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Being isolated in the Summerset Isles, has allowed the Altmer to perfect their own cuisine, without much interference from the outside races. When they do open their shores to the other races, they will embrace their culinary contributions. The Altmer have strict rules when it comes to table manners and deportment.[1]


Name Description Image
Candied Nectar Bread A sweet High Elven treat. Often served at the Festival of Defiance.[2]
Summerset Rainbow Pie A pie with filling made from game, bananas, beets, and frost mirriam.[3]
Old Aldmeri Orphan Gruel Porridge that is traditionally served during the New Life Festival. Surprisingly tasty, it's made with barley, roses, and pumpkins.[4]
Old Aldmeri Orphan Gruel (ESO)
Honey Pudding Honey Pudding is common in Summerset.[5]


Name Description Image
Aurum An alcoholic beverage.[6]
Clarified Coffee The Altmer take special care to even such a simple drink as their coffee, clarifying it with isinglass before adding comberries for flavor.[7]
Cloudrest Golden Ale A Golden Altmer ale produced from fermented yeast and lotus flowers. It is named after the city of Cloudrest.[8]
Crystal Tower Whiskey A rye whiskey clarified with isinglass, named for the Crystal Tower.[9]
Fiorallian Muskwine Fiorallian Muskwine is an alcoholic beverage described as foul spirit fermented with a mixture of fine Elven fruit and corrupting magics. It allegedly has the potential to spread plague and is favored by Ogrim and Harvesters.[10]
Golden Pear Ale An exquisite ale from Summerset[11] that is very popular.[12] It was illegal in Ebonheart Pact territory in the Second Era.[13]
Golden Pear Punch An exquisite punch served in Shimmerene that was considered ambrosial.[14]
Honey beer[15]
Isquelian Brandy An alcoholic beverage with a robust flavor.[16]
Old Epiphany An alcoholic beverage.[11]
Metheglin An Altmeri honey liqueur.[11]
Russafeld Red A brand of wine from Russafeld.[17]
Shimmerene Tonic A tonic made from the acai berry and clarified with isinglass.[18]
Tonic Tea A tea produced by steeping jasmine flowers and the bark of the ginkgo tree.[19]


Name Description Image
Cracked Peach Pits Cracked Peach Pits are served to guests at Alinors various orchards and substituted for the more traditional ground nuts.[20]
Direnni Hundred-Year Rabbit Bisque Direnni Hundred-Year Rabbit Bisque is a Direnni dish made from rabbit meat, jazbay grapes, corn, and frost mirriam.[21]
New Life Roast Pig Roasted pig served during the festivities of New Life.[17]
Summer Sausage A preserved sausage made from white meat and melon. Flavored with various seasonings.[22]
Wilted Greens An exquisite Altmeri dish from Alinor consisting of kale and wine so rare, the Altmer insist fresh sapphire garnishes be placed in each goblet.[23]
Peacock Confit Peacock Confit is popular during High Elven celebrations.[11][16]
Peacock Roasts Peacock Roasts are served during Altmeri festivals and banquets.[24]
Century Soup Served during the celebrations of the return of Queen Ayrenn to the Summerset Isles. It is typically eaten together with bread.[11]
Turtle Stew Served as a main course, made by slow-roasting turtles.[25]
Indrik Heart Indrik Hearts are a delicacy, sometimes eaten through ritual consumption by Summerset's nobility.[26] It is believed that eating them forestalls aging.[27]
Indrik Heart(ESO)
Rabbit Meatball Pie Rabbit Meatball Pies are one of the dishes served in Alinor Royal Palace.[28]


Seafood is commonplace on Summerset Isle, which is surrounded by sparkling seas.

Name Description Image
Auridon Mudcrabs Auridon Mudcrabs are deemed tasty when steamed and cracked.[29]
Mollusks Mollusks are the fare of choice for some, who use specialized hooks to pry snails from their shells.[30]
Silver Crawdad Surprise An Altmer seafood dish made with:[31]
  • Two silver crawdads, cleaned
  • One onion, chopped
  • Two carrots, diced
  • Two tomatoes, Sliced
  • Two cups of stock
Kippered Silvertrout Exquisite fare fit for High Elven celebrations where royalty is involved.[11]



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