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Druid Queen Galen
Race Nede Gender Female
Resided in High Rock

Druid Queen Galen was possibly a mythological figure revered among the Druids. According to some stories, she was the first Archdruid and one of the very first Nedes to channel the songs of the Singer and the leader of the first Druidic circle in the deep woods of the High Rock. Some stories claim that the island of Galen was named in her honor.[1]

The title of Druid Queen (or Druid King) became the highest authority among the druids.[2]


  • Galen's existence is dubious. According to some sources, the name of the northwestern isle of the Systres archipelago originates from the name of a spirit that walked from the heart of the forest into the midst of an ancient proto-Breton settlement and sang the songs of Y'ffre to the ancient forebearers of the modern druids to teach them the ways of the Green. In other versions of the tale, Galen refers to the place of sacred worship, the island in a lake where "Y'ffre's heart could be felt beating even here in the realm of mortals" and where the ancestors of the Druids heard the songs and learned to tend the groves.[1]

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