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Daggerfall Unity is a fan-made open source project to recreate Daggerfall in the Unity engine.

Features and improvements

Daggerfall Unity features a variety of improvements over classic Daggerfall, such as:

  • Native support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Many screen resolutions
  • Open source code allowing for transparent modifications
  • Much easier modding through Unity and C#
  • Fewer bugs, including all quest fixes such as DFQFIX and new community quest fixes
  • Improved enemy behavior
  • Terrain generation with far greater height variance
  • A far greater view distance even without applying mods
  • New quest actions and conditions
  • A quest debugger to show status for all active quests
  • Native translation support


As of February 28, 2022, Daggerfall Unity's latest stable build is version 0.13.4. The project's current development stage is listed on the Roadmap.

Technical Information

  • Installation — A guide on installing Daggerfall Unity
  • TechFAQ — Common issues encountered when installing Daggerfall Unity
  • Settings — Explaining each of the settings in Daggerfall Unity
  • Bugs Fixed — A listing of bugs fixed in the transition from Daggerfall to Daggerfall Unity

Gameplay Information


Daggerfall Unity section of Nexus Mods The storage site for most Daggerfall Unity mods.

Released Mods section of the Daggerfall Workshop forums, where a few other mods can be found.

  • Installing Mods — Instructions on how to apply the various types of Daggerfall Unity mods
  • Mod Creation — Technical information about creating your own mods for Daggerfall Unity

Individual Guides

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