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Chrysamere, also known as the Paladin's Blade, the Blade of Blades, and the Sword of Heroes, is an ancient adamantium claymore artifact with offensive capabilities only surpassed by its defenses.[1] It has magical properties which, unlike most weapons, are defensive in nature; it lends the wielder health, boosts their resistance to fire, and reflects some damage from spells.[1][2]

During the Imperial Simulacrum, a scribe in the city-state of Alabaster learned that Chrysamere had re-surfaced somewhere on the continent. Using this information, the Eternal Champion was able to acquire the sword from an unknown dungeon.[2] In 3E 405, an agent of the Blades obtained Chrysamere, but the circumstances in how this happened are unknown.[3]

In 3E 427 the Imperial Legion tasked the Nerevarine with recovering Chrysamere and the Lord's Mail from some thieves. The Mail was in the possession of an expelled member of the Legion, while the sword was in the possession of Draramu Hloran, a powerful sorceress found in the Abanabi Cave near Sadrith Mora. The Nerevarine dealt with the thieves and returned the artifacts to their former owners.[4]

Chrysamere reemerged in history some time after the end of the Great War, around 4E 180, when a former member of the Blades, the Warrior, came across blade during their journey. However, the method of acquisition of the sword is conflicted.[5] Sometime afterwards, the blade was wielded by a Nord known as the Lost Paladin, who died with the blade at Forelhost. In 4E 201, the paladin's spirit was encountered and slain by the Last Dragonborn, who then claimed Chrysamere.[6]

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  • Chrysamere is explicitly stated to not be a Daedric artifact, having originated through some other way.[7] A possible association with the Daedric Prince Azura is implied by her banner being included with it in the Crown Store.[8]

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