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Before installing any mods, start Daggerfall Unity and, in the initial menu, click the Advanced button in the bottom right. Go to the Enhancements tab in this menu and ensure Mod support and Asset Injection are enabled.

Daggerfall Unity mods come in three forms:

  1. .dfmod file
  2. Loose files
  3. Quest pack

.dfmod file[edit]

This is a single file that acts as a whole mod. Installation for .dfmod files is the easiest of all.

  • On Windows and Linux: Go to the \DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder in your Daggerfall Unity installation and place the .dfmod file there.
  • On Mac: Right-click Daggerfall Unity in Finder and select "Show Package Contents." From there, go to \Contents\Resources\Data\StreamingAssets\Mods

When you start Daggerfall Unity, click on the "Mods" button in the bottom left of the screen in the initial menu. There you will see a listing of all mods DFU recognizes in the folder. Ensure they are enabled if you want to use them. Some mods have settings you can change on this screen as well. You can also adjust load order, though it is not necessary with most mods.

Loose files[edit]

When a mod doesn't have a single .dfmod file and it isn't a quest pack, it must be installed to an appropriate folder of \DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\. If it has sound files, it should go into the \Sound\ folder. If it has textures files, it should go into the \Textures\ folder. The mod usually has a readme document to explain where to put its files. If it tells you to put files in a folder that doesn't exist, create that folder. Linux distributions tend to require case-sensitive folder names.

Mac instructions: The StreamingAssets folder is found by right-clicking the DFU icon and selecting "show package contents". From the popup Finder window, navigate through Contents\Resources\Data.

Quest pack[edit]

Quest packs are installed into \DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\QuestPacks. They then begin on their own, if the author configured them properly. Some quest packs, such as Warm Ashes version 3, have special instructions to begin their automatic content on existing characters.

Classic Mods[edit]

Mods for classic Daggerfall have limited functionality. Presumably they would be installed to the classic data that DFU uses, but since DFU runs much data on its own, this is not guaranteed to work.

The following mods are known to have limited or faulty compatibility with Daggerfall Unity:

  • Daedrafall