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Druids of the Stonelore Circle

The Stonelore Circle is the friendliest of the three prominent Druidic Circles in the Systres.[1] Though they are primarily composed of Bretons, membership also extends to outsiders, even those from other races.[2] The Stonelore seek to restore the soul of Bretondom by returning their city-dwelling brethren back to their druidic roots, as they are prone to destroying nature, as well as causing bloodshed through wars. They also seek to show the benefits of the True Way to the other races.[3] They are not hostile to people of other faiths, nor would they force their beliefs on others,[4] unlike the Eldertide and Firesong Circles.

The Order of the Braided Vine is a minor Knightly Order started by the Stonelore to protect points of interest considered sacred to them. It is unknown if this order was created to pique interest into Druidism, or if it was a genuine attempt to meld their lifestyle into modern Breton culture. The Oaken Order is a Knightly Order with greater influence on the archipelago. Some among their ranks have eclipsed even members of the Mages Guild in the schools of Destruction and Conjuration. They have an intimate relationship with the Stonelore Circle, who they learn their druidic magic from.[5][6]

The Stonelore are responsible for blessing fabrics and clothes of the Bretons of the Gonfalon Bay.[7]

The Oakensoul Ring artifact showcases druidic master craftsmanship with some Direnni influence. It represents the authority of the Draoife, and its power comes from the various components that make up the ring's anatomy. With Stonelore craftmentship, its stone shank frame was grinded into shape with Nedic-like stonework, but aesthetically it is Direnni-shaped. It is enchanted with protective energies[8]


A Stonelore Circle Shrine

The Stonelore along with the two other circles originally made up the unified group known as the Druids of Galen before they dissolved into three major sects, each with their own interpretation of Y'ffre's will.[9][10] No longer bound to a line of druidic kings,[11] their symbology disappeared almost overnight.[12] Despite their separation, to symbolize their unity matters more and that they share the same goals, the druidic circles came to shaping knot-work into a triquetra,[13] a symbol that would become adopted by civilized Bretons.[14]

Eventually, the differences in beliefs of the three major druidic circles nearly led to conflict. This however was stopped by the appearance of a common enemy, the Sinistral Elves, who arrived at High Isle to flee the latest wave of Yokudan immigrants. Their invasion was temporarily halted when Y'ffelon's volcano of Mount Firesong erupted somewhere around 1E 668. Regardless, the Sinistral Elves took over the Systres, and the druidic circles were forced into hiding. With the coming of the Ra Gada in 1E 785, what remained of the Elves were purged, and the Yokudans quickly left the island to go eastward, to seek glory in Hammerfell. In the end, only the druids remained, a mere shell of what they once were.[15]

Druids of the Stonelore Circle were among the Bretons who participated in the attack on Thras in 1E 2260 as a part of All Flags Navy.[16] They manned the vessel known as The Sea Stone. After it returned to High Isle, Archdruid Orlinan donated it to put on display as part of the memorial.[17]

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