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Druidic equipment adorned with the depiction of Una the Green Elk

Una the Green Elk is one of the lesser spirits revered in druid culture.[1][2]

Several items found in the Systres Archipelago were devoted to this lesser spirit. Such items include a collection of cooking pots made of clay that were adorned with the images of Una the Green Elk[2] and small carved figurines depicting the Green Elk.[1]

Circa 2E 582, a member of the University of Gwylim's Antiquarian Circle tracked down and discovered pieces of an ancient druidic stove and cooking equipment, putting them back together. One of its parts was adorned with imagery of Una the Green Elk.[2]


  • Una the Green Elk shares name with Una, the Magna Ge, who, according to Dunmeri folktale became the moonlet Baar Dau after she came to rest above Nirn to console it after the other Magna Ge departed. This story is uncorroborated,[3] and any form of connection between Una the Green Elk and the Magna Ge is unknown.


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