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A Redguard family dinner

The Redguards live upon the arable land of the Alik'r, which makes farming an arduous task. They allow domesticated livestock (such as goats) to graze, and their crops need to be able to resist drought. They often dehydrate or salt their food for storage and trade. Everyday meals, on the other hand, are cooked using methods that don't exacerbate the intense heat of the sun during the day: flatbreads are baked within seconds on searing hot stones instead of ovens, and pots of stew are placed over coals to cook over long periods of time. Their port cities bring in trade that adds variety to their diet, and the hot peppers that grow in their homeland are prized both by them and cooks overseas.[1]:10

Baked Goods[edit]

Name Description Image
Toad Muffins Common fare for the average family. Nothing fancy.[2]


Name Description Image
Shrieking Cheese Redguards craft a cheese with an unusual quirk. They keep the secrets of its culturing process close to heart, but love to surprise foreign guests by serving it. When it is melted to a certain point, it lets loose a scream. In a common dish, small blocks of the cheese are added atop spicy meat as it cooks in an open pot. When it shrieks, it's ready.[3]
ON-card-Alik'r Shrieking Cheese.png

Meat and Animal Products[edit]

Name Description Image
Candied Scorpions Candied Scorpions are popular meal in Bergama. They are a dangerous meal if they are not properly prepared by a skilled chef due to venom in the scorpion's stinger.[4]
Caramelized Goat Nibbles Bite sized pieces of caramelized goat meat. A popular treat, it may be offered to children as a treat during the Festival of Blades.[2][5]
Craglorn Skavenger Stew Stew made from skavenger meat, carrots, and millet.[6]
Goatherd Pie A meat pie made filled with goat. Occasionally garnished with red mushroom or smoked viper.[2]
Hammerfell Antelope Stew Stew that requires antelope meat, radish, and garlic.[7]
Horker Loaf Horkers are not native to Hammerfell. However, the Redguard taverns may treat their guests with horker loaf on a bed of imported scathecraw during the Festival of Blades.[2]
Kabobs Kabobs (or "Kebobs") are a meal consisting of skewered and grilled cubes of meat and vegetables. Redguards eat goat meat on Kabobs.[8] Kabobs made with seasoned radishes may be found in Dragonstar.[9]
ON-furnishing-Redguard Kabobs, Plate.jpg
Mountain Jerky Common fare for the average family. Nothing fancy.[2]
Mutton Mutton is prepared in more than one way by Redguards. One way is in a mutton pie which is occasionally garnished with red mushroom or smoked viper.[2] Mutton is also served salted.[10]
Roast Antelope The roasted meat of an Antelope. In Elinhir it is served with millet.[11]
Seagull Sea birds, served grilled and seasoned with garlic. Seagulls prepared in this manner are often found on the island of Stros M'kai.[12]
Venison Pie A meat pie made with tomatoes and venison.[13]
Chili Cheese Corn A dish made using corn and cheese.[14]
Scuttle Fondue Scuttle fondue with sandwort croutons may be served during the Festival of Blades.[2]
Seared Venomsteaks A dish made from giant scorpion meat that is cut into fist-sized steaks as thick as three fingers and covered with sauce. The stinger and the venom sacs are extracted from the meat.[15] The recipe calls for:

Fruits and Vegetables[edit]

Name Description Image
Alik'r Beets with Goat Cheese A salad made using beets and cheese.[16]
Cheese Fries Potato fries served with cheese.[17]
Garlic Greens Various greens cooked and seasoned with garlic.[18]
Rihad Beet and Garlic Salad A salad made with beets and garlic.[19]
Rice Redolent with rich spices, rice is typically prepared in a single pot. For this reason it is a great candidate for cooking on the road. It is considered a very traditional Redguard recipe.[1]:55
Redguard rice


Name Description Image
Bergama Warning Fire A Redguard drink, served hot during the New Life Festival and said to sharpen the wits. It is made with coffee, yerba mate, dragonthorn, and lotus.[20]
Coffee Some Redguards take the edge off of their coffee by mixing in honey.[21]
Dragontail Blended Whisky Whiskey brewed with rye, lotus, and honey.[22]
Kaveh Kaveh is a hot drink made from coffee. The people of Rihad prefer to brew kaveh that is strong, dark, and sweet.[23] In Hegathe, one may find Kaveh infused with lemon.[24]
Qishr A hot drink made from coffee and ginger.[25] In Elinhir, yeast is added to the drink.[26]
Pomegranate Wine A fermented and distilled beverage that was among the most popular drinks in the Alik'r Desert during the Interregnum.[27]
Port Hunding Pinot Noir A red wine originating from the city of Port Hunding. It is made from grapes, mint, and seaweed.[28]
Yokudan Sorrow Bourbon Bourbon brewed with rye, lotus, and seaweed.[29]