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The Chronicle
ON-object-The Chronicle.jpg
The Chronicle
Race Nature Spirit Gender Unknown
Died 2E 582
Y'ffre's Path
Resided in Galen
Appears in ESO

The Chronicle, also referred to as the Spirit of Y'ffre's Path or simply the Spirit of the Path, was a revered nature spirit held in high regard by the Druids of the Eldertide Circle. Its primary duty was to preserve their stories and historical accounts. The Chronicle differs from other nature spirits by its emotional depth. It connects with the experiences and emotions of mortals, sharing their feelings through the stories it tells. It was considered among the very powerful Nature spirits, and was well-known among the Druids.[1][2]

The Chronicle wields control over spirit motes, bestowing blessings through these ethereal particles. It is believed that Y'ffre, the ultimate Storyteller, is the source of not only all aspects of nature but also tales and melodies. The Chronicle harnesses both facets of its godly creator. Typically, the Chronicle releases particles inhaled by the druids, granting them visions of the stories it desires to share. It grows plants known as muse-mouths, which emit a modest quantity of spirit motes when Druids establish a connection with it. These motes reveal the stories to them. Typically it is a safe experience. However, unusual circumstances seem to arise when particularly sizable clouds of spirit motes are present. The Chronicle exercises discretion in their release, dictating the tales they convey. When the Chronicle senses danger, injury, or fear, it can trigger animals to become frenzied, causing once-inspiring spirit motes to envelop the land in a dense, disorienting fog.[1] Chronicle possessed capabilities beyond what the Druids initially recognized. It can influence individuals through a form of mental manipulation, albeit its extent is unclear. It possessed the ability to compel individuals to protect it, even against their own will. The Green and its spirits have the ability to summon forest wraiths for protection.[1][3] The Chronicle could transform people into these wraiths to defend itself, and it possessed the power to revert them back to their human forms.[4][5][2]


The Chronicle's Chamber

Little is known of the Chronicle before the arrival of the Druids to the Systres Archipelago. At some point after the landing of the Druids of Galen, led by the Druid King Kasorayn, the Eldertide Circle chose the Y'ffre's Path as one of their enclaves.[1] Y'ffre's Path's settlement was established by Archdruid Alix.[6] There, they safeguarded and protected the spirit that dwelled within this sacred valley. The circle held the well-being of this spirit in the highest regard. It dwelled within the hallowed tunnels concealed behind the waterfall, a site revered by the Eldertide.[1]

In 2E 582 the Y'ffre's Path was attacked by the Druids of the Firesong Circle. They sought access to the Chronicle and, when denied, turned to violence, launching an assault on the Eldertide druids, killing many in the process. During the attack, the Chronicle darkened, reflecting its anger and sadness, ultimately succumbing to despair. The attack by the Firesong was suspected to be connected to their desire to acquire Sacred Seeds from other circles. The Chronicle took defensive actions, employing its motes and plants to repel the Firesong. It even created wraiths to safeguard its home. However, it recognized that it had gone too far, and, like a bee whose sting leads to its own demise, it responded in desperation. Thanks to the outsider's intervention, who aided Elder Pitof, as well as the spirit's aid the crisis was averted.[1][2] The Chronicle implored the adventurer to purify it by pouring the sacred water, thereby ending its existence. Although the Chronicle was freed from its anguish, it eventually faded away and rejoined the comforting embrace of the Green.[2][7] Two Druid Elders who survived the massacre, Gwenaelle and Pitof, pledged to uphold the Chronicle's legacy by taking on the role of chroniclers. They vowed to preserve and document their stories and history, sharing them with anyone interested in listening.[1][3][2]

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