poor The Baroness's Bookstore
Wayrest Merhope Hall Average The King's Seminary
Wayrest Merhope Hall Good Bargain Bookstall
Wayrest Merhope Hall Best Adventurer's Book Dealer
Wayrest Merhope Hall Best Lord Theodyval's Books
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Poor Champion Bookstall

Bookstore Map Blocks[edit]

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