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Druid Audrine
Home Settlement Stonelore Grove
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle
Druid Audrine

Druid Audrine is a Breton druid and member of the Stonelore Circle who can be found at Stonelore Grove.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

The Corrupted Grove[edit]

Approaching her, she will say:

"I must discover the source of this corruption."

Speaking to her:

"Traveler, I advise caution. A corruption has gripped Stonelore Grove, turning the wildlife aggressive and spreading an impurity unlike anything our circle has ever seen. Nature itself has fallen out of balance."
What sort of corruption are you talking about?
"That is what I hope to determine. The archdruid sent me to investigate, but it was all I could do to avoid the once-docile creatures of the grove. I found a few pockets of corruption that must be cleansed, but I need another druid to assist me."
You need another druid to cleanse the corruption?
"Really, I just need another set of hands. Here, let me mark your map.
I'll cast the cleansing spell, then you burn out the impurity. That will temporarily restore the balance while we search for the source. The circle will compensate you, of course."
I'll help you cleanse the corruption.

After agreeing to help her:

"Let's find a few concentrated areas of corruption. My spells will cleanse the impurities, then you burn them.
Hopefully we can determine the source of the corruption before this malady spreads to the rest of the island. Just keep your guard up."
Is Stonelore Grove really that dangerous?
"It wasn't always. It used to be one of the safest locations on the island. In fact, my ancestors deemed the grove sacred when they first arrived.
Now the corrupted wildlife attacks for no reason, and some of my fellow druids have been afflicted."
What else can you tell me about this corruption that's afflicting the grove?
"Not much, unfortunately. I noticed its affects a short time ago. Usually docile creatures turning aggressive. A strange blight spreading through the plants and trees.
I brought my concerns to the archdruid, who initially thought I was overreacting."
So how did you convince the archdruid to let you investigate?
"I'm not sure anyone has ever convinced Archdruid Agathie of anything. But she couldn't deny that something strange was happening in the grove. She ordered me to look into it and bring my findings back to the circle elders."
And what did the elders say?
"Nothing. I haven't gone back yet. Until I determine if the corruption can be cleansed and find the source, I don't actually have anything new to report.
Well, except that now the corruption has spread to some of my fellow druids."
What do you mean, druids have been afflicted?
"Just that. They have become as hostile as the rest of the afflicted wildlife. We may have to deal with any corrupted druids we meet.
But with your help and the blessing of the True Way, we'll soon have a solution to present to the circle elders."
What's the True Way?
"I suppose you would call it our doctrine, our religion. The True Way represents a life guided by natural principles and the value and willfulness of nature. All of nature comes from Y'ffre, and the druids are the arbiters of Y'ffre's will."
"Have you never heard of Y'ffre where you come from? The Storyteller? The God of Song and Forest? The Spirit of the Now?
Y'ffre formed the frame upon which nature was woven. He gave rise to the rules of life on Nirn. His way is the True Way."
So you're a priest of Y'ffre?
"I am a druid of the Stonelore Circle. I am a teacher, a healer, a counselor—as well as a steward of the natural world.
I hear the voice of Y'ffre and his Earthbones, and I do my best to be his advocate. Natural principles guide my every action."
When did the druids arrive on High Isle?
"Oh, that was early in the First Era. After struggling against the Direnni Hegemony, our ancestors came to this archipelago because of its connection to Y'ffre. When they arrived, our druidic circle deemed Stonelore Grove to be a sacred site."
What do you mean, a druidic circle?
"Not to be confused with our ritual circles, I mean the Druids of the archipelago all belong to one of three distinct subgroups. You would probably call it a sect. Those who hold to the same circle share common beliefs and approaches to Y'ffre's will."
Tell me about these three circles.
"The druids of this grove belong to the Stonelore Circle. We revere nature, but believe that all cultures have a place here. Some of the High Isle folk refer to us as the friendly druids. We rarely evangelize, letting our work speak for itself."
And the other two druidic circles?
"You'll probably encounter the Eldertide Circle in your wanderings. Be careful. They are overtly hostile to civilized residents of High Isle. As for the Firesong Circle, even I don't know much about them. They never leave the island of Y'ffelon."

When near the corrupted shrub:

"A corrupted shrub. Burn it with cleansing fire after I cast my spell."

When near the corrupted vegetation:

"The corruption spreads throughout the grove. First the plants, then the animals, and now even some druids have been afflicted."

When near the corrupted deer corpse:

"The corruption spreads quickly. Burn the corpse while I cast a cleansing spell."

After cleansing all three spots, the Evergrowth will speak through Audrine:

The Evergrowth: "We are the spirit of the grove. We are the Evergrowth, and we suffer."
The Evergrowth: "This druid seeks to help, while another has unbalanced the True Way. Aid us mortal, before the nature that sustains this grove collapses."

Audrine will then control her body again and say:

"How … disconcerting. The Evergrowth … hasn't spoken in generations.

Checking up on her:

"Pardon that display …. I've never been forcibly taken over by a spirit of nature before.
I wasn't sure if the corruption was connected to the Evergrowth, but now we know. And we know a druid is somehow involved. That … troubles me."
What's the Evergrowth?
"As I understand it, this grove was deemed sacred by the early druids, but it was also out of balance. They shaped Y'ffre's laws into a spirit and gave that spirit dominion over the grove.
It recognized that I was trying to help it and reached out."
It also said another druid had unbalanced the True Way.
"Yes, but is that druid acting out of malice or ignorance? Either way, if the Evergrowth succumbs, then the corruption will increase and spread out of control.
We must take this news to the circle elders. Meet me in our village."
I'll meet you in the Stonelore Grove village.
"Our village lies at the center of the grove. Once we get there, I will tell the archdruid and the other elders what we learned."
Tell me about the archdruid and the circle elders.
"Not much to tell. Archdruid Agathie oversees our community here. A number of the village elders serve as her advisors and help train the younger aspirants and initiates in the True Way.
I'll introduce you to them once we get to the village."

Once you arrive in the village:

Druid Audrine: "Archdruid, elders, this outsider helped me. And the Evergrowth, it spoke through me."
Elder Karic: "The spirit of the grove? It hasn't manifested like that in many generations. Are you sure?"
Archdruid Agathie: "Druid Audrine has never given us reason to doubt her observations. Tell us, child, what did the spirit say?"
Druid Audrine: "It warned us that nature was out of balance. That a druid was responsible for this trouble."
Archdruid Agathie: "Out of balance? That explains the corruption. But to blame a druid? I cannot accept that without proof."
Druid Audrine: "Then we will find that proof. Friend, meet me at the circle's ritual site."

Speaking to her before going to the ritual site:

"Meet me at the ritual circle, on top of the rise that overlooks the village. We can talk there."

At the ritual site:

Druid Audrine: "Over here, my friend!"

When spoken to at the ritual site:

"The circle elders cannot accept that one of our own may be responsible for this disaster. And I could hear the doubt in their voices concerning the Evergrowth.
We need to prove that one of our circle has caused this unbalance."
How do you want to proceed?
"Help me investigate. Search the village for any signs that a druid is involved in the corruption. Look in the huts, ask my fellow druids. Someone or something here will lead us to the source of the corruption. It has to."
What about the Evergrowth?
"We'll wait and see if it communicates with us again. If not, I have an idea. But let us try to find the druid responsible for this situation first. I want to determine if this was an accident … or a deliberate and reckless act."

If spoken to again while investigating:

"Hopefully we can find evidence that leads to the source of the corruption. Archdruid Agathie will never turn against one of our circle without absolute proof of recklessness or wrongdoing.
Come, let us look around the village."

When near Druid Mylo:

Druid Audrine: "There's Druid Mylo. He has the eyes of an eagle. If anyone around here saw anything, it would be him."

After speaking to Mylo:

Druid Audrine: "The Undergrove? No one but the archdruid ever goes down there."

After reading the Evergrowth Restoration Ritual:

Druid Audrine: "A ritual? That's proof that a druid caused this problem. Look, there's a mistake in the second line. They wrote remove instead of restore!"

After you have picked up the ritual fetish:

Druid Audrine: "That ritual fetish, it reeks of the same corruption spreading through the grove. I wonder who it belongs to."

After speaking to Druid Coletta:

Druid Audrine: "Hmm. When I spoke to the archdruid, it seemed like that was the first she heard of the corruption in the grove."

Once you have fully investigated the village:

"I think we have everything we need to convince the archdruid. Let's review what we discovered."
What do you make of the corrupted fetish we found?
"Definitely a druidic ritual fetish. I use such accoutrements when conducting my own rituals. But this one bears the taint that afflicts the grove.
This fetish must have been used in the ritual that released the corruption."
What about the restoration ritual we found?
"Whoever scrawled this did so in haste. They made an obvious mistake in the middle verse. It should say restore, but the author wrote down remove.
That alone would have disastrous effects when the ritual was performed."
And the two druids we spoke to? What do you think about the information they provided?
"Someone or something disturbed the wards in the Undergrove. Probably when the ritual was performed. And it appears the archdruid knew about the corruption before I mentioned it, but she acted like she knew nothing."
What's the purpose of these wards?
"I don't know all the details, but from what I've been taught, the Evergrowth resides in the Undergrove. The wards connect it to the grove but also bind it.
We need to talk to the archdruid. She's usually in the northern grove this time of day."

She will then say:

"I'll meet you in the northern part of the grove."

You can talk to her:

"I do not like where this is leading, my friend. Come. We should be able to find the archdruid in the northern part of the grove."

You will spot the archdruid spreading the corruption and Audrine will be shocked:

Druid Audrine: "The archdruid? What—oh no, she's spreading the corruption!"
Archdruid Agathie: "The Allwither…it's inside me…forcing me to do as it bids!"

<The Archdruids disappears in a flash>

Druid Audrine: "Where did she go?"

The Evergrowth will then take over Audrine's body again:

The Evergrowth: "Speak with me, mortal. The spirit of the grove has need of you."

Audrine will then have control of her body again:

Druid Audrine: "No matter how many times that happens, I … I am not sure I will ever get used to that."
Druid Audrine: "Return to the village and tell the elders what the Evergrowth said. I'll join you momentarily."

Speaking to her:

"The Evergrowth implied that the archdruid is as much a victim as it is. Its darker aspect, the Allwither, somehow broke free and is trying to fully emerge by consuming the grove in corruption. We need to warn the elders. I'll meet you in the village."

Once you get back to the elders, Audrine will reveal that the archdruid was corrupted by the Allwither. After telling the news to the elders, the Evergrowth will take over her body:

Druid Audrine: "Elder Karic, we have troubling news concerning the archdruid."
Elder Karic: "Slow down, Audrine. Tell us what happened."
Druid Audrine: "The Evergrowth confirmed she performed the binding ritual, but she made a mistake. She released the Allwither."
Elder Warrane: "The archdruid is responsible for the corruption? And she released the Allwither? The grove is doomed!"

<The Evergrowth takes over Audrine's body>

The Evergrowth: "The Evergrowth is here and willing to help. In exchange for…certain considerations."

Once the Evergrowth releases her, she urges the elders to let her go to the Undergrove to release the bindings of the spirit in order to stop the corruption, to which the elders relent:

Druid Audrine: "Elders, allow us to enter the Undergrove and do as the Evergrowth asks. We can't let the Allwither become the dominant spirit."
Elder Karic: "For all we know, this is exactly what the Allwither wants us to do, but…yes, go. We'll do what we can up here to slow the spread of the corruption."

When spoken to after:

"The spirit wants us to enter the Undergrove and release its bindings. It claims that will allow it to overcome the Allwither.
I sensed no duplicity while we were connected. I believe the Evergrowth spoke true of its intentions."
How do we get into the Undergrove?
"The entrance I am aware of is in the northern part of the grove. I will meet you there.
I have never been in the Undergrove, my friend. I have no idea what we might encounter down there. So be on your guard and ready for anything."
What do we do once we enter the Undergrove?
"We find the corrupted wards. I cleanse them and you break them, much as we did in the grove.
After we deal with the initial wards, the Undergrove's central chamber should open, allowing us to destroy the last binding ward and set the spirit free."

Speaking to her again:

"We need to enter the Undergrove and set the Evergrowth free.
Come. There's an entrance in the northern section of the grove."

Once in the Undergrove:

Druid Audrine: "Magical wards bind the spirit to the grove. We need to find those wards, cleanse them, and destroy them."

If spoken to in the Undergrove:

"The wards would have been everywhere down here, but we know that many of them have already been broken. We need to find the remaining wards and destroy them.
I have never done anything like this before, but I have an idea how to proceed. Let us go."
Tell me more about the Undergrove.
"I do not know much, since I have never been allowed down here before. They say the spirit of the Evergrowth resides in this place, as well as the wards that bind it to the grove."
If no one is allowed down here, where did all these corrupted druids and creatures come from?
"Some creatures naturally inhabit underground spaces such as this. As for my corrupted brethren, I suppose the Allwither summoned them to defend it. Much as the Evergrowth has called on us for aid.
Now let us finish this, my friend."

Approaching a ward and she will cleanse it:

Druid Audrine: "I'll cleanse the wards. Then you destroy them."

Once the all wards have been destroyed:

Druid Audrine: "I do not sense any additional wards out here. The central chamber should now be accessible. Let us go and set the spirit free."

Speaking to her before going to the central chamber:

"As I understand it, when the Evergrowth was bound, the core of its spirit was interred in a chamber somewhere within the Undergrove. The very first ward should be located there—and it's the last one we need to deal with."

When you enter the central chamber:

Druid Audrine: "The final ward is somewhere in here. Find it and destroy it!"

Speaking to her here:

"Go on, my friend. Destroy the final ward and set the Evergrowth free."

Once you're in the central chamber of the Undergrove and you destroy the final ward, the Evergrowth will be free:

The Evergrowth: "You have destroyed the corrupted wards and our strength returns. Balance shall be restored to the grove."
Druid Audrine: "Let's return to the village and tell the elders the good news!"

Audrine will regain back control of her body after you finish freeing the Evergrowth from its binds:

Druid Audrine: "The Evergrowth says the grove is safe now. It will continue to perform its sacred duty."
Elder Karic: "For now. I just hope we don't regret removing the binding wards. I guess we'll have to wait and see."
Druid Audrine: "Adventurer, may we speak."

Once you talk to her:

If you spared the archdruid:
If you killed the archdruid:
"It's disappointing that the archdruid tried to renew the wards on her own and allowed the Allwither to take control of her.
At least we were able to restore the Evergrowth and stop the spread of corruption."
What happens now, Audrine?
"Now? Now life returns to normal here in the grove. Though without the binding wards, we may need to be more compassionate to the Evergrowth. We want it to stay happy.
Oh, and before I forget, this is for you. From the Stonelore Circle, with thanks."
"It pains me that we weren't able to save the archdruid. It really appears that the Allwither took control of her without her consent or knowledge. At least we were able to restore the Evergrowth and stop the spread of corruption."
What happens now, Audrine?
"Now? Now we try to return to normal. The grove won't be the same without the archdruid, but we'll make do. Of course, our relationship with the Evergrowth needs to change as it isn't bound anymore. Oh, this is for you. From our circle, with thanks."

After completing the quest, Elder Karic will make Audrine a circle elder and mediator to the Evergrowth for her heroism. She is very happy of this promotion:

Elder Karic: "In light of all that has happened, Audrine, We would like to make you a circle elder and mediator with the Evergrowth."
Elder Warrane: "Druid Audrine? An Elder? And mediator to the—oh, very well."
Druid Audrine: "An elder? And the mediator? I…I don't know what to say."
Elder Karic: "I hope you'll say yes! You proved yourself and demonstrated a singular rapport with the spirit of the grove. Will you take on the responsibilities?"
Druid Audrine: "I—yes, of course. Thank you!"

A Chance for Peace[edit]

If you complete The Corrupted Grove, she will attend the ceremony at the Gonfalon Palace. You can talk to her:

If you spared the archdruid:
If you killed the archdruid:
"Your assistance at Stonelore Grove wasn't an isolated incident, it seems. You have a knack for getting other people out of trouble, my friend. And the notables in this chamber … an impressive collection!
I am honored that you also helped me."
Have things gotten back to normal at Stonelore Grove?
"More or less. Nature has a way of doing the unexpected, but that's part of its grandeur. The spirit of the grove has become more of a partner than a tool, and I am glad of that. You helped make that possible. The circle will never forget that."
And what about the volcano? Have the druids determined how to render it dormant yet?
"No, not yet. It's like the very rock refuses to talk to us, and we're the Stonelore druids! I've been busy getting the grove settled, but I think I'll offer to help with the investigation into the lava vents and the volcano. It's the least I can do."
"So this is how the nobles of High Isle celebrate? Interesting. I've never been to one of these events before." [verification needed — see talk page]

After Lady Arabelle Davaux finishes her speech you can talk to her again. You can ask her the same questions but her initial response will be different:

"Well done, my friend! What you accomplished here, what you prevented. We all owe you so much more than our thanks and well wishes. If there's anything you ever need from the Stonelore Circle, you only need to ask."
Have things gotten back to normal at Stonelore Grove? (See the dialogue above.)


After the completion of The Corrupted Grove you can find her in the Stonelore Grove:

"Can you believe it? An elder? Me? And the mediator between the circle and the spirit of the grove. This is such an honor!"
If you spared the archdruid:
If you killed the archdruid:
What happens to the Archdruid Agathie now?
"That remains to be seen. She and the other druids who were afflicted with the corruption … we need to see if we can restore them. We'll get our best healers involved. And I'll consult with the Evergrowth.
I guess that's my job now, as mediator."
What does a mediator do exactly?
"I suppose I'll talk to the Evergrowth. Get it to help us renew the grove and finish removing the last of the corruption.
And if we can save the corrupted druids and the archdruid, so much the better. I'll do whatever I can to help them."
I'm sorry we couldn't save Archdruid Agathie.
"When she accidentally separated the Allwither from the Evergrowth, I suppose her fate was sealed. The circle will assign a new archdruid to the grove. In the meantime, the elders will keep us on track. I guess that's me, now. Elder and mediator."
So what does a mediator do exactly?
"I suppose I'll talk to the Evergrowth. Get it to help us restore the grove and finish removing the last of the corruption. I just wish the archdruid were here to see this. She was tough, but I know she wanted me to go far in the circle."
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