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This page summarizes base armor and related mechanics in Daggerfall. Armor, together with other factors, decreases the chance to be hit by physical attacks.


Armor Rating[edit]

Each of the seven areas of the player's body (head, right arm, left arm, chest, hands, legs, and feet) can only be protected by one armor piece at a time. Each armor piece is assigned an "armor rating", which is factored into the chance for an opponent to hit the player with a physical attack; the higher the armor rating, the lower the chance to be hit. Upon each physical attack made against the player, the game selects one of the player's seven body areas (with the chest and hands most likely to be selected at a 4/20 chance for each, followed by the right arm, left arm, and legs at a 3/20 chance each, the head at a 2/20 chance, and the feet at a 1/20 chance). The game then computes the chance for the player to be successfully hit in consideration of the armor rating of any armor piece currently equipped over the selected body area. Armor pieces crafted of higher-grade material have higher armor ratings than the same pieces crafted of lower-grade material.

Notes regarding displayed armor ratings: Note that the armor ratings shown for each armor piece on the inventory screen "paper doll" display (e.g. 21 for a Daedric armor piece) or the inventory screen "INFO" tooltips (e.g. 10 for a Daedric armor piece) are not the actual values used by the game in hit chance calculations; the displayed "paper doll" values are 1/5 (rounded down to the nearest full number) of the actual values used, while the displayed "INFO" values are 1/10 (rounded down to the nearest full number) of the actual values used. Nevertheless, this does not signify that wearing full Daedric armor will grant a 21 x 5 = 105% overall chance to avoid a physical attack, as many other factors (including the player's and opponent's agility, luck, skills, etc.) are also considered in these calculations.

  • This bug is fixed in Daggerfall Unity so the armor ratings displayed are correct.

Notes regarding shields: Regardless of material type, armor ratings for shields are always 1 for bucklers, 2 for round shields, 3 for kite shields, and 4 for tower shields. When equipped, shields enhance the armor ratings for the player's body areas as shown in the inventory screen player "paper doll" display: bucklers affect the left arm (right side of the display) and hands; round shields and kite shields the left arm, hands, and legs; and tower shields the left arm, hands, legs, and head. Note that although material type does not affect shields' armor ratings, it does impact their enchantment capacity.

Armor Types[edit]

A Dark Elf in full dwarven armor

You may have one of each of the following seven armor pieces equipped at a time:

  • Helm: head armor.
  • Right Pauldron: shoulder and arm covering for the right arm.
  • Left Pauldron: shoulder and arm covering for the left arm.
  • Cuirass: chest armor. This may be crafted of padded leather, chain mail, or metal plate.
  • Gauntlets: hand coverings. These function as a single set for both hands.
  • Greaves: leg armor. These function as a single set for both legs.
  • Boots: protective footwear. These function as a single set for both feet.

There are also four types of shields:

  • Buckler: a small shield that straps to the arm.
  • Round Shield: larger than a buckler.
  • Kite Shield: a large shield that tapers to a point.
  • Tower Shield: the largest and most protective type of shield.

Armor Material[edit]

The following table lists the materials used to create armor and shields, and their effects on the item's armor rating (except for shields) and weight:

Material Armor Rating* Weight Modifier†
Leather 3 x1
Chain 6 x2
Iron 7 x2
Steel 9 x2.5
Silver 9 x2
Elven 11 x2
Dwarven 13 x1.5
Mithril 15 x2
Adamantium 15 x2
Ebony 17 x1
Orcish 19 x2
Daedric 21 x2.5

*As noted above, armor ratings for shields are static, and independent of their material type. Also, due to a game bug referenced at the top of the page, (non-shield) armor ratings displayed via inventory screen "INFO" tooltips are less than the values displayed via the inventory screen player "paper doll", the latter of which are shown in the above table.
†Weight modifiers are rounded, and therefore will not always precisely reflect the multiplier.

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