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The Evergrowth speaking through a vessel

The Evergrowth and its darker aspect, the Allwither, are two nature spirits in the opposite side of the spectrum, a physical manifestation of the cycle of life. These spirits were bound by ancient druids to a balance an sacred grove in the Sapphire Coast region of High Isle, where the laws of nature were found to be malleable.[1]

Sometime after Druid King Kasorayn split the Druids of Galen into the druidic circles, the Allwither Cult rose to prominence and attempted to seize the Ivy Throne, possibly in an attempt to steer druiddom to strike back at their former oppressors in High Rock.[2] They killed Kasorayn, but those of the circles that remained uncorrupted rallied against the cultists, and bound them into Mount Firesong.[3] Forest Wraiths are evil nature spirits that are filled with rage and longing, and are said to be embodiments of death.[4][UOL 1][UOL 2] They speculated to be related to the Allwither,[5] and are thought to have been created after the death of Kasorayn at the hands of the Allwither Cult,[5][3] and were originally guardians but went rogue over the centuries.[UOL 2]

Eventually, the Stonelore Circle had settled around the grove that housed the Evergrowth and the Allwither. Their settlement was dubbed Stonelore Grove. Circa 2E 582, the Allwither attempted to break free of its bindings, and possessed the local archdruid as a puppet. The Evergrowth worked with an adventurer to contain the Allwither back in its lair, which was a successful endevour.[6]


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