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Breton cuisine is considered to be some of the very best in Tamriel, with many of Tamriel's greatest cooks having been Bretons.[1] Bretons enjoy prosperous trade along the Iliac Bay, and High Rock's fertile soil begets numerous crops. However, the rigid economic hierarchy of Breton culture is also reflected in their cuisine: professional cooks prepare the most elaborate and expensive dishes for the aristocracy, while the impoverished peasantry must make do with what they can grow or forage themselves.[2]:12

Baked Goods[edit]

Name Description Image
Combwort Combwort is a type of flatbread that is served with chutney.[3]
Sunlight Soufflé Sunlight Soufflé is a soufflé of Breton origin.[2]:67[4] It is made using:
  • 2 1/2 Ounces Cow's Cheese
  • 1 Ounce Butter
  • 1 Ounce Flour
  • 9 Ounces Milk
  • A Dash of Salt
  • A Dash of Pepper
  • A Cupful of Ground Nutmeg
Sunlight Soufflé


Name Description Image
Sugar Fritters A dessert. Eaten alongside a drink of collequiva ice.

Fruits and Vegetables[edit]

Name Description Image
Battaglir Battaglir is a weed that is used for a variety of Breton dishes, such as:
  • Battaglir Chowder[5]
  • Battaglir Loaf
  • Battaglir Weed and Beans—this dish is known to be served as a main course.
  • Fried Battaglir—this dish is made using a quarter peck of battaglir weeds. After they are cleaned of dirt and any small bugs, the battaglir is then finely chopped and placed into large skillet with gobbets of beef drippings and melt. The battaglir is then fried until the color turns a dark green, with salt, pepper and garlic being added afterwards.[6]

Meats and Fish[edit]

The village of Eagle's Brook brings in a regular bounty of fish and prepares it as seafood every day.[7]

Name Description Image
Alcaire Festival Sword-Pie Alcaire Festival Sword-Pies are a hearty meat pie enjoyed during the New Life Festival. This Breton meal is served with a miniature bone sword cooked inside. Recovering the sword is said to grant the luck of Magnus.
Alcaire Festival Sword-Pie
Bubble-and-Squeak Bubble-and-Squeak is a dish made with cooked potatoes and cabbage which are then fried together.[8]
Capon Capon is eaten stuffed or grilled. It is also used in noodle soup.
Flank Steak Flank Steak can be eaten on its own. It's also used in other dishes, such as flank pie.
Pike Roasted pike is common among the nobility.[9]
Pork Sausage In High Rock, simple sausages are made using seasoned pork.[10] For sausages made in Camlorn more garlic is used.[11]
River Crustaceans River Crustaceans are prepared with pepper spice. They are commonly served in Bangkorai and in Koeglin Village.[12]
Rock Pigeons Rock Pigeons are eaten by Bretons at picnics, where they are grilled and deboned, and can be served with combwort chutney, ballom pudding, and a jug of syllabub.[3]
Sausages in Sweet Brine Little sausages are commonly served in a sweet brine in Daggerfall. They are deemed addictive and tasty.[12]
Sliced Fox Tongues The tongues of foxes, sliced and served at Breton feasts.[9]

Soups and Stews[edit]

The town of Aldcroft is well known for its spicy stews, but the author, Ansur Belote recommended that people with weak stomachs should avoid it.[7]

Name Description Image
Potage le Magnifique Potage le Magnifique is a thick, hearty soup of Breton origin that pairs well with toasted bread and cheese.[4][2]:103 It is made using:
  • 4 Cups Chicken Broth
  • 4 Cups Beef Broth
  • 2 1/2 Ounces Butter
  • 1 Wooden Flagon of Flour
  • 1 Cup Diced Carrots
  • 1/2 Cup Diced Onions
Potage le Magnifique
Ox-Tail Soup Soup made from the tails of Oxen. In Shornhelm it is made with carrots and millet.[13]


Name Description Image
Bitters Bretons produce their bitters from barley, using bittergreen for the flavor. Typically served in pints.[14]
Sweet Brown Ale A brown barley ale sweetened with acai berries and blended with metheglin.[15]
Mint Tea Tea made from steeping mint leaves in hot water. In Camlorn it is mixed with isinglass for a clearer product.[16]
Rose and Rye A distilled rye alcohol flavored with rose and ginseng.[17]
Tawny Port A brown and orange colored port beer flavored with roses and lemon.[18]
Spicy Wyress Wine A wine produced from the juice of surilie grapes that is fermented with ginkgo bark and ginger root. It is named for the Wyresses of the Beldama Wyrd.[19]


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