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DF-sign-Gem Store.png
Gem Stores
Opening Hours 09:00 - 18:00
Buys Jewelry, wands (including magical jewelry and wands))
Sells Jewelry, wands

Gem stores are shops where you can buy and sell all kinds of jewelry, including gems which can be used in potion making, as well as wands. Gem stores will also buy enchanted jewelry and wands, although they will never sell such items. To select an item for purchase, you must click on one of the store's shelves with the cursor.

Store Locations[edit]

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Region City Quality Name
Abibon-Gora Penazar Best Bargain Jewelry
Abibon-Gora Rhaniriza Best The Emperor's Gemstones
Abibon-Gora Umbaus Worst Lady Uthistair's Gemcutter
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra Good Gondastyr's Jewelers
Alik'r Desert Anteliiga Average Lady Theodane's Bijoutry
Alik'r Desert Bi-Korom Average The Odd Jewelry Shop
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom Good Lady Andyn's Precious Stones
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom Good The Essential Bijoutry
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Good Bargain Jewel Box [1]
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Good Bargain Jewel Box [2]
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea Average The Adventurer's Gemstones
Alik'r Desert Javenia Worst The Superior Gems
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Poor Doctor Uthistair's Precious Stones
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Best Kaloguja Jewelry
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja Average Kaloguja's Best Gems
Alik'r Desert Mogandaton Good Gondyn's Jewelry Shop
Alik'r Desert Mogandaton Best The Odd Jewel Box
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn Best Lady Agrane's Jewels
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn Average The Adventurer's Gemcutter
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara Average The Superior Gems
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Poor Doctor Edwyctor's Jewelry
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Poor First Class Jewelers
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Average The Essential Gemcutter
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Best Theodyctor's Quality Bijoutry
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Best Lady Peristair's Gems
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons Average Dunard's Finest Gemstones
Daggerfall Aldfort Hill Poor The King's Gems
Daggerfall Aldfort Hill Best Doctor Rodastyr's Jewelers
Daggerfall Aldfort Hill Worst The Odd Bijoutry
Daggerfall Aldingford Average The Superior Gemstones
Daggerfall Aldingwall Best Bedore's Gemcutter
Daggerfall Aldingwark Average The Odd Jewelers
Daggerfall Aldingwich Average The Champion Gems
Daggerfall Arkhope Poor Lord Gondyrak's Jewels
Daggerfall Arkhope Poor Mordane's Jewels
Daggerfall Baelmoth Best Vintage Jewelry
Daggerfall Baelmoth Good Baelmoth Jewels
Daggerfall Baelmoth Best Alabore's Quality Gems
Daggerfall Baelmoth Poor Baelmoth Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Blackway Wood Average Lady Agristair's Gems
Daggerfall Broadmont Wood Average Uthard's General Gems
Daggerfall Burgcester Best Burgcester's Best Jewelers
Daggerfall Burgtown Average Bargain Jewelry
Daggerfall Burgtry Good Tristyrick's Jewels
Daggerfall Burgwall Poor Burgwall's Best Jewels
Daggerfall Burgwall Good The King's Bijoutry
Daggerfall Burgwall Good Doctor Alabard's Gemstones
Daggerfall Burgwall Best Vintage Jewelers
Daggerfall Burgwall Best Doctor Rodistair's Jewelry
Daggerfall Burgwall Poor The Superior Gems
Daggerfall Burgwall Best Burgwall's Best Jewelers
Daggerfall Burgwall Average Gondyctor's Jewels
Daggerfall Burgwall Best The Essential Bijoutry
Daggerfall Burgwall Good Burgwall's Best Gems
Daggerfall Burgwall Best The Champion Jewels
Daggerfall Burgwall Good Alabynak's Quality Jewelers
Daggerfall Charenbridge Field Poor Edwyrick's Finest Gems
Daggerfall Charenbridge Field Average First Class Jewelers
Daggerfall Charentown Poor The Adventurer's Gemstones
Daggerfall Charing Poor Charing's Best Gemstones
Daggerfall Charing Poor The Odd Bijoutry
Daggerfall Charing Poor Lord Dunistair's Gemstones
Daggerfall Charton Average Mordastyr's Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Charton Best The Champion Gemstones
Daggerfall Charton Best Edwastyr's Gemcutter
Daggerfall Charton Average The Odd Jewelry
Daggerfall Charton Average The Adventurer's Bijoutry
Daggerfall Charton Average Alabistyr's Jewelers
Daggerfall Chesterwark Best Doctor Mordoryan's Precious Stones
Daggerfall Chesterwick Hamlet Average Doctor Dunistyr's Jewel Box
Daggerfall Chesterwick Hamlet Poor The Adventurer's Gemcutter
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Good The Adventurer's Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Best The Emperor's Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Cromwych Hill Good The Emperor's Precious Stones
Daggerfall Crossmont Worst Crossmont's Best Jewelers
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Average Lady Andywyr's Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Average The Odd Bijoutry
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Best The Emperor's Jewelers
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Poor The Champion Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Best Mordyrick's Finest Gemcutter
Daggerfall Deerbridge Hollow Best The Emperor's Gemcutter
Daggerfall Deerwark Good Agryctor's General Gemcutter
Daggerfall Eastwick Poor Bargain Bijoutry
Daggerfall Gothwick Poor Gothwick Bijoutry
Daggerfall Grimwych Average Gondore's Finest Gemstones
Daggerfall Holham Average Rodyrick's General Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Holham Poor Holham's Best Gemcutter
Daggerfall Holmarket Good Holmarket Gemstones
Daggerfall Hortale Worst The Superior Jewel Box
Daggerfall Ipstale Poor The Essential Jewelers
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Poor Andoryan's Jewels
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Poor Tristore's Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Best Bargain Jewelry
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Average The Superior Precious Stones
Daggerfall Kirkcart Wood Average Kirkcart Wood's Best Precious Stones
Daggerfall Knightstown Average The Champion Jewel Box
Daggerfall Knightstown Average First Class Bijoutry
Daggerfall Longbury Poor Longbury Bijoutry
Daggerfall Longgate Average Longgate Bijoutry
Daggerfall Longtown Good Lord Mordistair's Precious Stones
Daggerfall Longwark Good The Essential Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Mercester Good Rodastyr's General Gemstones
Daggerfall Mercester Good Lord Tristoryan's Bijoutry
Daggerfall Mercester Poor Vintage Jewelers
Daggerfall Mercester Poor First Class Jewels
Daggerfall Merham Heath Best Mordistair's General Jewelry
Daggerfall Midbury Average Doctor Mordyrick's Jewelers
Daggerfall Midbury Poor Lord Uthyval's Gems
Daggerfall Midbury Poor First Class Gemcutter
Daggerfall Midham Poor Lord Mordane's Jewelers
Daggerfall Newtower Average The Superior Jewel Box
Daggerfall Oxham Field Average The Emperor's Bijoutry
Daggerfall Penbury Garden Best The Odd Jewel Box
Daggerfall Penwold Average Theodywyr's Jewels
Daggerfall Reywich Average The Adventurer's Jewelers
Daggerfall Ripleigh Best The Superior Gemstones
Daggerfall Ripmarket Average Doctor Mordore's Gemstones
Daggerfall Ripmarket Poor The Superior Bijoutry
Daggerfall Ripmarket Average The Odd Gemstones
Daggerfall Ripmore Average Tristastyr's Jewels
Daggerfall Singbridge Best Lord Mordyval's Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Singcroft Best Vintage Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Singcroft Best Lady Uthoryan's Bijoutry
Daggerfall Singcroft Good Bedoryan's Quality Gemcutter
Daggerfall Singcroft Good Lady Dunore's Jewels
Daggerfall Stokworth Poor The Odd Jewels
Daggerfall Tamway Moor Average The Essential Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Average The Odd Gemstones
Daggerfall Tunbeth Hamlet Poor Tunbeth Hamlet's Best Jewelry
Daggerfall Tunmoth Good The Superior Jewels
Daggerfall Vanvale Worst The Superior Jewelers
Daggerfall Waridge Moor Worst Mordyctor's Finest Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Westhead Moor Poor The Emperor's Gemcutter
Daggerfall Whiteham Poor The Adventurer's Gemstones
Daggerfall Whiteham Good Whiteham Gemstones
Daggerfall Whitewich Average The King's Jewel Box
Daggerfall Whitewich Best Alabynak's Gemcutter
Daggerfall Whitewich Poor Whitewich's Best Jewels
Daggerfall Whitewood Borough Average Whitewood Borough's Best Precious Stones
Daggerfall Whitewood Borough Poor The Odd Gems
Daggerfall Wilderford Average The Adventurer's Gemcutter
Daggerfall Wildertown Poor Vintage Precious Stones
Daggerfall Wildertown Average Bargain Precious Stones
Daggerfall Wildertown Good The Champion Jewelry Shop
Daggerfall Wildertry Average The Essential Bijoutry
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Average Bedastyr's Quality Jewels
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Best Peryn's Quality Jewelers
Isle of Balfiera Blackhead Worst Alabistyr's Finest Jewels
Isle of Balfiera Blackhead Best Blackhead's Best Gems
Isle of Balfiera Blackhead Worst Blackhead's Best Jewels
Kozanset Kozanset Poor Andyn's Gemstones
Kozanset Kozanset Poor Doctor Gondyrick's Jewelry Shop
Kozanset Kozanset Poor Kozanset's Best Jewels
Kozanset Kozanset Average The Adventurer's Gems
Kozanset Punnuzar Poor Bedore's Gems
Kozanset Punnuzar Good The Baroness's Gemstones
Menevia Baelbrone Best First Class Jewelry
Menevia Baelbrone Best The Essential Jewelers
Menevia Menevia City Best Menevia's Best Precious Stones
Santaki Santaki City Average Santaki Jewels
Santaki Santaki City Average The Adventurer's Jewelry Shop
Santaki Santaki City Good The Emperor's Precious Gems
Sentinel Akhahanu Good The Superior Bijoutry
Sentinel Khajoharet Good Bedistyr's Jewels
Sentinel Khajoharet Best Bargain Gemstones
Sentinel Khajoharet Best Doctor Edward's Gemstones
Shalgora Baellech Good The Superior Jewelry
Shalgora Baellech Good Lord Bedyn's Gemstones
Shalgora Broadcart Average The Champion Gemstones
Shalgora Charidge Poor Charidge's Best Jewels
Shalgora Charidge Average The Superior Bijoutry
Shalgora Charidge Good Agroryan's Quality Precious Stones
Shalgora Chesterborne Average Andard's Finest Gemcutter
Shalgora Chestertown Average The Essential Bijoutry
Shalgora Deermore Average Gondyctor's Precious Stones
Shalgora Deermore Poor Tristard's General Gems
Shalgora Deermore Average Andard's Finest Gemstones
Shalgora Deermore Average Vintage Gemstones
Shalgora Deermore Average Lady Theodane's Jewelry Shop
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Good The Emperor's Precious Stones
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Poor Edwyn's General Precious Stones
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Best Agryrick's Finest Jewelry Shop
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Good Mordoryan's Finest Jewelry Shop
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Average Easttower Hollow Gemstones
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Average Easttower Hollow's Best Jewelry
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Average Mordard's Quality Jewelry Shop
Shalgora Easttower Hollow Good Vintage Jewelers
Shalgora Holwall Poor Tristoryan's General Gemcutter
Shalgora Horwood Borough Average The Champion Jewel Box
Shalgora Horwood Borough Best Bargain Gemstones
Shalgora Horwood Borough Average The Emperor's Precious Stones
Shalgora Horwood Borough Average Vintage Gems
Shalgora Horwood Borough Average Horwood Borough Bijoutry
Shalgora Horwood Borough Good Horwood Borough's Best Gemstones
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Good Vintage Jewelry Shop
Shalgora Kirkbrugh Best The Emperor's Gems
Shalgora Shalgora City Good The Champion Bijoutry
Shalgora Shalgora City Poor First Class Gemcutter
Shalgora Tunborne Average Dunistyr's Jewel Box
Shalgora Tunborne Average The Emperor's Gems
Shalgora Warmont Poor Warmont's Best Jewelry
Shalgora Westwell Average The Superior Jewelry Shop
Shalgora Westwell Average Lady Edwyctor's Jewel Box
Shalgora Westwell Good Lord Uthistyr's Jewelers
Tulune Arkcart Best Lord Rodastyr's Bijoutry
Tulune Arkcart Best Bargain Jewels
Tulune Arkcart Best Alabane's Finest Precious Stones
Tulune Arkcart Good Tristastyr's Quality Gems
Tulune Arkcart Average Edwyrick's General Jewelry Shop
Tulune Arkcart Average The Champion Bijoutry
Tulune Eastcroft Poor Edwistyr's Quality Gems
Tulune Longhead End Worst Longhead End's Best Jewelers
Tulune Ripwark Average Theodane's General Precious Stones
Tulune Tulune City Average Vintage Gemstones
Tulune Tulune City Average Uthyval's Finest Jewels
Tulune Westwall Best The Odd Precious Stones
Wayrest Merhope Hall Poor Mordore's Jewelry
Wayrest Merhope Hall Average Bargain Jewlers
Wayrest Merhope Hall Good Doctor Theodastyr's Gemcutter
Wayrest Merhope Hall Good Lady Dunyctor's Gemcutter
Wayrest Merhope Hall Best The Odd Jewelry
Wayrest Oxvale Borough Good The Emperor's Jewels

Gem Store Map Blocks[edit]

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