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Scalded Roots
ON-creature-Scalded Roots.jpg
Scalded Roots
Race Nature Spirit Gender Unknown
Resided in Systres Archipelago,
Earthen Root Enclave
Appears in ESO

Scalded Roots, formerly known as the Spirit of Wildflower Grove is a powerful spirit of lost nature who inhabited Systres Archipelago. It was one of the three spirits of lost nature who were rehabilitated and taken care of by the Druids of the Stonelore Circle within their sacred site of Earthen Root Enclave.[1][2]


In the past, Scalded Roots was known as the Spirit of Wildflower Grove. This spirit assumed the appearance of a Spriggan and bravely confronted a raging wildfire. Despite its valiant efforts, the grove succumbed to the flames, leaving the spirit trapped within the spriggan's form. After its home was destroyed it was relocated to the Earthen Root Enclave.[1]

Subsequently, the spirit found itself within a constant, tumultuous reverie of fire and tempest. The Druids aspired to eventually ease its anguish and restore its scorched essence with revitalizing waters. However, by the year 2E 582, the spirit vehemently repelled anyone who ventured near. Local druids cautioned against the hasty lighting of cookfires, as the spirit's hidden realm gravitated towards the fiery memories of Scalded Root's harrowing history.[1]

In 2E 582 the Earthen Root Enclave was attacked by the Druids of the Firesong Circle. A group of the Undaunted helped the Stonelore Circle defend the sacred site. It is unknown whether they sought to slay Scalded Roots to obtain the boon associated with its powers or left the spirit to its own devices.[2][3]

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